Changes to Come

This is my final story on Literotica. All characters participating in sex are at least eighteen years old.


Tears streamed from Rachel Fisher’s normally twinkling blue eyes and rolled down her flawless skin as she viewed the troubling text message on her cell phone. Her mind blazed angrily, as she dashed through the halls of Hayward High School, sending her long brown hair dancing.

One of the few remaining students approached her as she searched the nearly-empty school.

“Rachel, I hope Keith’s ready for tonight. He better come out as the best in North Carolina. I bet everything I own on this championship game,” David said, joking. Then he noticed her worried eyes. “What’s wrong? You okay?” he asked in his, solemn, reassuring tone.

His gray eyes looked into her blue pupils, while he tried to embrace her with his five-foot-eleven frame. An attempt she rejected.

“Not right now, David!”

“Can I help? What’s wrong?”

“I said leave me alone. I’m okay. Just not now. I mean it,” Rachel said, storming past David, who’d been her friend since preschool.

He stood thinking for a moment, and then followed her seconds later. Her shapely body disappeared from view as she walked under a giant banner that read, “Senior Class Prom is May 18, 2000. Buy your tickets today. LAST CHANCE!”

Making a sharp turn past the banner, Rachel entered a restricted room. By the time David turned the corner, she was gone. He brushed his fingers through his brown hair and then rubbed his chin, wondering which door she’d entered. He called her cell, but there was no answer, so he left for his part-time job.

Rachel thundered into the senior boys’ changing room, ignoring all but one of the members of the basketball team in all manner of undress. She stopped, staring into the unsympathetic dark eyes of her boyfriend. At six foot four, he stood nearly a foot taller than her five foot five. He ran the towel over his drenched golden hair and solid abs, his hefty package making an inspiring outline in his boxer briefs. All around, his teammates began covering up, dressing, and leaving.

“Keith, is this a joke?” Rachel said, holding up her phone and showing him his text.

“This is the guys’ changing room, Rachel. I have a championship trophy to win,” Keith said dismissively as the last of his teammates left the room.

“You’re breaking up with me because I won’t have sex with you?”

“I didn’t start dating you senior year so I could go back to being a virgin. Your mouth won’t cut it anymore and prom is supposed to be a sure thing.”

“So, you’re breaking up with me a week before prom?”

Keith began throwing on his shorts and jersey saying, “Don’t blame me. You’re the one that’s being a prude! You’re eighteen and still a virgin. I’ve invested too much in you as it is. I’m going with Stacey Miller,” Keith said, turning and heading for the door.

“′Invested′! You’ve never been to any of my plays! I’ve been to every single one of your games.” Breathing erratically and gesturing with her hands, Rachel continued. “From day one, all you’ve cared about is one thing. If you showed even the slightest interest in me as a person—”

“You think just because you’re hot you’re something special.”

“I’m not having sex with a child. If you acted like you were eighteen, and not a kindergartner, the lies you tell your friends would’ve become reality long ago.”

Ignoring her, Keith continued putting his uniform on. Turning, he finally spoke.

“Goodbye, Rachel. I hope you find a date. I gave you a week. If you change your mind about being a prude, let me know.”

“You and your cheerleader can go to hell!” Rachel screamed. Keith just smiled and left.

Rachel found a bench and sat for a minute to compose herself. After deleting Keith’s number from her cell, she found David’s urgent messages. While reading them, her best friend Chloe called.

“Hey Rach! Come and sleep over at my house after the game. I can help you with your lines for the “Wizard of Oz play,” and in the morning, we can go shopping for my prom dress.”

“He dumped me,” Rachel said, with trickles of distress falling from her bowed head.

“Rachel, are you crying—NO! Keith wouldn’t do that. Prom’s a week from Saturday.”

“The asshole texted me in the middle of final period saying it’s over because I won’t put out for prom.”

“What a fucking asshole! I so wish I could hug you right now,” Chloe said comfortingly. “Wait—what? You never told him you planned on losing your virginity to him on prom night?”

“I kept telling him I wouldn’t. I was going to surprise him,” Rachel said, her tears once more finding their vigor. “I’m even on the pill… You know what, I’m glad this happened.”

“He clearly wasn’t worth it. What an asshole.”

“I can’t believe I thought I loved him. I’m an idiot, Chloe. I’m so stupid, how couldn’t I see this coming, how?”

“Are you kidding? You’re talented, smart, and sexy! Forget that asshole! You’ll find another date an infinity times better. You, Ryan, Mitchell, Andrea, and I will have a great time at the prom,” Chloe offered.

“I think I’ll just hang out at home on prom night,” Rachel said, fighting down more sobs.

“Alone?” Chloe paused. “But you’ve been planning that night for months. Besides, only loners skip out on prom.”

Rachel laughed. “That isn’t true. David’s not going to prom, and he’s not a loner. He played varsity football his freshman and sophomore years. He’s also more social than… Keith.”

“We both know David’s different. He saved his own money to volunteer in Africa for the last two summers. No one else does stuff like that. He’s working at the radio station on prom night, so it’s not like he’ll be alone,” Chloe added.

Sighing, Rachel said, “You don’t need to tell me he’s unique. I know. God, I was mean to him earlier. I should apologize, and he’s left me a bunch of messages asking if I’m okay,” she said. She ended the conversation with Chloe, sighed, rose and exited what now felt like a prison cell.

The school’s halls were still mostly empty, which would change in two hours when fans of the Southside Giants arrived to roar against Hayward High’s Eagles, in the end of year championship game.

Rachel grabbed her bag and threw it onto the front seat of her silver Acura TL. After driving past the wooded lots between Hayward High and the downtown core of Hayward Township, she parked outside the red-stone WAZG FM building and went inside.

She walked past reception and towards the broadcast studio where she sat watching David through the large glass window as he picked out songs. He soon saw her and headed her way.

He moved to an open seat beside Rachel. “I’m sorry about what happened, Rach. He’s an idiot. I’ll go on air right now and tell the entire county that Keith Harper has herpes, a tiny penis, or both. You tell me, and I’ll say it.” David spoke in his deep, soothing tone, calling Rachel by the nickname he’d first given her fifteen years ago.

“Chloe told you?”

“Right after you told her,” David admitted.

“She’s got a big mouth.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I just wanted to apologize. I treated you like crap earlier.”

“Forget that. How are you? I can get someone to cover for me so we can hang for a while.”

“I don’t need a shoulder to cry on. Go back to work, Mr. DJ. I’ll talk to you later.”

