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Angie's Education, Ch. 3

Angie awoke with the bed sheets tangled between her legs. The morning sun and cold air washed over her nude form. She yawned lazily…and memories of the previous evening slowly filled her mind. Nipples achingly hard, she could feel the warmth flowing from her belly down to her mound. Moaning as her fingers explored the sensitive softness, she knew she needed more. Her mind flashed through the remembered images of D’vante’s beautiful cock. Rising from her bed, Angie walked to Tina’s dresser. Pulling open the drawer where Tina kept her large bras and tiny panties, Angie’s fingers wrapped around the small firm plastic cylinder of Tina’s vib. Returning to her bed, she turned the device on low, and began to caress her tummy and inner thighs with its inviting buzz. Moments later, she was exploring her outer folds, remembering how Cindy’s voice cried out for ‘D’s big cock. Pushing the […]

Angie's Tale

In all erotic stories you read about nasty fantasies that people choose to share with you. How many is just a fantasy? or are they stories played off as fantasies? A friend once asked me why I didn’t try to write something in the romance area, the reason I do not is because I’ve never known much in the way of romance. To be honest kinky sex really hasn’t been a part of my life either which is surprising how my mind could create such nasty images and stories. Would I ever act out on these fantasies? Not very likely. This story you’re about to read will not be one like you’ve read before, this story is mine. Most of the experiences I’ve had are more on the funny side, some may even be gross, but I feel that I should share the person that I am. There will be […]


I have to confess that the woman unnerved me. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t the type of guy to get all freaked out around the opposite sex. I got along well with girls at school and dated and tried to scurry around the bases like any other guy in the throes of hormonal upheaval, but this was a woman. An older woman. I realize that older is a relative term, so please don’t get the idea that she was some prune- eating harpy with a walker. Had that been the case, I would have been aghast rather than unnerved. To me, anyone out of high school was older, and the fact that this one had left high school while I was still spitting up on my mother’s shoulder made her older still. I usually didn’t notice older women. They operated on a different plane from mine and as a […]

Animalistic Girl

My name is Kail. I’m a college student who loves to bike. Unfortunately, the school lacked a club or group for that purpose but I’m still an avid biker. Since campus was not too far from my house, I would usually bike home. Today was no different. As I came into the street with my house, I noticed my friend Seri. She was a college student as well, even though our respective schedules didn’t match. I had known her for a few years. She was a fairly odd girl, considering she seemed relatively emotionless most of the time. This also made it hard for people to approach her, especially myself. I had an interest in her for a long time but her odd nature made me unsure how I should tell her. I pulled in my garage and put up my bike. Seri was walking in front of the house […]


After hours of tracking the sent he found the source. She had to have been on the move, someone would have beaten him there if she were simply asleep this whole time. The sent grabbed his attention first back by the river. Faint, delicate, teasing; Sniffing the air, his spine tingled as was his forefront. Another was around, she was ready, and so was he. It came from across the river from where he stood, to new territory. Checking the grass, leaves and sent of the area he examined if it was claimed by anyone. Only her, she who had been near there not so long ago and was his for the taking. He took off. Flying over boulders, fallen trees, slower creatures, he had the sent and followed it up the hillside, across a meadow into deeper forests. Pausing in the brush briefly losing the sent when the wind […]

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