Chelsea's 18th Birthday Ch. 01

This is a re-submission. A few things have been adjusted as to better communicate the story. A very special thanks to my editor, Alwaysupforu2004. He has helped me to see my story through my audiences’ eyes.

This is my first story to post on Literotica. I enjoy probing the minds of my characters to add a second dimension to my writing. In this story, the italicized sentences or phrases are thoughts. Also, this story is written in two perspectives. It starts off being in the perspective of the young woman. The story will continue in the young man’s perspective about three quarters of the way through. I thought this added a whole new way of getting to know the story’s characters without being omniscient.

Enjoy! Please, don’t forget to vote at the end and leave any comments that you have! Thanks so much!!

**********Chelsea’s POV*************

Man he’s gorgeous, she thought to herself as she peered across the mail room hoping she didn’t get caught. They graduated from the same high school last spring, in the same class of 580-something. But she knew he had no idea. But she knew. Everyone knew Brent Hawkins. Even if you didn’t go to any of the Baseball, football or basketball games. Jock, whore, asshole, she thought resentfully. She assumed he was an asshole, anyway. She knew he was a jock and was pretty sure he was a whore. Every weekend she could hear him watching porno flicks next door. Yeah, she lived right next door to this gorgeous man slut for two months and had he even noticed? Or said, “Welcome?” Or brought over a pie? Of course not. She almost laughed aloud at the thought of Brent Hawkins leading the welcoming party in the Westwood Apartment building.

Oh shit. He was coming her way. He half-smiled as he walked past her carrying his mail. She looked down at her own mail. Just some ads and a birthday card from her grandmother that was two days early. As usual.

“Happy Birthday,” she heard. Is someone talking to me?

“What?” Chelsea was stunned.

“It’s your birthday, isn’t it?” She just stared back. “Looks like a birthday card,” he said looking down at the big purple envelope.

“Oh, no. It’s actually Saturday. And thanks.” She blushed, hardly every making eye contact.

“Chelsea, right?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“You went to Broadmore, didn’t you?”

“Yeah!” He remembers me!

“Yeah, you were the chick that got caught T. the cheerleader’s locker room during the Homecoming pep rally.”

Oh. Of course he would have to know her because of that. “Yeah, and I also live right next door to you,” she said trying to change the subject.

“You do?” he exclaimed, obviously genuinely surprised. Talk about a major blow to your self-esteem.

“Um, yeah, 8B,” she said. What a pig. She’d been here for two months and he didn’t even notice?!

“I didn’t notice,” he said with a chuckle. She really shouldn’t be surprised. “Anyway, welcome to the building. See ya around.” He started jogging up the stairs before turning back and adding, “And if I don’t see ya Saturday, happy birthday.”

“Oh, thanks,” she called after him. As soon as he was out of sight, she jumped up and down in place with excitement. “Oh, my gosh,” she exclaimed quietly to herself. He is so hot! He is so sexy! His is so nice; somehow. Suddenly she calmed herself down when she realized that just because he said ‘happy birthday’ to her didn’t mean that she had any more of a chance with him than she did before he had given her the time of day. What did she care anyway? He wasn’t her type! Sure, he is the hottest guy she’d ever seen but he’s a jock and she hated sports. And he was a whore. Probably. Thoughts of him banging some slut cheerleader flooded her imagination. She could see the sweat on his beautiful brow as he worked with such commitment to his task. His craft, most likely. Imagining him in a sexual tryst made her tremble. Why did she feel this way?

Chelsea made her way back to her apartment, making sure to give Brent plenty of time to get in his own apartment. She threw the mail on her bedside table and flopped down on her soft red comforter covered bed. She couldn’t get the thought of him grinding and slamming into some faceless girl out of her mind. It was making her hot. He probably know everything about pleasing a girl. Before she knew it she was rubbing her chest through her fitted tee. She wished it was Saturday so she could hear Brent’s porno. Then, the thought of him masturbating crossed her mind and she closed her eyes and smiled. Does he do it naked? Does he do it fast or slow? Does he use a toy? Gosh, do they even make toys for guys?

She slid her hand up her shirt and under her bra. Chelsea loved tweaking and teasing her nipples which were now rock hard. That was her masturbation. She didn’t understand enough about her own sex organ but she did know that she loved her C cups.

The clock read 11:20 pm. She had to work at the seed store at 8 on Fridays and decided she’d better get some rest. As the darkness overcame her, thoughts of Brent flickered through her mind.


“Chelsea, stop squirming.” His voice was harsher than she thought it should be considering the circumstances.

“But it hurts!” she exclaimed as she tried to push him away.

