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Ariel's Story

After my dad died in a farm accident, mum tried to make ends meet by leasing the farm and renting a house in town. Mum worked hard as a receptionist in the local real estate office, and I had a part time job, working at the hardware store on weekends and after school. I agreed with mum that if I could finish my last year in high school, we could have more money coming into the house once I had a reasonably paid job. Mum was the prettiest girl in school when she was growing up and in all the school photos her light brown hair and pretty blue eyes caught everyone’s eye. For those who missed those details, her body made attracted plenty of notice and made everyone else look plain. But now the mother of two grown adults was beginning to show the wear and tear of being […]

Ark City

During the summer break in college I worked as a brakeman for the Santa Fe railroad in Oklahoma. It was a good job that paid very well. It required that I move to several different cities each summer. It began in Enid, Oklahoma with the wheat harvest. It would end in Arkanas City, Kansas. That was the northern most point in the district. The hours were weird as you were on call and worked when needed. Sometimes you would stay in town and work at the yard. Other times you would get called to be a brakeman and go to the southern end of the district in Gainesville, Texas. When in town we all stayed at an old hotel downtown on Main Street. I don’t remember the name but I do remember we shared a bathroom and the bed was old and saggy. But, we were young and making money. […]

Ark City Ch. 02

Later that summer As luck would have it I was called to work a train going to Texas next. That meant 12 hours to get there, a lay over of at least 8 hours and 12 hours to get back. The lay over was closer to 11 on this trip so it was over two days later before I was back in Ark City. And after a trip like that I was dog tired so even though there was a note inside my car I was heading to the hotel. After a good sleep and getting cleaned up I decided to go check the extra board and see how long it would be before I was called again. If my math was accurate I had about 20 hours. There was a drive in restaurant on the north side of town that wasn’t all that bad. They had typical burgers and […]

Arlene Ch. 1 Virgin to Easy

(1972) As was tradition at GHS we headed to the ramparts to drink and celebrate any team victory. Tonight we had soundly beaten (ha ha) our rivals from Salem 86 to 84. I was a senior cheerleader who lived and died in the shadows of school spirit. I was neither a good or bad at anything – I was middle of the road in everything I participated in. I was not pretty and I was not ugly. I was, and am still an average 5’8″ tall. My brown hair was shoulder length which was typical of the times. I was as self conscious as any high-school cheerleader always worried against rejection especially from my fiends and the boys in our circle. After the game I headed over to the ramparts with my best friend Betsy. Betsy also was a cheerleader and we were very close sharing every intimate detail of […]


My name is Sullivan Lee and shortly after I turned eighteen I became a man. Becoming a man had nothing to do with my age – that was just coincidence. It could have happened when I was younger or when I was older. It just so happened that when I became a man I’d just turned eighteen. At the time I’d been working at O’Grady’s garage, the only garage in our small town of Two Creeks, for near on three years. I was a mechanic. Floyd O’Grady owned the garage where I worked and after who the garage was called. Some people thought the garage should have been called the Two Creeks garage after our town, to be civic like. But Floyd, the only adult I ever called by their first name, said O’Grady’s sounded just fine. Floyd and I didn’t talk much and that suited me good. Since if […]

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