“You sure, Rach?”

“Yes,” she said, standing up.

After rising Rachel turned towards David. He knew what was coming and extended his arms as she fell into them.

Ignoring her insistence that he stay at the station, David left early that night and spent the rest of the evening in Rachel’s living room watching the black and white classics they both loved. Mr. and Mrs. Fisher had left for the basketball game wondering about Rachel not being at the game, but said nothing, and she refrained from telling them since both of her parents, especially Mr. Fisher, liked Keith.

David bolstered Rachel’s confidence as she rested her head on his shoulder while they watched “Citizen Kane.” Midway through the movie, Rachel’s doorbell rang. Chloe, with her short strawberry-blonde hair, wet from the drizzling rain, stood waiting outside the Fisher house.

All three friends spent the rest of the night sitting together chatting, laughing, and ignoring the breakup.

Rachel’s parents came home later that night with the sad news that Southside High had won the championship game. A shamefully joyous grin grew ever wider along Rachel’s face.

After Chloe and David left that Friday night Rachel felt more confident. She removed the non-returnable regal gold and white prom dress that was draped across her bed and hung it in her closet. Unable to sleep, she turned to Messenger looking for Andrea, Chloe, and Michelle, her best girlfriends.

Failing to find them, she saw David was online. She trusted him as much as any of her girlfriends, so she admitted to him she was thinking of fixing things with Keith, which David assured her would be the worst thing she could do. He reassured her that she wasn’t alone, typing a Charlie Brown quote to make his point.

“Are you upset, little friend? Have you been lying awake worrying? Well, don’t worry… I’m here. The flood waters will recede, the famine will end, the sun will shine tomorrow, and I will always be here to take care of you.”

Sudden goose bumps were followed by warming nostalgia. Rachel thanked David, turned Messenger off, and closed the lid on her laptop. She smiled, looking up at the Charlie Brown poster on her wall. “He always knows what to say, if only.” She thought out loud while finishing off the thought in her head. Her cheeks brightened up and her eyelids soon closed, her mind still thinking about David. “If only Keith was more like David.”

Rachel woke up Saturday morning tired and saddened, David’s words of encouragement forgotten.

Knowing Rachel, David woke up early and went to his parents’ garage. Taking down two kayaks from the overhead hangers, he packed them on the roof of his old, hard-earned Volvo and drove straight to Rachel’s house.

With no warning before arriving, he rang the doorbell. Bleary-eyed Rachel in a purple robe and pajamas opened the door to a grinning David, clad in a wetsuit. “Get dressed. We’re going to the lake.”


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do.”

“Ugh, DJ boy, don’t quote Mark Twain to me.”

“Then get dressed, actress girl.”

“You’re not going to stop, are you?”

David raised his eyebrows, smiling with an expression that said, “You know me.”

Rachel sighed. “I’ll change. Give me a minute,” she said, turning to go up to her room.

David made himself at home and headed to the kitchen to help himself to a bowl of Cheerios.

When Rachel walked in, David tried to look her in the eye and not at her tight-fitting wetsuit. Her full C-cup breasts, firm ass, and shapely body called to him, raising thoughts that challenged his lifelong loyalty. He poured her a bowl of Fruit Loops. In a matter of minutes, they finished and were off in David’s beat-up Volvo.

“I was thinking we could hang together on prom night—movies, pizza, and your favorite Blenheim ginger ale,” Rachel said.

“You’re not going?” David asked, surprised.

“Chloe wants me to find a date and go with her, Ryan, and everyone.”

“That’s a big move right after a break up, especially prom.”

“See, you understand.”

“I’m working Saturday, but you should come to the station. We’ll listen to music all night, and definitely bring the ginger ale.”

They were met by the freeing scent of the purifying pool as the Volvo came to a rolling stop beside the lake.

Getting out of the car into the bright sunlight, David and Rachel took the kayaks off the roof of the car and put them on the water and then paddled off together.

“Do you think Stacey Miller’s hot?” Rachel asked David.

Pursing his lips together he shrugged. “She’s not my type.”

“Platinum blonde hair and D-cups, not your thing… really?”

“This is about Stacey going out with Keith, so let’s not go down that road, Rach, okay.”

“It’s not about that asshole. I heard she asked you to the prom first, but you said no.”

“You’ve got to love rumors.”

“She’s the cheerleading captain; it was bound to get out… Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Yeah, Stacey asked me, but I like girls with substance and she has none. Let’s end it there, Rach.”

Rachel couldn’t hide her approving smile as she continued to press her luck. “But you didn’t tell me. We tell each other everything. I feel lied too, betrayed, back-stabbed and bamboozled. I don’t even know you anymore,” she joked with her acting in hyper drive.

David responded by using his double-sided paddle to splash fresh lake water at Rachel.

“You did not just do that!” Rachel exclaimed.

“Afraid to get your hair wet? Man up, Fisher!” David taunted. Laughing, he paddled off northward as Rachel pursued.

She soon caught up to him and drenched him in cold, clear water. They volleyed gallons of water at each other before kayaking for three hours. Sweating, splashing, and laughing, David accomplished what he had set out to do. Rachel was happy.

They pulled their kayaks up onto the grass and fell to the ground together, drained, but smiling.

“Thanks,” she said.

“This is what friends do,” David said as Rachel’s wet hair brushed against his face, inducing an embarrassing hard-on that he hid well.

Back in the car and driving through the older part of Hayward Township, Rachel looked out the window just as Hayward Mansion appeared. The aged stone manor was the premier banquet hall in town. She sighed thinking of the prom that was to be held behind its giant doors and the asshole who had rejected her.

David took notice and made a quick decision to drive to a local ice-cream shop. Once seated inside, he attempted to keep Rachel’s mind busy.

“How are preparations for the ‘Wizard of Oz’ going? You ready to perform on Thursday?”

“What? Oh—my play. It’s going fine. Rehearsals have been okay…I guess,” Rachel mumbled.

“Are you really going to let someone as insignificant as Keith Harper keep you down?”

“I’m not,” Rachel said, trying to sound firm.

“Good. Let’s go study the lines, and remind you of what you truly love.”

“I wrote it. I’m more than sure I know it.”

“Practice still makes perfect.”

“You’re a smartass, David Grace. You know that, right?”

“I’ve been told that, yes,” he said, laughing along with Rachel as they left the ice-cream shop and walked to the Volvo.

