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Arti Bhabi My First Pussy

I had fair amount of sex in my life & am very content today. I have posted couple of stories earlier, some true, and some partly true where as some just a story. This one falls in the first category. It is about my first sex experience. I was in college first year & till that time had no experience of sex. All I was up to was reading Mast Ram, or other foreign magazines. Fantasize about girls at night I did my nightly routine of masturbation. Our immediate neighbors were a Bengali couple, Arti & Amitabh. I called her Arti Bhabi. Arti Bhabi was in her mid 30’s, with a beautiful body. She was very good looking with big pair of boobs & a nice round ass. She used to wear clothes in such a way that her breasts cleavage was visible from law cut kurta or blouse all […]

Artificialism Ch. 02

02: the recollection The car pulled up to the curb at Shannon’s parents house at around seven thirty and the teens left the suburban neighborhood under the pretense of seeing a movie. Truly however the only thing the teens would see would be the view of the town through the interruption of constant sexual contact. When darkness had fallen, the Volkswagon pulled off of route 293 and onto the mountainside road on the way to the pull off. “Oh Murr, “Shanon let out as she grazed his tight jeans and smiled. “I am so ready for this.” “Oh come on,”Murray replied. I haven’t even got to the lookout and already you want to tear off my jeans?’ “I can’t help it Murr your just so hot.” Within moments the car had stopped at the lookout and Murray took out a flask of whiskey offering Shannon a sip. “No, that’s alright, […]

Artists Impression Ch. 01

The Start An ‘arty’ Bistro in Clifton, a rooftop lounge, a hearty meal and several glasses of vino lubricated the tongues at our recent gathering. Celeste, a graphics illustrator took the floor. As you can imagine, we were all absolutely disgusted at the tale she told us. I’ve lived in this area for years. I graduated from the “Slade” in ’59 and came down here to Clifton, there was quite a clique of artists in the area all living the arty life, half the time starving, half the time drunk, smoking a bit of weed at times for effect. I was as they say, ‘of independent means’ which meant in my case, mummy and daddy had money, I won’t say much about that, it’s so vulgar don’t you think? We all giggled, never having had to worry about the ‘vulgarity’ of wealth. I lived to the same standard as the […]

As Right as Rain

There was only one picture of Elena’s mother. The photo, surrounded by a hand-made wooden frame, sat on Elena’s bedroom dresser. Stacy, Elena’s best friend, studied the family photo. Kneeling in front of the dresser, as if before an alter, Elena studied the picture. She reverently held the frame in her long thin fingers as her eyes took in each detail of the photo. Elena’s mother was on the right. She was very young, just over eighteen years old and very pretty. Her auburn hair was unkempt and made a strange counterpoint to a face of classic beauty. Oddly, that face bore no expression. But her eyes, green and luminous, beamed, quite obviously to Stacy, a distant and desperate look. Those eyes seemed to be asking Stacy for something; and Stacy thought she knew what Elena’s mother was asking her. In that same photo were two other people. There was […]

As Seen on TV

You walk into your bedroom and see me lying on your bed watching TV. “Jesus, don’t you have a home?” You ask. You try to sound annoyed but it fails. “She had to go to work, and I didn’t feel like going home just to come back here in a few hours.” I explain. “And you are in my room because…?” “You have the good TV.” I respond matter-of-factly. You sigh loudly as you sit on your bed. “What are you watching?” “Nothing good.” I say. I lean forward and press play on your DVD player. “Anything good on here?” Immediately the sight of two naked women comes on the screen. One woman kissing her way down to the other woman’s waiting pussy. I look at you with mock surprise. “I am so telling your sister!” I tease. You quickly jump up and look around the room for the remote […]

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