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Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 10

In this seduction-based and steamy sex chapter sparks fly as female jealousy comes to the fore as the naive Singapore virgin Selena, 20, is lured closer to intercourse surrender by the erotic photographer, Frenchman Jacques Pardie. His 30 year-old live-in bi lover, Paris swimwear model Josette signals an ultimatum. Can you imagine a real cat fight between competing pussies where one seems to be getting more attention from the master? Hair flies and the catty wailing is anything but low pitch. He’s worked hard on getting the cute young Asian with the hot body closer and closer to total submission but she’s so far met him at every one of his seductive twists and turns to prevent him from penetrating her pristine pussy. It’s the only thing left in life she’s genuinely owns and won’t give it away in the heat of passion. He’s got other ideas about that, already […]

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 11

A real cat fight with claws drawn erupts between two competing pussies in this semi-final conclusion about 20 year-old sensual Singapore virgin Selena’s adventures as a hired au pair to a very broad minded French couple Jacques, 50, and his 30 year-old lover Josette. Because Selina’s ultimate surrender requires longer and more graphic erotic detail and would otherwise make this episode too long, the conclusion to her erotic awakening will appear as a separate and final chapter in mid February Jacques Pardie, the widely travelled professional erotic photographer, is determined to see the innocent young Asian servant submit herself in total surrender to him to reinforce his ego as a masterful seducer. But his patience in waiting for her to come to him has worn too thin for his sophisticated live-in lover, the bi-sexual former French glamour model Josette. What she first agreed to with Jacques was for feisty sexual […]

Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 12

Author’s note: This final episode about the partly true/partly fictional adventures of the 20 year-old Singapore virgin Selena is, in my opinion, the most erotically stimulating story I’ve ever written. This series is dedicated to Mia and Meredith in Singapore, without whom there would be no story to tell. Thanks for your understanding and patience. For more recent readers a reminder that the storyline is based on broad-based events as relayed to me via a third party close friend of the young Asian and embellished fictionally of course where necessary while retaining structure elements of actual events and finally, cross referenced by the actual Selena herself. Enjoy! * So what does it take to finally push a 20 year-old sheltered resident Singapore virgin into the arms and the bed of a 50 year-old foreigner? That’s what wily seducer, French erotic photographer Jacques Pardie keeps asking under his breath as he […]

Asian Innocence Manipulated

Singapore girls are generally much more sexually conservative than counterparts from Western countries. This makes the partly true/partly fiction story of Selina in ‘Asian Innocence Manipulated’ a rather ‘slow hand’ stimulating journey into erotic experience. Her transition from a sheltered innocent virgin under the exotic spell of a masterful artist in a real French ménage a trios is not just about sex, it’s about educating the innocent. The island nation of Singapore, the smallest country in South-East Asia, has many beautiful young women, and Selina is one of them, living there to this very day only 10 years older as she celebrates her 30th birthday this year. Her story though, is about her life from age 19 to 23. It is the story of a young woman emerging from a highly sheltered upbringing in one of the world’s most advanced yet sexually conservative parts of the free world. She’s sweet, […]

Ask For It

I nearly tripped up the stairs as he dragged me along with him up to his bedroom. ‘Babe, slow down!’ I laughed as we rushed through his door and Ryan shut the door behind us, pushing me up against it as he attacked me with a deep and needful kiss. ‘No way I’m slowing down when I’ve waited this long for you.’ He whispered. I almost melted. His hands roved up and down my sides and my breath hitched. ‘I’m so ready.’ I said with a smile. Nineteen and still a virgin, Ryan was the only guy I had ever met that made me actually want to give it up. He knew exactly how to turn me on and wasn’t ashamed to have frank conversations about sex and sexuality with me. Now, all that talk was about to pay off, as we each had a fairly good idea of how […]

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