Charlie's Way

If there was one thing you could say about Charlie, it was she loved doing things her way.

My name is Al, and I guess you could call me Charlie’s boyfriend…although we’ve never actually been on what you’d call a “real” date. Charlie and I had been dating for the last three years, and I can’t remember one instance when we were on a real “date.”

Charlie and I would spend a lot of time together, sure, but with her, it always seemed like we were best buddies rather than boyfriend and girlfriend.

I guess that’s just the road some high school couples take when they decide to become significant others.

Although you don’t really date in high school (at least at mine anyway), you just hook-up and then decide if the person you hooked-up with is interesting enough to entertain yourself with in-between make-out sessions. I always remember me and Charlie being surrounded by our close-knit friends during high school; never really being completely alone whenever we got together, and when we were completely alone, we could never really manage to get along well enough to play the bases…so to speak.

Anyway, to say that Charlie and I had a turbulent relationship was an understatement.

For reasons I could never really put my finger on, Charlie was always a little uncomfortable when we were alone…rarely letting me get more than a few make-out sessions in every few days, and almost no foreplay in-between…and as far as sex goes…sex was out of the question. Sure, I’d get a satisfying blowjob that seemed to make up for the lack of sex…but I always happened to have that one monkey on my back as far as the physical part of our relationship was concerned.

Now, a few kisses and blowjobs here and there might be all well and good for some teenagers, hell, I had it better than most of my other guy friends…but Charlie and I had been together longer than any of the other couples at our high school, and the fact was, I was a little “unhappy” with my situation…

“When I’m ready I’ll let you know…”

That was her answer to my repeated attempts to penetrate the chastity of her locked-down pussy lips.

My problem seemed to lie in the fact that Charlie had a lot of control in our relationship. She and I had been virgins all through high school…(at the behest of her social standings)…but now that I had graduated I was getting a little impatient with Charlie’s constant excuses.

What I couldn’t really understand was how Charlie always appeared willing to take our relationship to the next level…(after night after night of slobbery blowjobs and gratuitous dry humping she seemed willing to do anything)…but something always appeared to stop her from going all the way.

So the burning question remains: “Why didn’t I dump her?”

Well, Charlie, in spite of her sexual shortcomings was my closest friend. Even with me being a year older than she was, we’d been friends since middle school and we’d always been there for each other through thick and thin. To dump her would be like saying goodbye to a close family member…or a sister even (better than my own one anyway).

Charlie also happened to be one of the most beautiful girls I had ever known. She was 5′ 6″, had shoulder-length sandy blond hair, dark green catlike eyes, and a flawless tan complexion that could be associated with beach-crazy California surfers. Her breasts were fairly large, but in a subtle way, like they could be tucked away under a thick sweater and kept hidden from all the gawking low lives that’d stare at her when we’d go on walks around town. It drove me crazy every time she’d wear something revealing and low-cut, showcasing goods that weren’t for sale, (of course she could make all the jealousy melt away with a well-executed afternoon of groping and fondling, followed by a spectacular BJ that would starve off the sexual beast I had residing inside for the time being).

Charlie was also one of the most physically active girls at our school…and boy, did she look it! If there was a sport a girl could do, chances are Charlie wanted to be a part of it. Softball, soccer, field hockey, volleyball, swimming…the list was a very tall order. It made me little jealous some nights…knowing my girlfriend would rather beat around regulation-sized sports balls than suck on and play with mine. However, the end result of all that activity happened to be very pleasing, both visually and bodily.

As I said, she was tan all over, tight as a drum, legs to kill for, had an ass as full and pert as a model’s, and what some would say her finest feature: six-pack abs (which she always did her best to show off…).

Having a girlfriend that was as drop-dead gorgeous and fun to be around all seemed like pluses in my book, but the lack of sex always bugged me, even with the somewhat gratuitous supply of blowjobs provided by hers truly.

