Caught, Seduced and Caught Again

This story is a work of fiction, and all names, characters, places, and incidents either are the products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental. No characters involved are under the age of 18.


My name is Garrett Wilson and this is an accounting of an event that occurred a little over 3 years ago. I was 18 and a junior in high school. I started school late from being slightly behind in the early development stages of my life. Now I stand 5-9, 158 lbs, bright blue eyes and brown curly hair with a stocky athletic build. My Dad pushed me growing up to play football, basketball, and lacrosse. Being a lettered jock all through high school made it all the easier to score with the cheerleaders.

I went out with several girls from the cheerleading squad during my high school years, but only 2 were overly exceptional. The first was Brenda Collins, who I dated for 2 years. She was a senior, a year ahead of me in school. We did some heavy petting and I played and sucked on her perky perfectly shaped 34B tits a lot. She gave me a blowjob for my birthday present when I turned 18 and a couple of days later we were fucking nearly non-stop for the summer.

Unfortunately, her Dad was a Marine lifer and he was transferred to Texas and she had to go too. We kept in touch for a while and had phone sex a few times, but we soon drifted apart.

That’s when I met and dated was Jen Green and I only went out with her for several months. Once again, we petted and as soon as she turned 18 she indicated that she was willing to go much farther.

Jen stood 5-3 and 105 pounds with an incredible set of 32C firm tits. She had such tiny hips that her big tits made her seem really top heavy. I could suck on her cantaloupe sized tits for hours, tugging and pulling at her large pink nipples on half dollar sized areoles.

The first time that Jen gave me a blowjob I knew that she wasn’t any kind of rookie at sex. Her tiny wet mouth slid up and down my erect dick repeatedly as she slathered my cock with her saliva. She talked dirty and acted like she was a professional hooker as she easily sucked my stiff 8″ cock, before swallowing my huge load of thick gooey semen without any qualms or hesitation.

She taught me how to lick her neatly trimmed blond pussy, probing her soft fleshy folds with my tongue and rolling her distended clitoris around until she was hip thrusting and screaming out with an orgasm. I enjoyed tasting her sweet nectar on my tongue many times as she held my face against her young squirting cunt.

Soon Jen easily devoured my rigid 8″ cock in her tiny blond haired pussy and rolled her tiny hips underneath me to multiple orgasms until she milked my fully loaded balls bone dry. We rested a while before she mounted and rode on top of me until she achieved several more orgasms. Then I rolled her onto her back and pounded her into the mattress before spewing my load of thick sperm deep inside her wet tender feminine folds.

We had great sex dozens of times while her Mom, Cindy, was at work. It was inevitable that sooner or later we would get caught and it finally happened during Christmas break.

I stopped over early afternoon on a Saturday morning. Jen’s Mom Cindy was supposed to be going out for a girls only Christmas party. As soon as Cindy had left, we started in with our normal routine of a blowjob, pussy licking and some hardcore fucking. I’d already fucked Jen to several orgasms and cum inside her once.

I was still lying on top of Jen, sucking on her big tits with my 8″ erection totally aroused once more. I hadn’t started thrusting my stiff dick inside Jen maybe a dozen times when her Mom Cindy walked in.

Cindy Green froze in the doorway for a second at seeing her little blond princess getting a good cock reaming underneath my trim athletic hips.

Cindy screamed, “What are you guys doing? Get off my daughter, you dirty little bastard, Garrett Wilson!”

I rolled off Jen with my still erect 8″ cock standing as tall as a rocket at the launching pad. Jen tried to cover her big 32C tits with one arm and her cum saturated crotch with her other tiny hand.

“Oh my God, you’re not even wearing a condom, Garrett,” Cindy screamed at me. “Are you both totally insane or do you want to get my daughter pregnant?”

“It’s my safe time of the month, Mom,” Jen meekly cried out.

“Yeah, I thought it was my safe time too, Jen, and ended up having you when I was only 18-years-old,” Cindy screamed. “I don’t want you following in my footsteps in that regard, Jennifer Green.”