Back at Rachel’s house, David joined her family for supper and then spent the evening with Rachel in her room reading lines with her as she performed a perfect Dorothy.

Several hours later, David’s eyes glanced away from Rachel’s beauty and pitch-perfect delivery to a letter on her desk.

“I totally forgot you’re going all the way to the University of Southern California after the summer,” David lamented.

“Yeah, it’s weird, but exciting. For the first time in my life, I’ll be away from Hayward.”

They took a break from the lines and sat on Rachel’s bed. “I sure wish I was going to Los Angeles to study theatre,” David said.

“Hah, I envy you. While I have to wait until September to do what I love, you’ll be a CNN intern in Atlanta the whole summer, even before starting at Northwestern. Some CNN exec will notice you the first day, and Bernard Shaw will be jobless the next.” Rachel cleared her throat, deepening her voice to a commanding, mimicking pitch. “Hi, I’m David Grace and here’s the news.”

David burst out laughing. “Seriously, is that supposed to be me?”

“Who else?”

“First off, being generic is not honest.”

David attempted to make his deep voice squeaky to mock Rachel, but failed. Instead, he decided to tickle her senseless. She laughed uncontrollably, with David eventually landing atop her, his face an inch from hers.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry!” David said seconds later.

“It was an accident. It’s okay, David, calm down.”

David paused, thought, and then replied, “I’m a little tired. Plus you have a handle on the script.”

“We did do a lot today. Thanks.”

“I’ll probably see you tomorrow, Rach,” he lied, leaving the Fisher house.

The next day, Sunday, David locked himself in his room to study and write to distract himself from his newborn feelings for Rachel. But his emerging thoughts wouldn’t leave him be. That evening he devised a decision-making process, starting with a pros and cons list. However, all too soon after starting on it, he was called down for supper.

David’s parents and little sister were deep in conversation about the new pool to be built in the backyard. Philip Grace, David’s dad, soon noticed his son’s silence. “I can’t tell if you’re observing us or if you’re just somewhere else.”

“I’m just listening,” David lied.

“Huh!” Philip Grace admonished, giving David a sidelong glance that did nothing to disguise his now keen focus on his son.

“In a few weeks, I’m leaving for Atlanta, and then Northwestern a couple months later. It’s a big change,” David said, giving his dad a plausible excuse for his absent-minded mood.

“Do you have to brag?” asked Victoria, David’s sixteen-year-old sister.

“You’ll be fine. God, after all the documentaries you forced us into, you’d better be the next Walter Cronkite!” Philip said, joking affectionately.

“We had fun helping you, and we’ll always be just a call away. But you’ve always been independent. I’m sure you won’t need us,” Diane said.

“And, I’ll come visit you in Illinois and check out Northwestern,” Victoria added.

David laughed, looking for an excuse to escape the table. “Hah, no, you’re not.”

A half an hour later while David studied in his room, Ryan, David’s friend and Chloe’s boyfriend, knocked at David’s bedroom door. “Dude, stop jacking off,” Ryan said just before entering.

“My parents let you in?”

“No, Victoria did. Are we hitting the PlayStation or what?”

Sitting at his desk, David replied. “Yeah, I just need to put this final thought on paper.”

Minutes later, restlessness had Ryan rummaging around David’s room, and he eventually discovered the pros and cons list.

“Pros to asking Rach to Prom,” Ryan read aloud, followed by David’s standing up.

“Cons: it might ruin our friendship,” Ryan continued.

“Ryan, what the hell? Why are you going through my stuff?”

“Who the fuck is Rach?” Ryan asked.

David pulled the paper away and closed his bedroom door, looking straight at Ryan in silence.

Ryan’s eyes suddenly widened. “Rachel Fisher? The girl that’s like a sister to you?”

“Ryan, you’d better not tell Chloe!” David said, clenching his fist.

“Calm down, I won’t tell anyone.”

“That’s a lie! Both you and Chloe couldn’t keep a secret to save the world.”

“Are you going to tell Rachel?”

“No. Listen, it was purely theoretical.”


“I was just thinking on paper.”

Minutes of back and forth continued and Ryan almost convinced David to do it. “You’ll always wonder if you don’t.”

“I’m happy having her as a friend.”

“Then why write it?”

Denied his PlayStation time, Ryan left expeditiously. Before going to bed, David kept replaying Ryan’s words in his mind: “Then why write it?”

Monday morning arrived and David drove to school with Victoria as usual. He enjoyed her endless nagging for once as it stopped him from having to deal with the Rachel issue. It was only at the end of the school day that he’d had a chance to talk to Rachel when he ran into her in the emptying halls.

“I expected you to come over yesterday,” she admitted.

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“The parents kept me busy…” David said leaving his lips open as if to say more.

“What is it?”

He inhaled, clearing his throat. “Would you be open to going to prom if someone asked?”

“God, eight different guys I don’t even know asked me this morning, three from Keith’s team.”
“Wow,” David said as they walked to the parking lot.

“Do you know someone that has a crush on me? Is it someone I know?”

“I’m not saying.”

“Tell me, please?” Rachel begged, grabbing David’s forearm as they walked to his car.

“I have to get to the radio station. We’ll run lines tomorrow.”

“It’s not necessary. We have back-to-back rehearsals starting tonight, all the way to Wednesday. Did you get a ticket?”

“For both Thursday and Friday shows,” replied David, quickly moving to his car.

Arriving at work, he threw himself into the deafening music.

The distraction ended when Chloe suddenly appeared, tapping on the large glass window of the broadcast booth.

He exited, only to have her ask giddily and without preamble, “Are you really crushing on Rachel?”

“I’m going to kill Ryan. Tell me you didn’t tell Rachel.”

“You and Rachel would make the perfect couple!”


“Ask her to prom.” “What, as friends? Because I can’t lie to her like that, pretending my feelings are the same.”

“No, tell her how you feel and do it quick because Mitchell and Andrea gave up Rachel and Keith’s spot in the limo, so you’ll need to make prom plans.”

“Slow down, Chloe.”

“David, give me one good reason why you two can’t be together?” she said, her hands on her hips.

“I’m the guy she can trust. I don’t want to lose that. Plus, she’s vulnerable after Keith.” David paced, hands in his pockets, his head down. He stopped pacing and looked up. “My feelings will pass.”

“You’re acting like an idiot, David. After Keith, she needs you. Hell, you need each other.” With that, Chloe turned and left.

