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Angelique's Offline Encounter

Angelique waited at the airport nervously awaiting the arrival of flight 005 from Cincinnati. She knew that on this plane was the man she had spent countless hours online with talking in detail of her sexual desires as well as her real life outside the little chat box. They had met in a Literotica chat room and the first time they talked it had nothing to do with sex. It had been just a fact finding venture. No revealing details about exact locations or last names or anything of that sort just a mind picking experience. They had managed to spend about 3 hours that first time dissecting one another and forming a common bond. One that had nothing to do with cyber sex or pleasure behind finding another person with the same interests. There relationship was purely plutonic from the beginning and as things progressed they shared many more […]

Anna's Valentine

Anna kicked off her shoes and put her laptop bag on the floor. As she squeezed her toes into the thick hallway carpet of her London townhouse she sighed with relief. That tube journey seemed to be getting longer and longer. She’d left the office at 6.30 and it was now nearly 8, and she’d had to stand up most of the way. It was almost worth doing the car crawl every rush hour, just to be guaranteed a seat. She hung up her coat and placed her jacket over the back of a dining room chair. She went into the kitchen and opened the fridge. There was not much there, other than some stale cheese, a mouldy half eaten kebab and some ex-vegetables. Such was her life as a rising star in the advertising business that she seemed to spend every evening either wining and dining clients or jetting […]


What’s an au pair? When a young woman wants to learn a foreign language, she can find a family where she can live and perform general house duties, and look after the younger members of the family in return for accommodation and food. My childhood was comfortable and trouble free, being nursed and pampered with a succession of young ladies. As it happened, our last au pair girl came to us from France to learn English. She was around 19 years old, with shoulder length auburn hair in ringlets, a soft milky complexion with dark chestnut smouldering eyes. She was lovely and tried her best to speak English without her strong French accent. At the time, I was 18 and was well beyond the need of an au pair, and I spoke French like a schoolboy. We would chat and use sign language when we ran out of words. I’ll […]

Angie's An Adult Ch. 01

Angela “Angie” Sloan, a senior in her high school, woke up today, on her 18th birthday. She knew that her time had come at last. She had considered this matter seriously, and realized that she wanted to be a virgin until she turned 18, but then become a slut. Now, today, she planned to lose her cherry before the day ended. She had to make sure that she acted on her decision, and did not back out of it. Angie loved the idea of sex, but, somehow, boys her own age just had no appeal to her. She dared not go for older men, until she was legal, because she did not want to lose her lovers to prison. She wanted them to stay free men, so she could continue fucking them. So, she wondered, who would be her first target? There was Sven Gustafsen, her next door neighbor- a […]

Angie's Education Ch. 1

Angie stood at the edge of the sidewalk waving, as the red minivan pull away. Alone, she stood for the first time in her life. Her parents and her younger brother were in the van, leaving her standing alone to face her first day at college. To say she had lived a sheltered life would completely fail to capture the degree of social isolation she had experienced over the last six years. Yet, here she was, nineteen, a first year student at a small liberal arts college in central Michigan. A year older than all the other incoming students, Angie realized that was one of the smaller differences between her and them. For some reason that no one fully understood, Angie had not made a good transition from Elementary School to the middle grades. A year of poor performance had lead to her being held back a year. A lack […]

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