Cindy stared at my rigid cock for a moment, seeing it totally coated with both Jen’s juices with well as my own. She glanced down at Jen’s crotch to see our combined cum leaking out of her stretched out blond haired pussy.

“Oh my God, Garrett, you came inside my baby girl? What the Fuck were you thinking?” Cindy continued to scream. “Wait until your Dad hears about this, Jen!”

“No, please Mom, you can’t tell Daddy!” Jen groaned back as she started to cry.

“Get dressed and get the fuck out of my house, Garrett, you’re no longer welcome here,” Cindy screamed at me.

I quickly dressed and headed home, hoping Cindy wouldn’t rat me out to my own adoptive Mom, Elizabeth. Cindy wouldn’t let me speak with Jen for several days afterwards, screening the calls and telling me that Jen was not available when I tried. Jen wasn’t in school and I was starting to get worried about what may have happened.

Jen’s Mom Cindy called me the Wednesday evening after New Year’s Day and told me that we needed to have a frank discussion on Saturday morning at 9AM or she would talk to my parents. I readily agreed to meet her at her house at the designated time.

I arrived at Jen’s Mom’s house at the end of the cul-de-sac several minutes early and rang the doorbell. Cindy opened the front door and invited me inside wearing a white bathrobe. She led me to the living room couch, where she proceeded to tell me she had taken Jen to her ob-gyn and had all my nasty sperm flushed out of her young little vagina.

As she spoke, Cindy leaned towards me. Her bathrobe slipped open to reveal her white see through nightgown underneath. Being a normal red-blooded teenager, my cock began to swell at seeing Jen’s Mom’s nice tits. I guessed she had to be around a good 34D from my glance. Cindy caught my peeking and smiled at me.

“Jen is with her father for the weekend, Garrett,” Cindy stated. “As mad as I was with both of you last weekend, I may have over reacted slightly. I just don’t want my precious baby girl Jen pregnant and saddled with a child like I was at her age,” Cindy continued.

“However, I couldn’t help but notice what a big hard penis you had when you pulled out of my daughter’s sperm filled vagina, Garrett,” Jen’s Mom Cindy purred. “I think we should seriously talk about working out some sort of deal between us so that your parents won’t ever need to hear about you getting caught fucking my little girl Jen,” Cindy added as she licked her tongue around her full red painted lips.

I abruptly stood up, both startling and surprising Jen’s Mom Cindy. I’m sure she didn’t know if I was angry enough with her to walk out of her house, or if I wanted to slap her.

I turned to face her, reaching down to pull Cindy’s robe open to fully expose her white see through nightgown as I looked down at the delectable big tits that were barely covered by her see-through nightgown. I considered her to be quite the 36-year-old treat seated on the couch in front of me.

Jen’s Mom Cindy was several inches taller than Jen, standing 5-5 and about 125 pounds. She had short blond hair and bright green eyes. Her full heavy tits sagged slightly with small pink upturned nipples on darker quarter-sized areoles.

Jen’s Mom Cindy looked up at me standing over her with doe-like eyes. I eased my left knee between her slender legs and pushed them apart. I could easily see her curly blond pubes at the top of her slender legs through her white nightgown.

“Open my shorts and suck my big hard cock, bitch,” I callously told Jen’s Mom Cindy.

I was pleasantly surprised when Jen’s Mom Cindy did my bidding without hesitation. She unsnapped my shorts and dropped them to the floor. Cindy leaned forward and slipped my briefs off my already erect 8″ cock. In an instant, her warm wet mouth engulfed my thick mushroom shaped tip, licking and sucking around my cock even better than Jen. I dropped my hand into Cindy’s short blond hair, pushing her face farther down on my stiff dick until she started to gag.

