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Art class with a happy ending Ch. 01

It was a sunny Saturday morning. I woke up in my bed, staring at the light flooding through the gaps in the curtains. It had been a hot night, and I had slept in my boxers and I was slightly sweaty. I stared down at my body, as I lay on top of my sheets, and I realised that I had awoke with an erection. I had dreamt about her again. Georgina, the girl I couldn’t keep my eyes off, the one who distracted me in art class. She was the cute, funny, punk chick. Petite, blonde, slightly busty and slightly pale with a beautiful round ass and a friendly face; she was my dream girl. Not only was she beautiful, I loved her personality. She was artistic, funny, smart and friendly. I couldn’t ask for more in a girl. We seemed to like the same things, laugh at the […]

Ashley's Mix-up

Ashley was young but she was old enough to make her own choices. Even though she was twenty years old she still lived at home. Her parents required her to pay rent out of her regular job, however they never made her pay with the money she would get from babysitting. She was trying to get more babysitting jobs because of it. Her boyfriend on the other hand was not happy about this arrangement. Mr. and Mrs. Harris had called her at the last minute to arrange for her to babysit their four year old daughter and two year old son. She wanted some extra pocket change so she canceled her plans with her boyfriend Josh and agreed to babysit instead. Josh was upset because they had planned to have sex that night and this was the third time she had canceled plans for a babysitting job. In order to […]

Art History

Art History “Oh. My. God. If I have to walk through one more museum, I think I’m gonna start screaming.” “Sammy, mellow out. What’d you think we’d be doing on this trip? The whole point is to go to museums and look at art.” Beth smacked her friend on the upper arm and rolled her eyes. “No. The whole point was to come to Europe and to be…in Europe – not in museums.” Beth’s grin hadn’t faded. “That might be the dumbest thing I’ve heard you say considering that art is what this trip is all about. Well maybe aside from what you said when you stole that pack of Twizzlers.” Samantha was clearing errant strands of hair out of her face by using both hands to pull it back and away from her eyes. She had temporarily gripped her hairband in her teeth which made her mumble, “I was […]

Art Teacher

This story was written at the request of a fan, you know who you are. All the character descriptions and plot are theirs, I simply put it into word the best I could, I hope you enjoy it, and if you would like to leave a message for the fan who’s story this is, I will pass any comments on. Thanks… Jodie Dwyer walked through the athletics department of the collage on her way to her own class… Art. She had qualified only recently herself and has got the job she craved most Art teacher on her first try. The problem was although she had memorised most of the layout of the campus this athletics department had just opened and she was finding herself increasingly lost, the corridors seemed to go on forever as she turned a corner all she saw was more halls to walk down. “Some short cut […]

Arti Bhabi My First Pussy

I had fair amount of sex in my life & am very content today. I have posted couple of stories earlier, some true, and some partly true where as some just a story. This one falls in the first category. It is about my first sex experience. I was in college first year & till that time had no experience of sex. All I was up to was reading Mast Ram, or other foreign magazines. Fantasize about girls at night I did my nightly routine of masturbation. Our immediate neighbors were a Bengali couple, Arti & Amitabh. I called her Arti Bhabi. Arti Bhabi was in her mid 30’s, with a beautiful body. She was very good looking with big pair of boobs & a nice round ass. She used to wear clothes in such a way that her breasts cleavage was visible from law cut kurta or blouse all […]

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