Returning home that Monday evening, David thought about Rachel the entire night—this time without a list. After deep reflection, he realized what he was doing. He was stupid to believe he could suppress what he now felt.

The next day, Tuesday, Rachel was so busy with school and the play that he didn’t see her. Every song he played that evening reminded him of her. It got to the point where thoughts of Rachel were constantly shooting around in his head.

After work, David headed to the florist, arriving just before it closed. He picked up a dozen purple orchids and then headed to the Fishers.

Outside the Fisher house, he sent Rachel a text and then headed for their backyard patio. Sitting on the patio steps under the lights, David waited patiently until Rachel walked out in her purple robe and pajama pants. She sat next to him, gently placing her hand on his shoulder.

“David, what’s up? I’ve been at rehearsal all night. I’m exhausted,” she said with a yawn. She spied the gift. “Are those for me? Did my admirer ask you to give them to me?”

“Rach, they’re from me!”

She smiled. “That explains my favorite flowers! But this play isn’t that big a deal.” Rachel saw the seriousness in David’s eyes and stopped talking. Her stomach tightened. “What’s going on?”

He took in a deep breath. “I like you…but not just as a friend anymore.”

“What are you saying?” Tightening her robe, she suddenly felt uncomfortable.

“I’ve always liked you. Now I’m in-like with you.”

Rachel stood. “Go home, David. Please, just go!”

She stormed off, leaving the bouquet behind. David sat on the patio longer than he should have before getting his wits together and doing as he was told. Later that night he called her, only to get her voicemail. He left a message explaining that his feelings had just developed over the last few days. Then, he asked her to the prom. With that done, he fell into a deep sleep.

Wednesday drifted by with David being ignored by Rachel, not only in class, but in the halls and the cafeteria. It ripped him to shreds, but he pulled through.

Walking to his car after school, Ryan came up to apologize. “David, I’m sorry, man.”

“I’m still pissed at you, but it’s not your fault.”

“She said no? I’m really sorry, I mean it,” Ryan said.

“Kind of,” David agreed.

“She’ll come around.”

Thursday night, David was the first to take a seat in the auditorium. He was soon joined by Rachel’s parents, Ryan, Chloe, and other mutual friends. The audience was in awe watching and listening to Rachel’s melodic voice. After each soliloquy ended, she received roaring applause.

This was probably the twentieth play David had seen Rachel in, and he had no doubt she had raw talent. The play ended with a final standing ovation. Rachel met her family and friends in the school lobby where she thanked Chloe, Ryan, and others. Then she sent her parents off. With an unreadable face, she asked David to drive her home.

“I got your message, but I think you simply got your wires crossed. You’re confused. We’ve been friends forever, and we’re going to be so far from each other for so long. The fear of losing your best friend, the stress of change and everything else got to you. I forgive you… We’ll always be friends, David,” she declared.

“Forgive me?”

“We can go back to being friends and just pretend this never happened,” Rachel said, and David accepted this, though not wanting to.

He dropped Rachel off and drove home and went to bed. Sleep made him feel better but he was still a little uneasy. Waking up Friday morning, David knew what he had to do. He drove his sister to school, went to class as usual, and talked casually with Rachel, acting as if all was well.

The night of the final show, David was the only one of Rachel’s groupies to show up. Her performance, the script she wrote—everything was brilliant as usual. Rachel eventually left the school with David and they walked out together to the parking lot. She appeared to have given David a new, blank slate.

Reaching her Acura, Rachel was about to open her driver’s side door when David blocked it. He pressed her against the closed door and leaned in, lowering his head slightly. His hungry fingers gripped her waist as he kissed her soft, tender lips. Her mouth eased open as their noses brushed.

A full thirty seconds passed before David stopped and walked away without a word, leaving Rachel frozen but craving more. Getting into his Volvo and driving away, he turned off his cell.

Rachel stood there panting before getting into her Acura and driving to Chloe’s house. They sat on her bed while Rachel recounted the event. Chloe was giddy and eager to hear more, and Rachel admitted she had loved every second.

“Oh my god, you need to let him know,” Chloe said.

“I can’t do that! He’s leaving in a few weeks and then I’m moving across the country. It won’t work.”

“You can’t say David isn’t worth the effort. He certainly thinks you’re worth it.” Rachel blushed as Chloe pressed on. “You two can hang out together at the radio station as your first date. It’ll be romantic!” Chloe giggled gleefully.

“At least someone is getting some joy out of this,” thought Rachel as she watched her friend’s self-congratulatory behavior.

That Saturday morning, most seniors were busy getting ready for prom. David still hadn’t turned his cell phone back on. He had the house to himself until the doorbell rang. David gulped when he saw Rachel.

“Hey, about last night—” David began to say to Rachel until she shut him up by pulling him in for a kiss.

Their lips receded and Rachel gave him a single purple orchid.

He smiled at her and she blushed as he asked, “Did you end up picking them back up after I left? I thought you were mad at me that night.”

“Yeah, I was mad. A whole lot was happening…at once. It was a bit overwhelming. But they are my favorites.”

“Yeah,” David said with a smile. “I know the feeling.”

“So, I figure most people are going to the prom tonight. Do you want to spend the day together? But you have your work.”

David’s chest overflowed with the intensity of his feelings. “Forget work,” he said, causing Rachel to laugh.

They went to his bedroom and sat watching old ‘Simpsons’ episodes and cuddled. Rachel felt at ease. She couldn’t remember feeling so relaxed and natural around a guy she liked before.

David turned to her. “You didn’t say yes or no to my prom invitation.”

“You’re joking, right?”

“Nope,” David retorted.

“It’s impossible. I ripped up my ticket and stuffed it in Keith’s locker.”

David laughed. “Yes or no? It’s just eleven right now.”

“Oh, just eleven. Hah, yes, of course. I’d love to attend prom, but we can’t get tickets now! Besides, we’d need a tux and a limo. I mean, we could use my car. I—”

David kissed Rachel, silencing her, their tongues twisting together. His hands roamed her waist to her soft, braless C-cups under her blouse.

Ten minutes passed before David retracted his tongue. “Go home and get ready. I’ll let the station know I won’t be in tonight, and I’ll fix everything else.”

“David, prom is at seven tonight—”

“Trust me. You know I thrive under pressure.”

Rachel beamed. “Are you sure?”

“Yes,” he reassured her.

Rachel’s heart pulsed like a drum. She rolled her body on top of David’s as she kissed him in a long, deep goodbye.