Jen’s Mom Cindy continued to suck vigorously on my 8″ cock as I pushed her robe off her shoulders. She dropped her arms so that I could push her robe down off her trim body. Jen’s Mom Cindy then lifted her nice tight ass off the couch cushions as I reached down to pull her white see-through nightgown off her body. She stopped sucking and leaned back long enough for her white see-through nightgown to slide over her head, before instantly returning to the task of sucking my stiff dick. I was amazed at the firmness of her heavy 34D tits as I rubbed across her erect nipples while she sucked my cock.

“Wow, Cindy, you suck cock even better than your daughter,” I exclaimed.

“Where do you think she learned how?” Cindy lifted her head to reply.

“MMMmmmm, nice,” I stated as she resumed sucking my erect prick. I reached down to continue lifting and squeezing her full soft 34D tits, rubbing my thumbs across her erect nipples. “Your tits and ass are barely bigger than Jen’s but still almost perfect, Cindy,” I complimented her.

Once again, Cindy lifted her blond head off my stiff cock to reply, “Thank you, Garrett. I’m almost twice as old as Jen, but I think I’m still in pretty good shape.”

“Yes you are, Cindy and I’m really going to enjoy fucking your tight little mature blond pussy with my big 18-year-old dick,” I stated. “You’re nearly as perfect as my Mom, Elizabeth,” I stupidly added as an after thought.

“My tits are quite a bit bigger than your adoptive Mom’s, Garrett, and she has a bigger, softer ass than me,” Cindy stated matter-of-factly with a sly smile. “Do you want to fuck your adoptive Mom Elizabeth, Garrett?”

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“The thought has crossed my mind many times,” I replied honestly. “But I’m sure my Mom Elizabeth would never go for it,” I added. “And yes, you are a very good looking Mom with an absolutely incredible body, Cindy, but my Mom Elizabeth still has the incredible innocent looks with the face of an angel.”

“You never know what people are capable of behind their bedroom doors, Garrett,” Cindy purred naughtily. “You might be pleasantly surprised. When you fuck my tight little blond pussy, Garrett, are you going to be thinking and wishing it was your adoptive Mom Elizabeth underneath you taking your big hard teenage cock?”

“Probably,” I replied guiltily.

“MMMmmmm, that is so fucking hot, Garrett,” Cindy cooed. “I’d like to be a fly on the wall watching the full incestuous action, the first time you feed this big piece of teenage cock to your beautiful adoptive blond Mom Elizabeth. Do you want to fuck me now, Garrett, or do you want me to suck out the easy load first?”

“Suck my big dick and then swallow all my cum, Cindy,” I stated. “Then I’ll eat your lovely blond pussy before I fuck you to multiple orgasms.”

I stood there with weak knees as Jen’s Mom Cindy sucked my cock like a mature street hooker. I moaned loudly as I felt my thick load traveling up my prick to gush into Cindy’s anxiously awaiting mouth. Cindy gulped and sucked as rope after rope of my cum shot in a steady stream into her open mouth and down her slender throat. As my gusher slowed and subsided, Cindy licked around my half rigid cock lovingly with her tongue to devour every remnant of my gooey jism.

“Where’s your bed, Cindy?” I asked as I pulled her to her feet.

“Follow me, Garrett,” she replied as her tight ass swayed slightly as she walked down the hall to the master bedroom. Cindy lay back in the middle of her bed as I dropped my head between her open legs to lick at her blond covered pussy. I licked and probed her pussy with my tongue the same way I always did with her daughter Jen, before concentrating on her stiffened little clitoris.

“Where did you learn to do this so well, Garrett?” Cindy purred from her bed with a huge smile.

“Your daughter Jen taught me that this is how she likes to be eaten,” I answered.

“Well, I can only imagine who taught her this wonderful technique,” Cindy stated with a huge smile. I licked and probed her fleshy folds as she began to lift and buck her trim hips against my face like Jen always did before she came. Within a couple of minutes, Cindy growled that she was about to cum on my face. I slipped my hands under her tight ass and lifted her up as I sucked on her clitoris like it was her nipple. Cindy bucked and cried out as she tumbled over the edge to an orgasm. I tasted her mature motherly nectar noticing that her flavor was heavier, muskier and not nearly as sweet as Jen’s cum. Cindy collapsed back onto her mattress, breathing heavily from the sexual pleasure she had experienced.