Another good reason for keeping Charlie around as long as I have: She happened to be a master of blowjobs. I could never really understand Charlie’s way when it came to being intimate; some times she’d be more willing to give me head than to kiss or fuck me. I guess she assumed it was the quickest way to get me off without me getting on top of her, I suppose that makes sense, to Charlie at least.

Charlie was so good at giving head, she even had a stud put in her tongue so she could get me off even quicker than before. It worked well, seeing as Charlie quite possibly had the longest tongue in the history of tongues, (think Gene Simmons crossed with a bulldog, how she managed to hide all of it behind her pouty lips was a mystery to me).

Charlie didn’t just give blowjobs out of convenience; she genuinely enjoyed sucking me off. Almost all the time, Charlie would get bored doing everyday things, like hanging out with our friends, playing sports, when we were on a “date,” or doing something “unfulfilling” according to Charlie. When she was horny, she’d call me up or grab me by the collar and throw me into the nearest secluded space, and suck me dry until my balls felt like shriveled raisins. Sometimes she’d take all 8 inches of my cock into her mouth and suck down all my juices after I’d cum, letting my semen swim through her mouth in a beautiful display of erotic cum-swapping.

Of course, after she’d preformed one of these expert blowjobs, I always wanted to return the favor, anything to get closer to her sweet cunt. But what I never understood about Charlie, was, she never seemed to want the head I’d give her. Sure, when I could give to her I did, but most times she’d just swallow my cum and leave the room; sometimes she’d just get in her car and drive home after sucking me off, not wanting to cuddle or bask in the sexual release like most girls her age, fearing, I guess, that it would lead to something more…

But it was always:

“I’m sorry, but, I’ve got to go…classes…dance…big game tomorrow…”

If she’d spent, as much time fucking and less doing school activities, there’s no telling how much pussy my cock would have seen…

Charlie always seemed to have some thing planned to keep me and my member home on lazy nights. But that was one of those things about Charlie…she was full of secrets.

I always wondered why she’d leave in such a hurry, luckily, I finally found out a short while ago.

Now, near the middle of her senior year, (she had just turned nineteen), I remember we were fooling around in my bedroom, and I came too early and shot my load all over her face and chest; getting it all over her tank top and tits. Now when I cum, I cum a lot, and it’s almost as if gallons of semen are shooting out of me (sometimes I’d wonder how she could swallow so much so quickly). But Charlie wasn’t mad about it or anything, she just got up from the floor, walked over to my bathroom, shut the door closed behind her and told me not to disturb her.

Now being as horny and curious as I was there was no way I was going to let my tan-and-tight fox of a girlfriend escape my eyes after such a sexy display of grade-A head giving. So, about a minute later, I crept up from my bed, in a blowjob-induced euphoria, and peeked through a small crack in the door…only to see my girlfriend trying her best to lick as much of my cum off her face as she could!

I could see her in my bathroom mirror, and it like she was trying to eat up all of my cum, like it was the best thing she ever tasted and she couldn’t get enough of it. The look on her face was orgasm inducing; she was moaning softly, and her eyes were rolling in the back of her head.

It was like she was getting high off on my juices!

On top of all of that she had peeled off that second skin she referred to as jeans and had preceded to finger-fuck her tight cunt with her free hand; the other was in her mouth, savoring the taste of my cum, using that huge cock-loving studded tongue of hers to clean the sperm out of the spaces between her fingers, (hearing her moan so passionately was unbearable).

Needless to say, I was horny as fuck and was already getting hard once more, so I threw caution to the wind and quickly tip toed into the bathroom…

I had recently moved out of my parent’s house and had rented a place of own (Charlie had started spending the night, but we’d only shared the bed a few times and I hadn’t tried anything too drastic that would scare her off, unfortunately), so there was little chance of us being interrupted or caught.

It was the middle of the night (Charlie had neglected to turn the light on rather than risk damage to her sensitive retinas), so I felt she wouldn’t see me sneaking up behind her.