“Go,” he said, laughing. She giggled and hopped off the bed, skipping from the house to her car.

By noon, David had only accomplished one of the many things needed: readying the unused custom-fitted black tux he’d bought earlier that year for his uncle’s Valentine’s Day wedding. It would have been his uncle’s sixth marriage, except it had been canceled under suspicion of his infidelity.

By one, David had called everyone he knew. No one had spare tickets, not even members of the school staff. Rachel, still reluctant, called asking for an update, and he reassured her that he would handle everything. David decided to turn to his strengths.

At one-thirty, he rushed into the radio station and made an on-air plea. Ten minutes later, his cell phone was buzzing wildly, and by two, he’d picked up two pricey tickets.

By three o’clock, only two hours left before he needed to pick up Rachel, David had purchased what he’d needed at the mall and done everything else he thought he needed to do. Then he remembered the limo. He called everyone: Hayward Limo, Limos Central, and Ray’s Sensations on Wheels. Everything was booked.

A bulb went off in David’s head. He called the Regency Hotel, an advertising client of WAZG FM. After minutes of repeated negatives from the pompous manager, suddenly David made progress. With the offer of free advertising on WAZG, he had his limo.

“We can’t make a promise on the color. We have one black and one white. It depends on what our paying customers choose,” the French-sounding manager stated after David had put in a request for the white one.

Still, David felt like he had won the lottery. Everything had come together until he tried on the custom tux with its satin-peaked lapel and looked in the mirror. It fit snugly and looked great, but his hair was far from great.

His shaggy, medium-length hairstyle appeared wild and unkempt, and there was less than an hour to go before he was due at Rachel’s house. He raced to his Volvo and rushed back to the mall where he found the barbershop full. He then re-charted his path and made a beeline for a salon, in which he was seated in a chair in minutes with Katie, the cute hairdresser, handling his thick locks. She recommended a style to which David quickly agreed, attempting to rush things along.

“You’ve got a bold, sexy face, so a simple classic style with some gel will make you beyond hot,” she said.

David wondered if she simply had a flirty personality or if she was really flirting with him.

His ego massaged, he raced from the salon and out through the mall heading toward the exit. By accident, he knocked over a six-foot-something man whom he hadn’t noticed. The man fell into the mall’s fish pond, dropping a suit bag. David stopped to help the big fellow up only to discover it was Keith Harper, Rachel’s ex. Keith was fuming, the tux he’d just rented was scattered throughout the dirty pond.

“Dude, what the fuck? My tux! You did this on purpose!”

“Keith, I’m sorry man. I didn’t see you.” David tried but failed to hide his amusement.

“You did this for that bitch!” Keith spewed, followed by David’s quick fist slamming into his nose, cracking it. Blood streamed down Keith’s face as his large body fell. Onlookers stood by capturing video of Goliath being slain.

After calling the ambulance, and without another word or thought, David walked away from the downed body, his ego ever expanding as he left the mall. He pulled into his driveway. The limo wasn’t there yet and it was twenty-to-five. After a five-minute shower and a mad dash to dress, he hurried down the stairs and was almost out the door when his dad arrived home.

“Christ, look at you!” Philip said, his face beaming with pride at seeing his only son in a three-piece black tux, bow tie, and white pocket square. David carried a bouquet of roses and a plastic case in which was nestled a corsage.

“Bye, Dad, see you later,” David said, rushing out the door.

Philip blocked his son’s exit. “Wait. You’re going to the prom? I thought you were working tonight! Who are you going with?”

“Rachel,” David said, pausing in mid-flight, softening his tone as he stood in the doorway. He looked at his father.

Philip smiled knowingly, and the two stood on the landing smiling at each other for a few more moments before Mr. Grace awkwardly cleared his throat and looked solemnly at David. “Are you going to be safe?”

“I’m not going to be drinking, and we’re not driving.”

“I know. I saw the limo pull up and told the chauffeur I’d send you out in a few minutes.” Mr. Grace stalled, trying to think of how to broach his intended subject, but he didn’t need to.

“Wait. You mean sex. Dad, I have to go!”

His dad cleared his throat again as he reluctantly ventured deeper into The Talk. “Prom was my first time.”

“Wow, Dad, too much information. One, I’m not a virgin. Two, nothing’s going to happen tonight.”

“God, if your mother heard that first point of yours, she’d freak. David, do you have condoms?”

“Yes, I have condoms, Dad!”

“Good.” Mr. Grace let out the breath he was unaware he’d been holding, his anxiety relieved.

“Dad, I need to go.”

“Remember, your mother will kill you if you don’t bring back pictures. Okay?”

David finally headed out the door as his dad patted him on the back. David sighed in relief seeing the waxed white stretch limo.

The chauffeur opened the door, and David was getting into the limo when his sister passed by.

“Wow, you look good!” said Victoria.

“Thanks, Vicky.”

David sat down in the back of the long limo. The sound of progress hummed around David in the form of this moving chariot. His chiming watch informed him that it was just past five o’clock. Two minutes later, they pulled up at the Fisher house.

David exited the limo, opening the door before the chauffeur had time to leave his seat. He stood for a moment to collect himself and ran his hand over his chic, classic-cut short hair. It was a look he’d keep many moons later—without the gel.

Bouquet and corsage in hand, he marched to the door, but before he could knock, Rachel’s parents swung the door open. There stood Mr. Fisher, his arm draped around his wife. She smiled at David while her husband’s face was set for a fight.

‘He’s going to kill me!’ David thought to himself.

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. Fisher,” David said, stepping forward to greet the couple he knew so well.

“You’re late,” Mr. Fisher growled.

“Jonathan! Leave David be. We’ve known him his whole life! He’s just a few minutes late, and Rachel’s still upstairs,” Mrs. Fisher said, reprimanding her husband. “You look incredibly handsome, David. Especially your hair,” she added.

“He knows I’m kidding,” Jonathon Fisher said.

David handed the bouquet of roses to Mrs. Fisher. “These are for you.”

“Oh, they’re lovely! You didn’t have to,” she said, grinning with pleasure.

“What’d you get for me?” Mr. Fisher asked in a gruff voice.

David simply shook Mr. Fisher’s hand. Jonathan Fisher broke out in laughter as he accepted David’s handshake. They all stepped inside and Mrs. Fisher went to put her roses in water, returning with a camera.

After a day spent at Chloe’s house, the salon, and the manicurist, Rachel came down the stairs in her strapless gown looking like a goddess. Her hair was curled and styled with golden-brown highlights down to the ends where it rested along the shoulders of the gown’s gold and white bodice.