I slowly kissed my way north from Cindy’s blond pubes, across her flat stomach and up to those mountainous 34D tits. Looking down at Cindy naked, I could see all the traits Jen had inherited from her Mom, as Cindy’s tits also seemed almost too big for her small petite body. I concentrated for the next few minutes on sucking and tugging at Cindy’s erect nipples, making her moan loudly with pleasure.

I slid farther up Cindy’s body and I felt her spread her slender legs wider to accommodate my athletic hips. I reached down to take my thick purple mushroom shaped cock tip and rub it up and down along Cindy’s dark puffy and wet labia. Cindy moaned contentedly as I started to push my dick into the middle of her wet hole. I easily sunk over half of my 8″ cock inside her warm wet cunt with my first thrust. I eased back and Cindy lifted and rolled her trim hips towards me as I thrust forward a second time. This time I was buried to the hilt with my coarse brown curly pubes mashed against Cindy’s neatly trimmed fine blond fur.

“Oh God, Garrett, your big teenage cock feels incredible inside me,” Cindy purred. “I haven’t had a nice cock like this in a very long time.”

Cindy pulled my face down to hers to kiss me as I began to drive my full 8″ length in and out of her warm, wet and silky pussy with long, slow and deliberate strokes. Cindy pushed her tongue into my mouth for me to suck on as I pounded her heavenly gash. She planted her heels in the mattress to lift and grind her tight mature pussy against my deep plunging teenage cock.

“Oh Garrett, I can see why my daughter Jen is willing to be such a wanton slut on this big hard cock,” Cindy moaned. “I’ll let you fuck me anytime you want with this wonderful dick too, Garrett.”

I slowly picked up my pace, making Cindy cry out with unabashed pleasure as I easily pushed her over the edge to her first orgasm on my stiff prick.

“Oh fuck Garrett, I’m fucking cumming on my daughter’s boyfriend’s big beautiful cock,” Cindy cried out as she ground her little blond cunt against my deep stabbing cock. “I love to cum for my man, Garrett. Fill my wet little cunt full of your thick gooey sperm just like you filled Jen a few days ago.”

“It’s gonna to be a while, Cindy, I’m gonna fuck you like a whore before I unload my cum inside your tight little cunt,” I replied.

“I’ll be your little cum whore just like my daughter Jen anytime that you want, Garrett,” Cindy said. “We just have to be discreet, and get together on the weekends while Jen is with her Dad.”

“I think I can handle fucking you every other Saturday, Cindy,” I replied.

“Oh good, now fuck me harder and deeper with that big teenage cock, Garrett, because I really need too cum again,” Cindy purred. “Fuck my golden haired pussy the way that you really want to fuck your beautiful adoptive Mom, Elizabeth. I think your lovely Mom Elizabeth would go absolutely crazy taking this big teenage cock of yours deep inside her tight little blond pussy too, Garrett,” Cindy added.

Cindy’s sexy words and the nasty but delightful thought of fucking my beautiful adoptive Mom Elizabeth, made me pummel Cindy’s tiny hips down into her mattress like I’d never fucked any girl before. I bounced Cindy’s small ass around on the mattress like a tiny blond rag doll. The results were exactly what Cindy desired when she cried and screamed as orgasm after orgasm shook her small body.

I wasn’t letting up on Cindy as I fucked her roughly until my balls tightened up and my cock twitched. I kept squeezing her soft tits and erect nipples as a gusher of thick gooey cum blasted deep inside Cindy’s soft feminine fleshy folds. Each successive thrust pumped billions of virile sperm into her motherly crease. I finally collapsed on top of Cindy with her blond clam stuffed full of my teenage semen.