Besides, she was too busy enjoying the sweet taste of my sweet cum to notice anything outside her own little satisfying world. It wasn’t until I was less than a foot away from Charlie that I felt like just taking her right then and there, consequences be damned…bending her over my bathroom’s sink and fucking her senseless until she begged me to stop…


A moan had escaped her mouth as she continued to eat my cum like it was the frosting on a cake. The moonlight from the bathroom window was shining on her semen-soaked breasts…

Watching her slowly fuck herself and eating MY cum, enjoying the hell out of it, and leaving me hot and heavy in the next room, cock primed and ready to go. It made me so angry to find out that this was how she’d managed to remain a virgin, substituting her fingers for a cock and her mouth for a pussy. I was less than 3 inches away from her and could feel the heat radiating off of her tight body…


The girl was ready to explode like a volcano.

She apparently hadn’t noticed me tip toeing into the room because she continued to lick her fingers like there was no tomorrow. She wiped a big gob of cum off of her breasts, and brang it up towards her cum-covered lips, using her huge tongue to taste ever sperm I had shot on her tits…all the while, she continued to finger-fuck herself like her hand was a jackhammer…


She was in total ecstasy…I decided it was time to make my move…

Slowly, I moved both my hands towards Charlie; trying to hold her in place but at the same time trying not to spook her…I could smell her pussy…she must have been so wet…

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She had wiped another gob of cum off of her left breast and started to place it on her tongue…another moan escaped her mouth…


Simultaneously, I moved my left hand past her six-pack and towards the waistband of her panties, and my right up towards her cum coved breasts…

In one motion, I grabbed her sweet tits and made a move for her wet pussy; embracing her from behind with my newly rejuvenated erection; the head of my cock was digging into her panty-clad ass…

At first she didn’t move, she was still in ecstasy from the taste of my cum, but the second she went to finger her wet pussy, she opened her eyes to see me holding her breasts, fingering her pussy and kissing her neck…my cock pressing into her back…

Out of all the reactions I was expecting, I wasn’t expecting her to push me away, turn around and stare at me with her big, catlike eyes…scared of me.

“What are you doing…?”

I was so horny I didn’t stop rubbing my hand across her wet, slippery, cunt…trying my best to tease her…

“What do you mean, Charlie? I thought you wanted to take things to the next level.”

I moved closer towards her. She was leaning on the rim of my bathroom sink; breathing heavily; her abs and pussy were illuminated by the moonlight from the bathroom window…the light glimmed off of her juice-soaked panties…


I stopped to look at Charlie’s eyes…they were filled with unfamiliar doubt.

“What’s wrong, Charlie?”


Charlie got up from the sink, wrapped her arms around my neck, pulled me close and whispered in my ear…

“Al…I think I might be gay…”

It was like being slapped with a brick. I stood there with my erection at full attention, eyes now locked with Charlie’s…now the shock was all mine.

“Gay??? What makes you think you’re gay???”

I was in complete disbelief, I’d known Charlie for years…she couldn’t be gay…

“I don’t know, Al…It’s been something that’s been on my mind for a really long time. I don’t know why I think I’m gay…I just don’t know whether or not I want to sleep with you.”

“Charlie…I love you.”

“I love you too, Al. I don’t know what’s wrong with me…I just can’t think of a reason why I don’t want you closer to me…”

A million thoughts were going through my mind…what was she saying? Charlie was my best friend…but she was also my girlfriend…how could she think she was gay…?

I tried to think straight, (although it’s really hard to think straight when your girlfriend says she’s gay and you’re sitting there with an 8 inch erection that desperately needs tending to) and figure out how to solve this situation. I looked up and saw that Charlie was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, crying. I instantly came to her.

“What’s wrong…?” I asked.

She replied between sobs.

“Oooooh…*sob*…it’s jjj-just all fff-fucked up…*sniff*…I s-sorry, I love you, Al…but I don’t know what’s wrong w-with me.”

“Well,” I said, “Let’s just try and understand some things…why do you think you’re gay?”

“Oh…*sob*…I don’t know…m-maybe because I’ve been wanting to f-fuck your little sister with a strap-on for the p-past year now…”

That last remark came with no-holds-barred. We were staring each other in the eyes right now; hers were big and saucer-like, mine I guessed were still full of shock. That moment I saw that she wasn’t just crying…she was looking for some sort of understanding in my shock filled eyes. I replied with the only answer that came to mind.