The bodice hugged Rachel’s waist, enhancing her breasts—much to her father’s displeasure. The pure white skirt streamed down from Rachel’s waist and flowed over her golden stiletto sandals.

David and Rachel took the words out of each other’s mouths. Seeing each other, David and Rachel simultaneously exclaimed, “Wow!”

The prom couple stood by the stairs for a few moments to let Rachel’s mom take pictures and reminisce. Mrs. Fisher shed tears as she recalled taking pictures of the pair in the very same spot on Rachel’s fifth birthday. She wiped more tears away as David placed a purple corsage around Rachel’s wrist.

“It doesn’t match her dress. It clashes with everything,” Mr. Fisher muttered in a half-whisper to his wife.

“It’s Rachel’s favorite color!” Mrs. Fisher reminded her husband as she glared, shocked that he didn’t know.

Rachel’s face shone like the sun as she pinned a purple boutonniere onto David’s lapel and looked up at him. They hadn’t coordinated colors, but they hadn’t needed to. She’d known that purple was David’s favorite as well.

The Fishers wished the pair well, with Mrs. Fisher generously providing them with a limitless curfew much to Mr. Fisher’s dismay. David held the front door open for Rachel as they left and Rachel almost cried in excitement upon seeing the limo. Mrs. Fisher waved enthusiastically after them, embarrassing her daughter as she walked to the white limo.

“She’s so happy,” Mrs. Fisher said to her husband.

He nodded, watching his daughter being escorted off, and reflected on how quickly time had passed by. He noticed the young couple’s fingers grazing each other’s until they united as one, walking toward the limo.

“This reminds me of our wedding day. Remember, honey-bean?” Mrs. Fisher’s use of their private nickname for him made Mr. Fisher uneasy.

From the Fisher’s house it was on to Chloe’s where David stood shooting the breeze with the guys while the girls gathered, giggling, and the parents reminisced. David’s eyes never left Rachel’s as she stood near and far posing for pictures with her girls. She answered his intense stares with a giddy school-girl smile.

They schmoozed with the group then left for the pre-prom restaurant meal. Just before seven, they headed back on the road in the limo again. Rachel’s fingers gripped David’s tighter and tighter as the limo neared the Hayward Mansion and the prom.

“I heard what you did,” Rachel said with a seductive grin.

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David looked at her, perplexed. “I heard he’s going to need surgery to repair his nose. I should apologize.”

Rachel felt overwhelming bliss brewing below her belly. She shushed David with a soft kiss before playfully nibbling on his lower lip. Fueled by a deep, endless hunger, David locked his lips to hers, their tongues slowly dancing along the other’s.

The open partition to the chauffeur was quickly sealed. Rachel pulled up her regal dress and lifted her legs to straddle David’s waist. The roar of the road was soon eclipsed by the sweet country strains of Shania Twain’s ‘From this Moment’ echoing through the speakers.

David peeled off her panties as she straddled his waist, then let his hands roam over her bodice. Rachel’s nimble fingers pulled down his zipper as he did the same to her dress.

While her dress dangled around her waist, David’s erection stood proudly at attention as he put a condom on. His finger made her flower quiver as it progressed past the initial resistance of her pussy muscles. A single finger turned into fingers as Rachel’s pussy loosened wetly, begging for more. Feeling her beckoning warmth, David’s cock grew harder with his fingers’ every forward motion.
Her legs moved down as his cockhead brushed her virgin lips. A tear streamed from her eye, and he licked it away, comforting her with soft whispers. He kissed her mouth tenderly. “You’re so incredibly beautiful, Rachel.” David continued whispering in her ear as his seven-inch cock pushed past her pussy’s initial resistance. His soothing presence seduced her pussy muscles into relaxing.

“This feels—” Rachel said.

“Like a dream,” David added before kissing Rachel again, his fingers running up her arm to her bare shoulder while his lips closed over hers.

“Yes … but right … it feels ‘right.'” Rachel moaned as her taut, but increasingly wet, virgin pussy gripped his cockhead. Moving downward, she slowly lowered herself from her straddling position atop David. Her mouth hung agape and her eyelids closed as her luscious pussy’s grip stretched, engulfing much of his cock. Her pussy rhythmically flexed over the lengthy tool over and over again ravenously diving to where her cheeks met his thighs. Her soft, full, fluid embrace made David’s cock twitch with a preparatory leak.

His lips brushed her neck and his tongue circled her ear. “Open your eyes,” he whispered after nibbling on her delicate ears.

Rachel’s eyelids widened, and she now gritted her teeth. David’s tongue entered her mouth to encourage the unclenching. He now offered her his hand to squeeze on instead. Her sopping wet pussy ventured further, sucking in more and more of his lengthy girth. “I love you so much, Rach.”

Her head tilted back and her lips parted. “Yes, ahhhh—I…”

**** July 1, 2013 Still traveling by limo—but no longer in Hayward—it was thirteen years later.

David’s lips arched and his eyes gleamed with ecstasy when Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years’ began to play over the limousine speakers. It sure seemed like a thousand years since that night at prom. That night Rachel won, “Greatest Smile” and David won “Most Likely to Visit Every Country on Earth.” He grinned as he looked up at the smiling woman above him. He had won much more than a title that night.

Rachel’s agile body swayed over David’s waist, her trimmed pussy exposed, and his now seven-and-a-half-inches of rigidity burned with desire for penetration. Rachel’s mind and body now possessed the sexual knowledge and understanding it had lacked years before. Her hot, slick pussy hovered over his hard cock, which was now dripping with pre-cum. Unable to control himself any longer, he raised her up off of her seat.

Luckily enough, the limo windows were heavily tinted and the partition access to their driver was firmly closed. David lowered Rachel onto the seat, tossing away his blazer as she removed her black Oscar de la Renta dress. He positioned himself between her legs, his cockhead pushing into her eager, wet pussy, thrusting his full length deeper and deeper.

“Urrghooomm,” Rachel murmured softly, adding, “I love you.”

“I love you too, Rach,” David said, followed by his lips locking onto hers while his hips smashed forward thrusting his cock into her shuddering snatch.

Their lips remained locked with his tongue twisted over hers and their mouths sucking fast. The faster she sucked, the quicker his long cock filled her clenching pussy. Suddenly, David pulled back, leaving her pussy with a yearning void, teasing her before driving in deeper and filling her again. His girth stretched her labia and vagina, brushing against her sensitive pink button. The quicker he moved, the further his cock shifted upward.