“Wow, Garrett, and I mean WOW,” Cindy cooed. “I don’t think I’ve ever been fucked like that before. You were incredible, Garrett, I’m afraid I’ll need this much more often than every other Saturday. Jen is just going to have to learn to share your cock with her horny old Mom,” she stated. “Were you thinking about me as you fucked me like that, Garrett, or were you fantasizing about fucking your beautiful adoptive Mom, Elizabeth?” Cindy asked.

I lifted my head to kiss her open mouth before saying, “Both of you, Cindy. I wanted to satisfy your sexual needs, but I was also imagining what it would be like to fuck my Mom Elizabeth like this.”

“Can you fuck me some more, Garrett?” Cindy asked.

“Give me a few minutes to recover and I’m sure that I can, Cindy,” I replied.

“MMmm, good Garrett, because I want to pretend to be your adoptive Mom Elizabeth,” Cindy stated. “I want you to fuck me the way you want to fuck your Mom. I’m going to call you ‘my baby boy’ and ‘Garrett’, and I want you to call me ‘Mom’ and ‘Elizabeth.’ Okay? Can you do this with me, Garrett?”

“Yes Mom,” I replied without hesitation. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for the last couple years, Mom, while Dad is not around. I want to shoot my gooey cum all over your angelic face, Mom. Then I want to lick your lovely blond fur pie until you scream with delight and then I want you to cum all over my big hard teenage cock lots of times before I pump your tight little blond pussy full of my thick virile sperm.”

“MMmmmm, this is going to be fun, Garrett, feeling my baby boy’s big teenage cock deep inside my tight blond pussy,” Cindy purred.

Cindy and I kissed passionately for a few minutes as my cock began to react and harden. I sucked on her erect nipples and squeezed her soft tits in between French kissing.

“Do you like sucking on Mommy’s soft tits and hard nipples, baby boy?” Cindy asked.

“Yes, Mom, very much,” I replied.

“Do you want Mommy to suck your big cock and get it really hard, Garrett?” she asked.

“No, Mom, I’m getting harder by the second,” I said. “I want to roll over and let you ride my big teenage dick, Mom, while I suck on your lovely tits hanging down in front of my face.”

“MMmmm, I like having my soft tits sucked on, Garrett,” she said. “Your Dad doesn’t suck on them like he used to, Garrett, and my nipples are very sensitive.”

I grabbed Cindy’s tight little ass and rolled onto my back, bringing her over on top of me.

“Close your eyes, Garrett, and let Mommy ride your big hard cock until I’ve had my fill,” Cindy purred.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling as Cindy slid her cum saturated blond pussy up and down my stiff dick slowly and sensuously. I imagined that it was my adoptive Mom Elizabeth riding me so nicely.

“I’m so glad that we adopted you, Garrett, although I never imagined you fucking me like this with such a big hard cock,” Cindy cooed. “Your Dad doesn’t fuck me the way he used to before you arrived, Garrett, and I need a lot more stiff dick inside my horny pussy,” she added as she lifted a soft tit for me to suck on.
With my eyes closed and Cindy sliding up and down my stiff rod while feeding me a soft heavy tit, it was very easy to imagine that it was my lovely adoptive Mom Elizabeth riding my rigid dick. I grabbed onto Cindy’s tight ass and pulled her down harder as I thrust upwards. “I want to bury a load of my cum so deep inside you, Mom,” I moaned.

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“Yes baby boy, I want to feel my teenage son’s big cock gushing a huge load of sperm into my sterile little cunt,” Cindy replied. “But first I need to cum on my baby boy’s big dick several times before he pops a load into my hungry cunt,” she added.

I pulled Cindy’s face down to plunge my tongue in her mouth as she bounced up and down on my prick so skillfully. Cindy was rocking and flexing her hips on my cock, driving me crazy with lust while trying to milk all the cum out of my balls.

It didn’t take long before Cindy screamed, “I’m gonna cum all over my teenage son’s big dick and coat it with the first of many loads of my motherly love juice that I’m saving just for him.”