“T-That’s right…*sniff*…y-your sister…I’ve been w-wanting to f-fuck her for over a y-year…I w-watch her play s-soccer and m-masturbate to her in the l-locker room w-when she s-showers…I w-want t-t-t-to take the strap-on I keep in m-my purse…and… fuck her l-l-little b-brains out!”

I was trying to collect my thoughts in a rational fashion at this point; trying to reassess in my mind what had made my girlfriend so cunt-crazy for my own little Alyssa…

I guess calling the now 18-year-old Alyssa “little” was a bit of a bad habit I had developed over the years.

Alyssa was small sure, (5″ 0′, short brown hair, blue eyes, almost as tan and active as Charlie was…) but she hadn’t been “little” in years…Alyssa was the same age as Charlie, but they’d never really been what I’d consider “close” during high school.

Come to think of it…my sister hated Charlie.

I remember the second she’d come home from school some weekdays and Charlie would be over to hang out and fool around. Alyssa would come waltzing through the house at the top of her lungs:


My sister. I’m supposed to love her…but as far as social standings were concerned, she’s kind of a slut (sometimes I get jealous of how much more action she got than me during high school).

Anyway, whenever Charlie was around Alyssa she’d get really livid and talk about how I should have been an only child, and how the world would be done a favor if they’d set a limit on how tall you had to be to be more of a bitch.

So you can imagine how strange it felt to hear my lifelong girlfriend say that the most important thing she wanted to do right now, horny and covered in cum, was to fuck the brains out of my little kid sister.

At first I thought she just confused “fuck” with “strangle,” (but strangling my sister with a strap-on hardly seems different than fucking her with it).

But coming back down to reality, my girlfriend and sister weren’t what you call bosom buddies (through now it seemed like they just might become ones, so to speak…) and now I was deeply determined to figure out why Charlie would want to fuck her over me.

Charlie sobbed a little more and tried to wipe away her tears with a roll of toilet paper…

She seemed to be getting stronger now; her face, (which had a one point during the night been fucking plastered with my semen) was now filled with tears that she was trying to wipe away.

“Don’t worry…*sniff*…I’ll be o-out of h-here in a second…*sniff*…”

God, she was beautiful…even when she was covered in cum and tears…she was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I wasn’t going to give up on her so easily. I started questioning her again.

“Wait…if you have been wanting to fuck my sister…fuck Alyssa…then, why have you stayed with me?”

“Because…” She sniffed.

“Because what?”

There had to be a good reason.


I was losing my temper.

“Because WHAT?”


With that outburst it’s a wonder we didn’t get the cops called on us. Charlie was close to losing it, and I had to put me hand on her mouth to stop her from screaming. Once she settled down I started to drill her again. I had to keep my cool…

“Shhhhhhhhhh! Keep it down! I don’t understand, Charlie…how can you think you’re gay and still like the taste of my cum? Charlie…?”

My hand had still been on her mouth, so I expected a muffled answer, but instead I felt Charlie’s tongue doing it’s best to lick through the cracks in my fingers in search of semen (I’d been jacking it a little in my lead up to Charlie and my dick was candy-coated in the stuff, almost like a giant cum-covered Tootsie Pop).


I took my hand off of her eager mouth; she licked her lips and slowly started moving towards my aching cock…

“Please…let me TASTE it…there’s SOOOOO much…”

At that point, I guess I didn’t really fully realize the situation Charlie and I were now in. Here we were, both horny as hell, half-naked (in my case completely naked), covered in semen and talking about why my girlfriend wanted to fuck my little sister. If I hadn’t been so freaked out, I probably would have cum right there and Charlie would have lapped it all up like a dog. She was such a cum-slut.

But if I wanted to get to the bottom of things…I’d have to deal with the blue balls for the time being.