Chelsea lay on her back, buck-naked, pleading with Brent who was pushing his hardness into her as his body lay on top of hers. He was too strong and held her down.

“Don’t you want me to teach you anything?” he said sharply. “I thought you were ready to loose your virginity, Chelsea.”

“I am. I love you, Brent.”

“Love?” Brent laughed as he drew away from her. Now he was fully dressed and she heard voices. Female. Laughter. She looked around. She was laying on her back on a bench in the vandalized cheerleader locker room. The entire squad pointed and laughed making jokes.

“But she loves you, Brent!” one of them cracked.

”She’s so wet she is dripping on the floor. Gross!”


What a pleasant sound, her alarm. Seven o’clock had never been so welcomed into her bedroom. Why had she dreamt those terrible things? She had no desire for Brent Hawkins to be the one to deflower her. Well, maybe not ‘no desire.’ It didn’t matter. She needed to get him off her mind fast. Why had he become such a presence in her mind now? She didn’t care at all in high school. She had never given him a second thought before they talked. Ah, that was it, she knew. They had talked. Now she actually has made contact. And enjoyed it. Enjoyed him. Maybe he wasn’t so bad after all. Yeah, she could see herself with him.

What? Come on! Stop it, Chelsea. Get a grip, Brent would never be interested. You’re not into sports, makeup, or sleeping around.

Chelsea never thought herself to be beautiful. She was cute for sure, even without the war paint as she called it. Healthy build and average height. She liked having meat on her bones. The sight of ribs on a girl made her nauseous. And knowing that that fits into modern society’s definition of beauty only pissed her off. Yeah, that’s why she vandalized the locker room.

Locking the door behind her, she turned, astonished and embarrassed at the sight of Brent standing feet from her. His cute curly blond hair wet. Sweat pouring from his brow and cascading down either side of his shirt. He stood there breathing heavily and heavenly. She couldn’t help but pass her eyes over his firm body.

“Hey,” he said as he panted with his hands clenching his hips.

“What are you doing?” She didn’t know what else to say. She was still alarmed.

“Morning run. Feels great,” he managed to get out between his heavy pants. “You should try it.”

Her brow furrowed and her jaw dropped in disgust at the way he had insulted her. I’m right! He is an asshole!

“Whoa, girl. I mean, you should run sometime. It’s good for your heart, helps you clear your mind,” he stated trying to ease the tension.

How embarrassing. Surely she was blushing now.

“Oh, sorry. Of course that’s what you meant. But I don’t know. It’s kind of boring to me,” she said trying to regain some sort of composure in the conversation.

“Wouldn’t be boring if I was there. Or is that what would make it so boring?” He chuckled.

“Oh, no! No, I didn’t mean, I mean, I didn’t know you were talking about…”

“I usually leave at around 7. Anytime you want to join me, you’re welcome to.

Are you kidding me? “Alright, thanks. Sounds good.”

Brent walked past her without saying another word and slipped the key into his door unlocking it.

“Oh, and if I don’t see you tomorrow, happy birthday.” He flung his shirt off in one swift motion revealing his gorgeously toned body. Not too muscular, but just how she liked it.

“Thanks,” she managed to say before he closed to door behind him.


She wasn’t sure why she set her alarm so early. Six am interrupted her slumber as annoyingly as she had imagined that it would. Ah, but remembering why she was up so early on a Saturday morning woke her from her haze. Brent. Run. Body. Such a sexy body. She had to see it again. She showered and shaved her legs and everything. She donned her gym clothes from her senior gym class. Not too nerdy but it was all she had. Chelsea looked at herself in the mirror. Straight, jet black hair pulled back in a pony tail. Amazing green eyes that she got from her mother. She wasn’t entirely happy with her round face. She thought it made her look younger than she was.

She was ready. She decided to wait until 6:55 to go into the hallway. No Brent. She sat and waited at least ten minutes.

It wouldn’t hurt to knock, right? Either he left early or he’s almost ready. Either way, no harm done.

Making sure to knock hard enough the first time, she hammered at the door. No answer. What am I doing? Chelsea felt stupid. She probably looked desperate. “I’m out,” she said under her breath.

Just then the door to 8A opened slowly. She froze.

“Who is it?” she heard a sleepy grumble.

“It’s Chelsea. It’s 7:10.”

The door opened for her to find a tall thin guy standing dazed in pajama pants and a wife-beater. “Who?”

Startled, she re-focused and said, “I’m here to see Brent.”

“Oh,” he grumbled. “He’s in his room. Come on in.” Slightly relieved and bewildered, she followed him in. He flew to the couch and got ready to re-enter his sleep.