I felt Cindy’s tight blond pussy clenching around my dick before she began to spasm and immerse my mushroom tip with a flood of hot cream. “Holy fuck, Garrett, pretending to be your Mom Elizabeth getting fucked my her own adoptive teenage son made me cum so hard on your big cock,” Cindy moaned. “I want to play this game a lot more with you.”

We continued to fuck like rabbits as Cindy had 2 more orgasms riding on my cock while pretending to be my Mom.

Finally, I told Cindy, “Get up on your hands and knees, Mom, I want to fuck you from behind.”

We quickly assumed the doggie style position and I started to fuck Cindy from behind. “Fuck me like your bitch in heat, Garrett, I love the feeling of my son’s big cock deep inside me,” Cindy moaned.

“I’m gonna fuck you like this everyday, Elizabeth Wilson, until I put enough of my thick gooey virile teenage cum inside your lovely blond pussy to impregnate you with our child,” I moaned nastily into Cindy’s ear.

“Oh yes, Garrett, I want you to impregnate your lovely blond Mom like your father was unable to achieve,” Cindy cooed in response.

I closed my eyes and reached under Cindy to squeeze her soft hanging melons, rubbing her stiff nipples to make her moan out in passion. I felt her cum again on my dick as I slammed into her wet cunt from behind like a man totally overwhelmed by his lustful desires. Cindy responded by pushing her trim hips back to take every fraction of my prick inside her molten cavern.

I had no problem imagining that it was my beautiful adoptive Mom Elizabeth that I was fucking so roughly.

“Keep fucking me like this, baby boy, because Mommy wants to feel all your hot semen gushing into the soft fleshy folds of my sterile blond pussy,” Cindy moaned.

I felt my load of thick gooey cum start to rise from my balls and up my rigid shaft. I kept thrusting as deep as I could when my cock twitched allowing my hot cum to gush into Cindy’s golden cave. I must have thrust a dozen times until all my hot cum was buried as deeply inside her as was humanly possible.

Cindy slid forward on her bed to collapse in a happy heap with my cock still firmly imbedded in the saturated depths of her blond cunt.

“Wow, Garrett, I’ve never been this well fucked before. You were incredible,” Cindy purred underneath me. “If you ever get to fuck your lovely adoptive Mom Elizabeth like you just fucked me, Garrett, she will easily be hooked on enjoying your big cock for years to come. Personally, Garrett, I don’t think you would have any trouble leading your beautiful adoptive Mom into your bed and once you have her there, I don’t think you’ll have any problem keeping her there.”

“I think she will want this cock inside her little pussy everyday just like me and Jen,” Cindy added. “I wish I could be there to witness the first time that Elizabeth devours her teenage son’s big thick cock inside her mouth and then her golden haired pussy. I know that you can do this with your gorgeous Mom Elizabeth, Garrett, and leave her just as cum saturated as you’re leaving me if that’s what you really want to do.”

“I want to do every single thing that I’ve just done with you to my beautiful adoptive blond Mom Elizabeth,” I told Cindy. “In the meantime, I’ll try my best to keep both you and Jen well satisfied.”

“MMmmmm, there is going to be a lot of fucking going on in this house in the next few months,” Cindy purred. “Will you tell me, Garrett, if you ever succeed in bedding your gorgeous blond Mom Elizabeth? Please? I would like to know that my wonderful teenage lover has been able to fulfill his most intimate incestuous fantasy with his adoptive Mom.”

“Is it really incest, seeing as how I’m adopted, and not a blood relative?” I asked Cindy.

“I’m not really sure, Garrett,” Cindy replied. “But I know you should try and I hope that you succeed in bedding your adoptive Mom Elizabeth. Take your time and don’t rush it. And don’t push too hard or fast with Elizabeth trying to get her into your bed.”

“You want to softly touch and caress her innocently, without any sexual expectations, until she slowly comes around to the idea of a more intimate contact with you, Garrett,” Cindy continued.