Charlie was less than an inch away from my cock; I could feel her breath on my throbbing member. I reluctantly placed my hand on Charlie’s chin and drew her head towards mind She came out of her trace and stared at me.

“PLEASE…Al…I want it…”

“But not in your pussy.”

That did the trick. The second I mentioned “pussy” she moved away and walked over to the sink rubbing her arms together like she was freezing to death. I moved towards her and started hugging her from behind, my cock pushing up against her soaked panties, bunching them up into her crack.
“Talk to me, Charlie.”

“What’s to talk about…?”

“Why you’re so scared of my cock”

Charlie wiped a few tears out of her eyes.

“*sob* I’m not…scared…I want it…”

“Want what…?”

“A cock.”

“But there’s one right here.”

“I know…”

She turned around to face me again, grabbing my dick and stroking it. Hard.

“…And I WANT it.”

It was then that I realized something…the sports…my sister…the love of cum…that glorious six-pack…Charlie wasn’t gay…she just wanted a cock.

I don’t know why I never thought of it before. Charlie, despite her large breasts and femininely fit figure, was never what you’d call a girly-girl.

Thinking back on it now I don’t really remember her wearing very many skirts or dresses even when she could show off her dynamite ass and shapely legs in an easier way. It was always either jeans or shorts and tops that would show off her ripped physique (I knew she was showboating!). Even when she’d wear a bikini she’d wear shorts in place of bottoms; sneakers instead of heels. I’d always thought she was just trying to not follow the fold and develop her own kind of style that was Charlie’s way.

Even throughout middle school I remember her having a fashionably short haircut that, with her soft features, easily made her look like one of my guy friends. Come to think of it, before puberty hit and she sprouted her beautiful tits, I’d always considered her to BE one of the guys. Charlie was also the only girl my parents would let spend the night at our house every time I’d have a sleep over (though she had to sleep with by sister, which she always said she hated, but I now I wonder…).

“Al…Al! Wake up!”


I had collapsed on the floor from the shock of my girlfriend’s repeated bombshells…I looked up and saw that my cock had turned a deep shade of violet; it hurt SOOO much…

“Al…I’m sorry I’m putting you through all this…these are my problems and I should try and solve them by myself…I’m going to drive home…you don’t have to call.”

Unbeknownst to me, Charlie had gathered her purse and her jeans and was proceeding to walk out of the bathroom and out of my life forever…I had to stop her.


She was standing over me in a dominant fashion, and I was staring straight up at her pussy-soaked panties…my God, they were transparent by now and I could see all the folds of her cunt lips.

“Al, you can’t help me…no one can…just…just, leave me alone!”

“Charlie, WAIT!”

I reached up and grabbed her behind the thighs, holding her in place; I was staring face-to-face with her soaked lips, I looked up at her once more. She looked down at me in a tear-stained rage…

“Damn it, Al!!! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!”

And then she hit me.

She hit me hard in the head with her purse and I was slammed into the bathroom door. It hurt but not as much as my balls did (and that was my main concern right now).

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“OH MY GOD, AL!!! I’m so sorry…”

“It’s alright I jus…”

But before I could say anything, Charlie was on top of me, kissing me everywhere she could while I graciously conceded to her demands…

“Oh…Goooood, Charlie…” I said as she stuck her stud into my ear and started biting my lobes (Good god, her tongue was talented) “…that feels sooo good…”

“I’m so sorry, Al…let me make it up to you.”

After about a minute she’d found my lips and we were kissing passionately. Charlie was an amazing kisser, (what else do you do when you can’t fuck?) and she was just about mouth-raping me with her mammoth tongue…plunging my throat deeply with her iron-studded monster…she kissed me like she hadn’t kissed me in years. I grabbed the back of her head, forcing more of tongue inside of me, while she held onto me for dear life, not wanting to let go and holding me closer and closer until we were both wrapped around each other sprawled out on the bathroom floor in a love-crazed frenzy. I moved my hands towards the bottom of her tank top and almost ripped it off of her tight chest…freeing her soft tits from their cum-stained prison.

