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Avalon of Hartshorn Hill

Note from the author: Jarrod of Hartshorn Hill is the First of this Series. Druesha of Hartshorn Hill is the Second of this Series. Fallon of Hartshorn Hill is the Third of this Series. Evan of Hartshorn Hill is the Fourth of this Series. * Avalon Hartshorn was spoiled. She would be the first to admit it. She had been born in the lap of luxury, the first born child of Evan and Fallon Hartshorn. She had not been destined to be any only child and it seemed every year had brought along a new brother or sister. Being the eldest always gave her an advantage but also much more responsibility. As was the custom of their time, she was sent away to school shortly after her 13th birthday. After five years, she was considered finished and sent to court. She was expected, being highly born, to serve two years […]

Awkward Moments

‘What the hell am I going to do now?’ Chris thought. High school had ended as abruptly as it does for many young people, and now he was faced with all the possibilities of his life stretching away before him. He looked at himself in the mirror. He was tall at 6’3″, but not a giant like the guys on the basketball team. He had a lean muscled frame from many trips to the gym. Dark brown hair and deep-set brown eyes with heavy eyebrows gave him an intense look, and he thought he was not altogether bad looking. A frown wrinkled his face then as he thought to himself, ‘Then why the hell am I still a virgin?’ He shook his head as he turned from the bathroom mirror to get dressed in the warm sunlight of his room. The dust motes swirled around him as he pulled on […]

Average Anatomy

My friend Mike and I had a crush on the same girl in high school. Her name was Marta. We sat next to her in an anatomy class. This was our senior year and we had just turned 18. We both liked the fact that she wasn’t too popular, she preferred to stay away from the major cliques. We were not among the in crowd ourselves. She was cute though and her smile made her seem nicer than most girls in our school. She was quiet most of the time, but occasionally would show signs of being extroverted. She had the first desk in the last row, next to a window. I sat directly next to her, and Mike was right behind her. We went to a private school, so the uniform was rather bland, but sometimes students were allowed to wear something besides the required outfit. On one such […]

Aye pet, aal the way

A warning to my readers This little tale is an experiment; an experiment in trying to write speech in a form of dialect, which I hope will be recognised as our own by fellow Geordies. Please forgive the spelling in the dialect passages. I have had to torture English in an attempt to convey the sounds. I would appreciate any feedback you care to make on my success – or otherwise – in this attempt. I would also appreciate comment on the use of dialect in a written work generally. I have chosen to write the narrative in a conventional form as I felt that trying to use dialect for that too would be overkill. In conclusion I offer my grateful thanks to Wildsweetone for her comments. The story is set a few years ago. Read on, and enjoy… * * * * * “Where d’ye wanna gan the neet? […]

Average Joe Ch. 01

I have written this story in seven chapters. I’ll do my best to post a chapter every two days. It is finished but it is a rather long read. The chapters will be listed in different categories. A big thank you to WanderingScot for editing this story for me. I hope you enjoy it. Chapter 1: Joey’s life I read a lot of stories for a young guy. I decided to write about the average Joe, that’s guys like me. I’m not a super hero or a vampire, nor am I a secret agent, nor have I been in the special forces. In fact, I haven’t even been in the military. When it comes to sports, I didn’t even play chess. In the sexual department I don’t have a twelve -inch tongue and can’t breathe through my ears. I’m just an average Joe. If you looked up the word average […]

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