“Slow and easy Garrett, that’s the path that may lead you to your Mom’s bed,” Cindy added. “Before you know it, your lovely Mom Elizabeth will be flat on her back with her legs spread wide apart for you just like me, Garrett. And once she cums on this hard teenage dick a few times, she will be a little insatiable slut for your big cock like me too, Garrett.”

“Tell me after you’ve fucked your gorgeous Mom Elizabeth and left her lying in a pool of your combined cum like this, Garrett?” Cindy pleaded. “Okay, you’ll tell me?”

“Yes, I’ll tell you all the intimate details, Cindy,” I lied with a straight face, fully knowing that I never would share my secret if I succeeded.

For the next 3 months, I fucked Jen 2 or 3 times a week while her Mom Cindy was at work. Cindy also set some time aside for me after work or evenings when Jen was doing her cheerleader practice. I managed to fuck Cindy at least twice a week while Jen wasn’t around.

I was busy fucking Cindy one Saturday morning in March while Jen was at her Dad’s house. They were going to the family cabin on the lake and then out on the boat for the day. Cindy was lying on her back lifting and rolling her trim hips and I was just pummeling her little wet blond cunt like crazy. I was holding her legs apart with them pushed up almost to her soft 34D tits as I drove my stiff 8″ cock as deep inside her golden cave time after time. Cindy was moaning loudly to encourage me onward as I pushed her towards another orgasm.

Neither Cindy nor I noticed the bedroom door open as she began to scream that she was cumming all over my thick teenage cock. “I’m gonna fucking cum all over your beautiful big cock, Garrett. Keep fucking my hungry pussy, Garrett. Don’t stop, Baby, because your cock feels so good inside me. I’m cumming, Garrett, I’m fucking cumming.”

“I’m gonna cum inside you, Cindy, and fill your tight little blond cunt full of my thick gooey baby batter,” I retorted. “Here it cums, Cindy. Oh God, Cindy, I spurting my love juice deep into your soft fleshy folds.”

“Keep fucking me, Garrett, I want to devour every drop of your young virile sperm,” Cindy cried out as she bucked her trim hips underneath me.

Her daughter Jen stood there wide-eyed and open mouthed as she saw me fucking her Mom Cindy like the whore she had become for me. Her ex-husband Andrew stood glaring at both Cindy and me as her trim body shook in the throes of another orgasm. Neither of us tried to stop as I began to cum inside her saturated blond cunt. Half a dozen thrusts later, I collapsed on top of Cindy in her bed.

“Mom? How could you?” Jen screamed at her Mom when she finally found her tongue.

“You fucking whore,” was all her ex-husband Andrew kept repeating as Cindy and I lay in a sweaty heap in the middle of her bed.

“Fuck You, Andrew,” was Cindy’s only reply to her ex-husband. Then she said to her teenage daughter, “Garrett has too nice a big cock not to be enjoyed by more hot pussy than just yours, Jen, so get used to sharing it with others. I’m going to let Garrett fuck me with this big cock anytime he wants.”

Jen and Andrew both stood in the doorway looking dazed and confused. Cindy pulled my face down to kiss me before she asked, “Can you still fuck this middle-aged Mom some more with this big beautiful cock, Garrett?”

“Yes I can, Cindy,” I replied as I started grinding my hips in small thrusts against her fine blond pubes once again.

Jen wouldn’t have anything to do with me after they caught me fucking her Mom Cindy. She refused to talk to me at school so I told her to go fuck herself. I would go over to her house after school and lead her Mom Cindy down the hall to the master bedroom while Jen sat in the living room. Before long Cindy was screaming out in orgasmic pleasure with the bedroom door open while Jen did her homework.

Jen would glare at me with looks that would kill from the couch as I walked down the hall to the bathroom to wash the mixture of Cindy’s cum and mine off my dick when I was done fucking her mature Mom to multiple orgasms.

I continued to fuck her Mom, Cindy on a regular basis, even when Jen was at home, just to totally piss her off.

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