Without breaking our passionate, multi-tongued, lip lock, I moved Charlie up onto my lap while she straddled my cunt-hungry cock with her cum-starved pussy, and I started groping and fondling her breasts roughly; pinching and caressing her rock-hard nipples …all while Charlie dry-humped my penis with her wet and stained panty-clad cunt…we stayed like this for what seemed like eternity, then Charlie, out of breath and coming up for air, broke our kiss.

“Oh my God!!! AL!!! Al, let me taste your cum…Let me suck you cock…”

By now I was so horny I didn’t care if I didn’t get any pussy that night or any other night…I just wanted to fuck my beautiful girlfriend anyway I could! So, I made my way to stand up and let Charlie suck me dry, but she just pushed me down and made her move straddling my face with her cunt…(Man! Was she strong!)

“I don’t see why I should have all the fun…” she smirked at me before she went to work on my now deep purple member, licking it’s entire length before wrapping her lips around it’s healthy girth; bobbing up and down like a whore as she sucked as much cum as she could off of my slippery wet cock…

Meanwhile, I was face to face yet again with the most delicious looking pussy in the history of cunts…

Her pussy throbbed with anticipation as I removed her ruined panties and plunged my own tongue into her own neither regions, tasting a pussy that had never felt the sting that my purple monster would provide only too knowingly.


Charlie moaned helplessly while she deep-throated my hungry dick; taking it all the way to the back of her throat while still being able to run her tongue-stud across my pee-hole. There was so much saliva and cum in Charlie’s mouth, I could have very well have been fucking her pussy and not even known it!

I was doing my best to get as much of my entire tongue into Charlie’s vagina as I could; I was even pinching her nipples until I was sure they were about to rip off!

“Oooooooh! Ooooooooh! OOOOOOH!!!”

I was so close to coming. Charlie was downing all my juice like my cock was a gardening hose and it was a hot summer day! She was even squeezing my balls trying to coax more semen out to satisfy her unrelenting need for more cum.

Charlie was so good at blowjobs that she made me ashamed that I wasn’t better at cunnilingus. I wanted desperately to fuck her cunt with as much enthusiasm as she was giving me head, so I took both of my hands and started fingering her pussy with as many fingers as I could. But her cunt was insatiable; she’d gotten so wet and open from all our “foreplay” that she could fit just about anything inside of her. I wanted to fuck her so badly…


Charlie was almost finished sucking me dry, and going to town on my cock like it was an all you could eat smorgasbord; I could feel its head hitting the back of her throat while she kneaded both of my balls like they were dough, getting all the semen she could out of me. I was making her really wet, but I was nowhere near to making her cum, and my tongue and fingers weren’t as skilled as hers were…

I sucked her clit hard and tried my best to keep from blowing all my load into her mouth too early. There had to be a way to stick my impatient member into her sweet awaiting cunt quickly; I wouldn’t get another shot after tonight…

Then I stared off to my side…and saw to my amazement, sticking out Charlie’s purse, a tan, 8 inch, strap-on dildo…

At first I thought about using it to fuck her, (but then we’re just back to square one, aren’t we?) then I thought, if I could somehow flip Charlie around and shove the dildo down her throat, it would keep her eager mouth busy while I was free to invade her radiating vagina…I could work…I mean, Charlie was so hot and heavy from deep-throating my own cock, I doubt she’d care if I replaced with her own practice dick…

But whatever I was about to do I had to do it fast. Charlie was seconds away from her simulating BJ finisher, (she took her stud and shoved it as far as she could down my awaiting urethra) something I don’t think I could recover from easily.

She was finally ready to move her mouth all the way up towards the head of my dick…any second…and…NOW!!!

As quick as I could possibly muster being so close to orgasm, I pulled Charlie off of my thick veined, (now almost black) penis, and flipped her over so she was right on top of me; her abs were pressing against my abs, breasts pouring over my chest, cock hovering next to her searing vagina; face-to-face once again…

“Hi.” I said.