Chelsea crept to the bedroom. The door was half way opened so she walked in. Why was he still asleep? Did she look at her watch wrong? No. Confused, she glanced around the room as if might find the answer to this riddle on plastered on the wall. Books, computer, more books, a desk. Jock, whore (supposedly) and nerd?

Her concentration was broken when she heard him stir. The only thing she could think to do was flee.

“Chelsea?!” a groggy voice halted her escape. “What are you doing here?”

She wasn’t sure if she remembered how to speak. Even if she did, what would she say?

“What time is it?” he said, looking around.

“7:10,” she stammered.

“And what’s going on?”

“You invited me to run.” Chelsea spoke before she could allow the panic to hinder her again.

Brent closed his eyes and threw his head back into his pillow. “Come here,” he said. She hesitated but complied. “Today is Saturday?” She nodded and he sat up allowing the thin blanket and sheet to fall to his waist. As hard as she tried not to, she found herself admiring his body again. A quick glance at his lap proved what she’d heard about guys when they first woke up in the morning. There was a significant raise under the covers and she knew she’d just die if he caught her looking.

“I stay up late on Saturdays, so Saturday and Sunday I sleep in late. I should have told you. I’m sorry,” he said in a half-trance state. “Shit.”

This is officially the worst day of my life, she thought. I am so stupid!

“Damn, you’re all dressed and everything.”

“I’m really sorry,” she mumbled as she turned toward the door, her entire body engulfed in humility.

“Hang on, wait.” His hand clamped around her wrist and he pulled her around as gently as he could. “It’s my fault. I’ll make it up to you. I feel really bad.”

She was about to burst into tears and he could probably tell. “Listen, Chelsea, do you have anything going on tonight?”

She shook her head no.

“Why don’t I take you to dinner?”

“You don’t have to.”

“I want to. Call it an apology/birthday dinner.”

She simply stood there, out of body, trying to process the entire situation.

“But if you don’t want to, that’s fine, too,” he said, confused as to why she was acting so strange.

With that Chelsea snapped back to reality and answered, “Oh, no. That’s fine. I’d love to go to dinner with you.”

No! Don’t say it like that, you twit!

“I didn’t mean, like, I’d love to go to dinner with you. I meant, like, that is a good way to … whatever.” Stop before you make it worse! “Okay, I’m gone,” she said quickly, longing for the exit. I am such a fucking idiot, she cursed herself looking down at her dirty tennis shoes and walking out the door of Brent’s room.

“So, tonight then?”

She stopped short, surprised that he was serious. She’s practically drooling on his floor and acting like a middle school girl and he acts like he doesn’t even notice. “Seriously?” she asked.

“It’s whatever, dude. If you got a boyfriend that’ll get all pissed off, I get it, ya know. It’s whatever,” he said still sitting up in his bed.

“No, it’s not that. I was just kinda surprised is all.”

“And your boyfriend won’t care?”

“No. Well, I don’t have one.”

“Uh huh. Well, I know where you live. I’ll come over later. I’m going back to sleep.” Brent talked to her as if they really know each other. And they really don’t know each other very well at all. How can he be so confident when she’s so nervous?

“Okay, later,” she said and left without another word. As soon as she closed the door to her bedroom she screamed. She was going to dinner with Brent Hawkins? Her initial reaction was of disbelief and excitement. Eventually, her negative side got its say. So what? He’s not your type and you’re definitely not his. Just enjoy the free meal and get over it.

Chelsea ripped her clothes off and jumped into bed naked. She wanted to touch herself while she thought about her “date” with Brent later. She held her breast in her hands, rubbing the sensitive underside. This felt so good to her. Chelsea imagined Brent touching her here. Ooh… and kissing here there, suckling her tender nipples. Her hands squeezed her breasts. Out of nowhere she felt a pleasant tingle between her legs. Perhaps this would be a good time to explore this sensation. She slid her hand down her soft tummy to her bush. She spread her legs wide and slid a finger between her untrimmed lips. It felt okay. She wasn’t sure what the big deal was with masturbation. However, she wasn’t ready to give up on it. She circled her fingers around some more finding her hole. It was moist here. Chelsea wet her first two fingers with her juices and spread it over her entire vulva. And again. And again until her whole pussy was covered in her lubricant. This is starting to feel good. What if Brent would touch her like this? The thought sent tiny shock waves through her body starting at her clit. With a probing finger, she found the source of this amazing sensation. She liked this. She rubbed this area for a little while. It was feeling better and better with every stroke, she discovered. Chelsea found herself speeding up, unable to stop, not wanting to move from this one little spot. Squirming and moaning now, she rubbed harder and faster. Am I going to have an orgasm like this?

