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Aunt Em Ch. 03

It felt so strange to hear Auntie Em swearing but it was a clear indication to me that she no longer saw me as her young nephew. I was a man and soon she would turn me into a real man at the same time as I helped her take that long delayed step to full womanhood. Auntie Em checked the outside door to the street was locked and then picked up the discarded clothing from the floor before turning and walking to the foot of the stairs where she turned and blew a kiss in my direction before starting to climb them. I was trying to act relaxed and cool and waited for a few moments before following and making my way to Auntie Em’s bedroom at the front of the house. As I entered the door she had just undone the fastener on her skirt and it fell […]

Aunt Natalie Has a Friend

While I was staying with Aunt Natalie and her daughters, she introduced me to Nancy, a co-worker of hers. Nancy was 32, divorced, and living alone in a trailer down the road from us. Nancy would visit from time to time and I enjoyed her company. Sometimes I’d go to her trailer and we’d watch movies and eat takeout (usually pizza). We’d drink a few beers (even though I was 18 at the time) and it was entirely non-sexual fun. We got along great and laughed at the same jokes and enjoyed the same movies and tv programs. Due to the age difference, I never even considered the possibility of me having a chance with her. One Friday night, we were watching a movie and eating pizza and we’d had a lot of laughs. About partway through the movie, she got up and left the room. When she got back, […]

At Last, Free

This story is totally fiction! If you like or dislike, please tell me anyways!! And, everyone is over 18! Enjoy! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~At last, Free~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ I have no reason to ever believe that my life shall ever change. I like it the way it is, from dawn to dusk. The same rhythm that I do each and every day, only Sunday is a bit different; it is the day of rest you know. On the week days I would be at work by nine in the morning, and off by seven in the evening. With working out, and everything in between, plus some time having to work on Saturday, there was no time to have fun! Plus, who would want to date someone who has never even been kissed by a guy before, and has no taste for alcohol. My list is slim, yet I never mind it because who needs someone […]

Austin's Senior Prom

TO THE READER: this story includes several characters from the series of Jason Garrett stories; however, this story is not part of that series. It was Christmas morning, 2004. My family was gathered together at my parents’ home in Pasadena. My brother Jason had driven down from Fresno a few days earlier, and my sister Emily and I didn’t have a choice about being there – being that we were both in high school, we both had to be there! We were down to the last few presents under the tree. My family has always gone around and opened presents in order, from youngest to oldest, and we were on the last time round. “Austin,” my dad said, digging under the tree. “Ah-ha, here we go. Last present for Austin.” He pulled out a box that wasn’t too big, but when he handed it to me it seemed awfully heavy […]

At Last

It was spring break. Out of the twelve inhabitants of our two dorm suites, only the two of us remained. And that was okay. We had plans. Three glorious days to ourselves, once our roommates had gone, and the freedom to enjoy one another without the sideways knowing glances of those around us. We had met the previous fall; he was a sophomore and I was a freshman. Our initial relationship had been one of simple chatter, a bit of teasing and ribbing, some coerced tutoring. Without him, I never would have passed my engineering classes, let alone gotten A’s. Then had come a school dance, and he had surprised me by asking me to be his date. We had barely talked the entire evening, we were so nervous, but a short week later had gone to see a movie. That night had ended with a brief, awkward kiss. I […]

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