“Hi…” she said, as cum flowed out of her mouth and into mine…

I didn’t know it at the time, but I had flipped her over so well, her mouth had landed directly onto mine and it was like we were almost kissing again…(with addition to the cum I mean.)

Now, I wanted to pause for a minute and analyze the event that had lead to me tasting my own semen that night (slightly salty)…but time was very sensitive (so was my cock) and I had to work fast (so to speak…).

Charlie was still in a pre-euphoric daze and hadn’t realized the treat that I had just denied her was gone…now was the time to act…as fast as I could, I grabbed Charlie’s dildo, (the dildo she wanted to fuck my kid sister’s brains out with) and thrust it into her mouth!

She started sucking it like she was a baby and that fake dick happened to be her favorite bottle of milk…(no wonder she’d gotten so good at BJs, she must have practiced morning, noon, and night with that thing, fantasizing about doing God knows what to my little sis.)…there was no going back now…

As nicely and gingerly as I could, I slid the head of my dick closer and closer towards to opening of my girlfriend’s cunt lips…I know it was the middle of the winter, but man it was hotter than the surface of the sun in the bathroom and near that dripping pussy…

I was so close; the head of my cock was just moving its way into my girlfriend’s warm, lubricated opening…

And then…

Charlie stared directly into my eyes…rubber cock in hand…lustful look on her face and stern look in her eyes…the jig was up.


Semen was still flowing freely between her teeth and lips…some was even on her dildo as she stroked it lazily. She moved her cum covered lips close to mine…

“I want you…to fuck me as hard and long as you can! Don’t hold back, I want to feel every…single…inch…of you…inside of me.”

She talked so slowly; allowing every bit of cum she had in her mouth to fall into and onto mine.

I guess she was ready.

So without further hesitation, I buried my cock deep into my girlfriend’s wet snatch…savoring every piece of me that went inside of her. All while she kissed me deeply and sloppily licked the cum off my lips with her iron giant of a tongue. We were both moaning and aching as I thrust inch after inch into her tight fuck-hole.


Charlie screamed so loud I swear the cops were going to fucking arrest us, and I didn’t want anything to interrupt the pleasure we were both feeling right now. I made a grab for her strap-on to muffle the scream, but Charlie was too quick and pulled it away.

“No way, Jose, it’s time we did things my way…”

And with that saying Charlie shoved half the length of her dildo down my throat.


I continued to fuck Charlie despite the almost foot long rubber dick being shoved down my throat, covered in mine, and Charlie’s juices, while Charlie pinched her nipples and shoved her dildo deeper and deeper into my mouth…

It felt sooooo good…fucking my girlfriend, and choking on her own special fuck toy, deep-throating it like my cum-slut of a girlfriend had with my member earlier…God! It felt so good to be full…

Charlie screamed and shared the taste of her cock as she licked it’s length and then bit the base of my chin…my hands traveled up to her immaculate tits and held onto them for dear life!

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUUUUUUUUCK!!! You need to fucking take it, Al!!! Take it like I take all the time! Taste it and love it like I do all the time! Take it just like you’re little slut sister Alyssa’s gonna take it when I fuck her with my dick and ram her like she’s never been rammed before!!! Take it like the way that I’m going to take YOU!!!”

And that was it.

I came gallons… Charlie’s cunt sucked it all up like a vacuum cleaner as she collapsed on top of me, in a blacked-out pleasure overload, tits and hair, flowing over me as the moonlight gleamed off of our sweat, and cum covered naked bodies…Charlie spoke:

“Oh…that was SOOOO good, Al…God! Your cock filled me so much! I shouldn’t have waited so long to fuck you…we need to do more of this more often…I’m so spent…I can’t wait until tomorrow!

And then she fell asleep in my arms.

I don’t know how long I waited there, holding Charlie, with a dildo stuck down my throat, and my cock drenched in my girlfriends juices…I don’t know what Charlie was going to do with that dildo tomorrow morning…or how such a hot girl could be so cock-envious and cum-loving at the same time…I don’t know how I came to lose my virginity that night, but I do know I lost it the only way I know how…Charlie’s Way.

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