Wanting him deeper, Rachel raised her legs upward to straddle his shoulders. The sounds of juicy flesh colliding resonated in the cabin. Her contained moans and murmurs released in his throat as their tongues wrapped over each other’s. Saliva rolled down her chin. David’s fingers lightly kneaded her nipples, delicately massaging her perfect, soft breasts.

His cock pushed her over the edge as his tongue was dominated by hers. Suddenly, her head jerked back.

“Yes, David, yes!” she yelled. Rachel’s pussy quivered with an orgasmic eruption, which splashed her lover, spurring on his own blissful adoration.

The limo stopped just as they did, the roaring sound of thousands screaming seeped through the doors. They rushed to pull on their disheveled and discarded clothes. Rachel was a quick fix as she put on her black designer dress in seconds. She locked the doors amid the attempts to open them from the other side.

Rachel laughed softly as she watched her lover struggling to put on his pants. She laughed while helping him dry the wet spots she’d caused. Soon, he was ready. They exited the limo, stepping onto the long red carpet leading to the entrance of Los Angeles’ El Capitan Theatre. Flashing lights and screaming applause rang out like a thunderclap.

A gigantic sign stationed on the side of the theatre was boldly captioned, “Black Widow, Starring Academy Award-winner Rachel Grace,” and affixed with the Marvel comics logo just below the smaller print, “in theatres July 4th.”

A flamboyant, metrosexual guy screeched, “I love you, Rachel,” followed by screaming requests for autographs. Rachel spent half an hour signing hundreds of autographs, chatting, and smiling as David stood protectively close.

David’s peers lined the wide red path hoping for an interview with Rachel the star. “Once more into the breach,” David whispered into her ear as they ventured toward the press. She smiled a pearly white smile in response. David’s fingers entwined with hers, rubbing against her golden wedding band as they walked down the red carpet.

“Rachel! Rachel Grace, over here!”

A reporter called out, “are you worried the film might not make back its 250-million-dollar production cost?” Rachel squeezed David’s hand as they walked past that reporter.

“David, help out your station,” called out a reporter to the left whom David recognized. He held a microphone with the KNBC4 logo, the Los Angeles station where David had risen from co-news anchor to sole anchor. Still grasping her husband’s hand, Rachel ventured over to the reporter who stood behind the red rope line.

David stood tall beside his wife whose beauty had grown exponentially since prom. David himself had shot up to six foot two during those years while Rachel remained five foot five. His face had grown increasingly distinguished, which reinforced his voice in a pussy-wetting way. With his classic haircut and confident, sexy persona, he stood like a knight watching over his princess. After Rachel answered the reporters’ questions, one turned to David.

“The world became acquainted with your wife long ago in her first lead role in Disney’s ‘Princess Diaries.’ And you’re the most watched news anchor in California. Tell us something we don’t know about the two of you.”

David smiled at Rachel as he planned his response.


Three and a half months following the prom, Rachel headed to the University of Southern California, arriving in Los Angeles a week earlier than necessary. She had gotten a spur-of-the-moment audition, and beat out eight hundred other girls to land her first major studio leading role.

With her dwindling anonymity, she had contemplated dropping out at first. The trusted advice and comforting voice of her boyfriend, studying thousands of miles away himself, helped her stand resilient—balancing life, love, and schoolwork, and ultimately graduating from USC in 2004.

David went off to CNN in Atlanta for the summer internship making sure to call Rachel every day. At CNN, his confident decision-making ability during crises and his distinguished voice secured him a place as a CNN foreign correspondent upon his graduation from Northwestern in 2004.

In March 2006, David had been away for months in Iraq on assignment for CNN covering the trial of Saddam Hussein. Rachel, at the time, was at the Berlin International Film Festival preparing to premier her film, ‘V for Vendetta.’

Rachel tired of spending nights terrified for David’s safety. She broke up with him by phone on March 11th after weeks of arguing. David wouldn’t leave CNN for the safer, better-paying co-anchoring job at KNBC4 in Los Angeles that Rachel’s agent had secured for him. They’d had arguments before, but never like this.

After hearing her resolute voice telling him they were “over,” David spent seconds unable to breathe or think properly. Instantaneously coming to a decision, David left everything behind, quitting CNN on the spot and putting his male pride and ego in check. Using contacts he’d made with the U.S. military over his two years as a foreign correspondent, he talked his way onto a USAF transport airplane headed for Schönefeld Airport in Berlin.

Mr. Fisher never forgave David for marrying his Rachel in Berlin, denying him his right as a father to give her away.


Back in the present day, the Los Angeles premiere on July 1st produced immaculate reviews that helped calm Rachel’s nerves. A day later the couple were in New York City at NBC Studios. David sat backstage in Jimmy Fallon’s greenroom with Rachel’s publicist, Olivia, while Rachel prepared in the guest dressing room.

After a text from Rachel, David headed to her dressing room. “God, you look so fucking hot!” he said, seeing his wife’s long, wavy, dyed light golden-brown hair resting atop her blue Stella McCartney mini dress.

“Thanks for missing work this week for me,” she said to him with seductive blue eyes.

“I’d do it again in a heartbeat.”

“Would you now?” she asked, her lips pouting.

“Without a doubt.”

“God, you’re sexy,” she said, walking over to the door and locking it.

“Am I?”

“′Without a doubt,′” Rachel said, beaming, as she slipped a hand to his waist. She snapped open his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear and took out his semi-erect cock in swift movements.

Rachel dropped to her knees, tied up her hair, and smiled up at David before motioning him forward. Her eager, full, pink lips widened around his cockhead while her fingers clasped his ass cheeks, squeezing his buns. She pulled his body forward suddenly, causing his cock to thrust along her slippery tongue toward her throat. Her hot mouth swallowed his length before her lips sealed around his rock-solid cock. Her cradling lips moved along his length seductively slow while her hot, watery tongue bathed his cock and enticed his cockhead.

With just his cockhead between her lips, Rachel hummed her throat, inducing a blissful shiver inside her lover. Her twinkling blue eyes stared up at him watching the lustful expressions on his face.

Moving her head up and down and around his cock, she sped up her pace, working her mouth rapidly along David’s lengthy shaft for minutes on end while her eager tongue coaxed his slick, salty head. “Rach, Christ, that’s so good, baby. Yeah, don’t stop. I’m so—God!” he yelled.

