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At My Friend's House

Just after I turned 18 my best friend invited me to stay over for the night. She had a surprise for me, she said, with much giggling. Bitch would not tell me what it was, just giggling and saying it was something fun. So I capitulated and wandered around to her house for dinner, prepared to stay the night. Suzy lives with her father. He’s a big friendly man of about forty. I’ve always got on well with him. He’s genuinely nice and has a great sense of humour. Suzy was surprisingly close mouthed about the surprise, just telling me that we would get around to it after dinner. We had dinner and did the dishes and Jack, Suzy’s dad, went off to watch TV while Suzy and I went to her room. Once in her room Suzy turned to me, giggling. “Jack sent me these,” she said, holding up […]

Author of Love Ch. 02

When Gwen awoke the next day after her ‘exciting’ adventure from the night before, as she showered for the day which, thank goodness, was Saturday, she quickly dressed, grabbed a bagel and coffee, her car keys, and with her head up high… Gwen went shopping. She had a specific list in mind. She drove to the drug store in the strip mall down the street and went in. Glancing around nervously, making sure no one she knew was within sight of her, she grabbed a box of condoms and some water-soluble lubricant. Then, looking over her shoulder again, she went up to the female pharmacist and asked her for some of the “day after” birth control pills. ‘Better to be safe than it is to be sorry’, she thought. She noticed the long line at the front register and sighed as she turned around to head to the front. Sensing […]

At Nineteen

At nineteen, I was hot, horny and still a virgin. I needed to be loved by that someone special who could bring all these hidden feelings out of me without hesitation. I had been spending most of my time with this guy who a friend introduced me to about 2 weeks prior. She thought the two of us would be perfect for each other. He was 21. He had blue eyes, blonde hair and an amazing smile. He was a 5’11″…165lbs. He was a marine with a body of steel and a heart of gold. He was also a perfect gentleman. Me, on the other hand, was 5’1/2″ tall, 120lbs, 19 and ready! Light Brown hair, big brown eyes (Bedroom eyes, I’ve been told) and a smile that loved to seduce the world. Whenever we were together my raging hormones wanted to attack him on sight. We were never really […]

Ava's Fantasy

I couldn’t decide when the game of truth or dare had become so iniquitous. It had started out innocently enough. Lick the toilet seat, who’s the celeb you would do? That kind of thing. Maybe it was the fact that Jas’ mom had left us unattended for the evening to go line dancing at the hall; we were technically adults after all, we could be entrusted with some responsibility. But I suspected it was when Jas’ older brother, who was home from college decided to crash the room and insisted on playing. His dares had been along lines far less innocent, like drinking shots or removing articles of clothing. Jas was—not so subtly—trying to get him to leave, but the other two girls were falling all over him and acting like…well they didn’t normally act like that or they wouldn’t have been friends of mine. The truth was, I couldn’t […]

At the Villa Ch. 03

Chapter 3 — Diana This is part of a series of adventures which took place at the villa, after some of the girls were involved in three previous adventures, two, ON THE BOAT and one, AFTER THE BOAT TRIP — VICTORIA. So read the previous stories and continue to enjoy the ladies hunger for the pleasures of the flesh. There are more to come. I hope you enjoy them. They are all fiction. I don’t beg for votes or comments, but they are most welcome. * Relaxed by the pool after a few lengths, I admired the happy ladies with their bare tits bouncing as they walked around. Some were swimming as others were relaxing to the most modern music. The music was flowing out of the installed loudspeakers hanging from the trees above, connected to either radio or CD player inside. They all looked gorgeous and happy; well this […]

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