Caught in a Shower

The first time I saw an actual naked woman was when I was 19 years old. At the time I’d gone back to college to studying for entry to University after completely messing my exams up. The woman I saw was a neighbour called Nicole who lived across the road from us; at the time I was still living with my parents.

It was May and exams were looming; as a result the timetable to college was mainly study and revisions periods, and it was on one of these days that I was in College.

The weather on the day was ominous; the air was thick and humid with storms threatening to make an appearance at some point in the day. People were spending as much time looking out the window as they were looking at their books. By lunchtime I’d had enough of revising, and not wanting to get caught in the rain I went home.

I lived about two miles from the college, and by the time I left college the sky was practically black; so much so that the street lights were coming on. I hurried home watching the sky getting darker and darker all the way. You could feel the pressure building in the air.

I didn’t make it.

I was about five minutes from home when the rain started; and it was heavy! Visibility was measured in yards it was that heavy.

I ducked into a bus shelter and waited to see if the rain would slacken off, but it was clear that the rain wasn’t going to stop, or even abate. There was nothing for it; I was going to have to run the final stretch home.

The day was warm, but stepping out into the cold rain actually made me gasp for air as the rain was that cold.

By the time I got the front door I was literally soaked to the bone. My parents weren’t home, so I went straight to the kitchen and stripped off. All my clothes went in the washer; there was no point trying to dry them.

I grabbed a towel from the washing pile and dried myself off, and then still naked I went upstairs to my room, which was at the front of the house overlooking the road and the flats opposite. The sound of the rain was deafening, and before I switched the light on I stood in the middle of my room looking out the window just watching the rain.

At this moment I saw a car pulled up on the opposite side of the road; it was Nicole. The flats were only two stories, and Nicole lived on the top floor of the flats opposite and her living room windows were on the same level as my window.

Like me in the bus shelter, Nicole sat waiting for the rain to clam down, but after a short while she’d obviously had enough and decided to make a dash for her flat. I watched her jump out the car, grab her bag and things, and then run to the front door. However, even this short exposure to the rain was enough to drench anyone, add to this the delay whilst she found her keys; and by the time she actually let herself in she appeared to be as soaked as I’d been.

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What happened next showed just how wet she was.

In my haste to get undressed and dried off I hadn’t put any lights on the house. As I watched lights came on in Nicole’s flat and I saw her appear in her living room dropping her bags.

Nicole’s flat had net curtains for privacy but with the light on I had a perfect view into her flat. Only on a few occasions over the winter had I ever had this view before, and I’d always felt guilty about looking in to her flat; it just didn’t seem right. Especially when your mother jokingly makes reference to it as ‘peeping in on that beautiful girl opposite’; that’s enough to make most young men embarrassed, and it worked for me.

However, this time was different.

Nicole either didn’t care, or didn’t realise that there was anyone at home in the houses opposite; after all there were no lights on.

After dropping her bags she stood for a moment surveying her bedraggled appearance in a mirror. She played with her hair for a moment, turn the sodden mass this way and that before inspecting her wet dress. Then to my utter amazement, followed quite quickly to my delight, she just pulled her dress up and off in one quick moment.

At a guess I would have said that Nicole was around twenty five, and she has a nice figure from what I could tell from the few times I’d seen her leaving the house, or when she’d been chatting with either my parents on the street.

But seeing her just standing there in her underwear, she looked stunning. Bear in mind that this was the first time I’d seen a naked women; so how would she look anything but amazing.

She was wearing black knickers and a black bra, and had a very nice sized chest; I had no idea what size she was, but she filled bra nicely.

My prick agreed with my assessment, as by now I was rock hard.

At any moment I was expecting her to realise that the curtains were open and hide herself, switch the light off, draw the curtains or something. Instead she felt the material of her underwear assessing how wet it was. Obviously she felt it was too wet to wear because she turned and made her way through to the back of the flat and out of my sight.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just witnessed; it was a scene that I was convinced that was going to play a large part in my fantasies for a long time. If only she’d undressed right there in the living room, that would have completed the fantasy; instead she’d gone off to get changed in her bedroom.

I waited a moment, and then when she didn’t reappear I decide to settled down and do something about the raging hard on I had; this would be stuff of many wet dreams to come.

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It was at this point that Nicole did reappeared, and completed my fantasy for me.

She had gone back to her bedroom to get changed, but had obviously decided to have a shower, as I stood there she reappeared walking back in to the living room. This time she was totally naked.

This image was, and still is, imprinted on my brain.

She walked through the flat towards me, and I drank in every movement of her beautiful body.

The way her boobs bounced as she walked topped with large dark brown nipples. My eyes took in the line of her shapely legs up to the curvy of her hips and the way her they swayed as she walked. Then finally the dark triangle of pubic hair nestled between her legs.

Thinking back it was like she moved in slow motion.

She walked back in to the room and turning her back on the window she did something or other with her bag. I wasn’t watching because my eyes were glued to her gorgeous ass. Then to cap it all she bent over showing me everything; I could just make out the shadow of her pussy before she straightened up with a towel. I almost blew at this point.

At this point she must have noticed that the curtains weren’t drawn because she gave in little in voluntary start and ducked down slightly. She shook out the towel and covered herself, and then quickly she came over to the window and drew the curtains.

The show was over.

That glimpse of Nicole, and it can only have lasted for a few minutes at most, sustained me over many late night wank sessions for many years. Even now I can bring it to mind easily.

It never happened again, or it may have done but I just wasn’t alone in a darkened house to see.

By the time my parents got home, I’d taken care of business, was dressed and studying.

However, I did feel guilty having intruded on Nicole’s privacy; so when my parents got home the front of the house was in darkness and I was in the dining room at the back of the house, this way no light showed at the front of the house.

I like to think that if Nicole had ever checked she wouldn’t have seen any light in the house until my parent’s cars were on the drive.

For my part I never said a word to my parents.

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