She licked his cock more intently now, covering him with her saliva once more before sealing her bobbing, sucking lips around him.

“Rach, baby, suck my balls….” With just a blue-eyed wink, Rachel moved her head downward. Covering her teeth with her lips, her mouth took a large, hairy ball sac inside, suctioning with light, wet licking.

Her hands quickly relieved his painful rigidity, moving faster and faster along his saliva-coated shaft. Her tongue moved in-between the sensitive line of the ball sac before rotating from one ball to the other.

“Ohh!” he moaned as she pulled back completely and stood up.

Wondering why Rachel would take him so far just to tease him, David’s eyes widened.

“Fuck me!” she directed.

“On the counter,” he insisted with haste.

She pulled down her panties and David lifted her up onto the counter, positioning his cock at her soaking entrance.

Her legs wrapped around him as he moved his hips and thrust his aching cock deep into her dripping pussy. Rachel’s hands ran through David’s hair as her body shuddered. His hips quickened, rocking her body to the point where her suede purple peep-toe heels fell to the floor one at a time. Her grip on him tightened, and then loosened, as he slammed into her unrelentingly. Her pussy shuddered in jubilation while her legs flailed about.

“Yes, fill my cunt with your baby juice,” she yelled, and David suddenly remembered they were trying for their first. David’s cock erupted and she knew what was coming.

“Yes, baby, give it all to me, yes,” Rachel moaned into his ear, clinching her legs around him. Her legs and arms gripped his body and her pussy squeezed his cock, milking him. She felt his whole body spasm as his cock erupted into her pussy.

Right then, there was a knock at the door. “Ten minutes to six-ten,” a producer said.

Rachel kissed David on his lips, sucking on his lower lip. Her hands rubbed his strong chest as she looked into his reassuring, gray eyes as they embraced each other, cuddling.

Another knock came to the door. “Five minutes to six-ten” the producer declared.

“OK,” Rachel replied, her eyes returning to David.

David and Rachel walked out of the room and parted ways as Rachel walked towards the stage set.

“Meet me in the dressing room right afterwards and you can fuck me in a way that can’t create a baby,” she said, wiggling her ass as she walked off.

Walking through NBC, David was unable to find the greenroom. ‘Did I switch floors?’ he asked himself as the halls looked increasingly desolate.

He looked at his watch. It was 6:15. He decided not to worry as the talk show, unlike the news, was not actually taped live.

Minutes later a distraught older woman ran past David. She then stopped, turned, walked back in front of David, and gave him a once-over. “I know you. Why do I know you?” she asked rapidly.

A light bulb went off in David’s head. “You’re Charlotte West, President of NBC news. Nice to meet you. I’m David Grace—”

As David said that a Cheshire cat grin came over her face, and she answered her own question. “Christ, your voice! I remember you now. You brought our LA station from number three to number one. Follow me, now!”

David arched his eyebrows, “Why? What’s going on?”

“Run with me!” she yelled, looking at her watch as she broke out into a run. “No time to explain.”

“What the hell is going on?” David pressed as he ran with her.

“Brian Williams is sick. You’re going national in seven minutes.”

“What about your substitute, Lester Holt?”

“We had our annual pre-Fourth of July lunch. Everyone was there… .” She paused, taking a breath as they reached the big, glass doors with the large news studio behind it. Only nine people, including researchers, were inside. “Ninety-five percent of our news division got food poisoning. No Lester Holt, not for days, and I’m your producer.”

As David walked into the room, the small crew applauded. “Makeup!” someone yelled. “Makeup, now!”

“Get him a new tie,” someone else said.

“Two minutes,” yet another voice yelled.

Throughout the yelling, all David noticed was the prompter and the camera. His heart steadied. He was in his zone. A minute later, David was wearing a new tie, a microphone, and an earpiece. Sitting at the sprawling digital news desk, he began to red ink the notes in front of him.

“Can you hear me? Charlotte asked.

“Yes,” David said. She gave him a thumbs up from the other end of the room.

“Just read the prompter word-for-word,” Charlotte said. But David didn’t say a word or nod.

“Just read the prompter,” she said again, but David ignored her as the camera light came on and he was counted down.

Viewers were now seeing the automated message introducing “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams,” after which, David was expected to say his name and make a generic comment and continue.

Sitting in a manner that reflected formality, dignity, and sincerity, David addressed the nation. “For NBC Nightly News, I’m David Grace.”

Charlotte smiled as David continued. “Moments ago, I was walking through NBC Studios when I was informed Brian Williams would be out sick for the day, and that’s why I’m filling in this evening.” Charlotte’s smile dissipated. “On the broadcast tonight,” he said, and with that, he was on script, blazing forward and reading the teleprompter with a poised, confident depth and presence that reassured viewers.

When the first break came, Charlotte stormed toward him. “What the hell was that in the beginning?”

“Honesty. We can’t deliver an honest newscast without being honest about ourselves.”

“Just stick to the damn prompter,” she said, but David physically ignored her. The break soon ended and she couldn’t do anything.

David stuck with the prompter all the way, except for the ending. “I’m David Grace, saying that’s the truth about our world, goodnight!”

David got up and walked out of the studio, ignoring an unimpressed Charlotte, while everyone else clapped. In the hall, David spotted Rachel talking to the CEO of NBC Universal. David approached him and shook his hand.

“Great broadcast, David. I was just telling your wife about my offer.” Rachel took David’s hand in hers.

“What offer is that?” asked David.

“A certain person will be leaving us for another network shortly. I’m ready to offer you four times what you’re getting at KNBC to host ‘The Today Show.’ Just promise me you’ll stay away from our catered events,” the CEO said, smiling.

“I get three million at KNBC,” David said, but the CEO didn’t even flinch. Rachel squeezed David’s hand softly, at which point David turned to the CEO and accepted.

David and Rachel escaped NBC hours later after David had done a few more broadcasts. The couple jumped hand in hand into a chauffeured Escalade, the sounds of the road and the busy engine indicating progress.

“I’ll visit you in LA every weekend,” David started.

Rachel smiled. “New York isn’t a bad place to raise a family, and we’ll make it work here.”

Rachel rested her head on David’s chest while he moved a hand to softly brush her hair. Moving his other hand to her stomach, below which her life-creating womb was in full development. Their lips whispered mutual reassurances to each other as they sat firmly united, ready and waiting for the next big change to come.


Thank you and goodbye.

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