Chelsea pictured Brent making her feel this way. With his hands. Or maybe with his tongue? Imagining the strong and sexy Brent Hawkins with his head between her legs sent her over the edge into her first orgasm. Her entire body stiffened as she caught her breath. She rode through it bucking her hips and clenching her hand between her legs. She rubbed it a little bit more but found it way too sensitive now. Wow, she was sweating. It was time for another shower but this time she was going to take care of all this hair surrounding her newly discovered play thing.

So, that’s what masturbation is all about! What took me so long to try this? She giggled as she headed to her bathroom.

She stayed home all day obsessing about the evening ahead of her. Where would they go? What should she wear? When was he coming over? What do they talk about? Don’t make a fool of yourself!

She couldn’t leave in case he came by. Knots began to form in her stomach. She obsessed until she made herself sick. Then she decided she should eat a little bit since she had forgotten to all day.


“Dude, you don’t have anybody to screw tonight, man!”

What the hell? The voice came from the hall just beyond her front door. She ran over and peered through the peep hole. There stood Brent and his friend, the tall lanky guy, talking in the hall.

“You’ve gotten laid every Saturday night since like, February or some shit.”

Oh my god, that wasn’t a porno, it was him!

“Dude, shut up. I had to break up with her. I’m tired of just seeing her on the weekend. It’s bull shit. Not worth it.”

“No pussy tonight, bro,” Clay said.

“You don’t know that, dude.”

“You goin’ to the club after your little fling with that weird girl?”

“I might and so what if she’s weird? I think she’s cute.”

“Bro, seriously?”

“Yeah, seriously. She is cute. Anyway, don’t worry about my dick. When the hell’s the last time you got laid?”

“I’m waiting for the pretty ones, man,” he teased, laughing proudly at his low blow.

“Dude, man, she’d fuckin’ cute as hell. And maybe she has a brain. And I didn’t ever say I’d fuck her anyway,” Brent exclaimed.

“She is fatter than Danica, man,” the tall guy said.

“Clay, the fucking skeleton in Ms. Hendley’s bio class was fatter than Danica,” Brent scoffed.

So, I’m cute and fat? I’m cute?! I’m fat?! She wasn’t sure if she should be happy or devastated hearing this.

“Aren’t you going to go talk to her?”


“No, the weirdo.”

“Yeah, in a few minutes.”

“Where you gonna take her?”

“Hell, I hadn’t really thought about it since I woke up; the second time.”

“Dude, when she opened the door, I almost told her she had the wrong apartment,” he said laughing.

“Clay, man.”

“She wasn’t even wearing make-up.”

“And? Maybe she’s confident enough that she doesn’t think she has to.”

“She should look into it, that’s all I’m saying.”

“Girls don’t have to look like a $5 hooker to be pretty, dude.”

“I like hookers,” Clay joked.

“Yeah, just like your dad liked your mom,” Brent added cleverly.

“You suck!” Clay exclaimed.

“Just nipples and clits, dude,” Brent retorted making Chelsea smile.

“Whatever. I think you’re phone’s ringing.”


Twenty minutes later a knock came on her door. It was Brent. She opened the door enough to stick her head out. (He could see her “cute” face but not her “fat” body.)


“Hey, Chelsea, there’s kinda been a change of plans for tonight. I was wanting to take you to get some Chinese or but my dad called and wanted me to meet him for dinner tonight at 7:30 at Juliard’s.”

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Figures. I obsessed and made myself sick for nothing, she thought. Juliard’s is a really nice place, no wonder he chose to go with his dad.

“So, you have a dress you can wear, right?”

“What’s that?” she asked with two raised eyebrows.

“It’s a really nice joint. The ladies usually wear a dress,” he explained. “I can get him to cancel if you don’t, and we’ll just go somewhere a bit more chill.”
“No, I’ve got something. That’s fine, yeah.”

“Okay, good. Well, I’ll pick you up at 7 then.”

“Okay,” she stammered. “Okay.” It’s all she could say.



She had three hours until 7. What was she thinking? She didn’t have a dress! Chelsea ran to get her purse and darted out the door. She was headed for the mall.

Her favorite store had a little black sweetheart topped dress with a ruffly bottom on sale in her size. Perfect. It hit her just above the knee and it wasn’t too dressy. She was however worried about it not having any straps. Before she left the mall she picked up some shoes and she decided she’d buy some powder, mascara, nail polish, and some clear lip gloss. Sell out, she called herself in her head. All this money on a new outfit and make-up for a date with a guy she’ll never end up with. Whatever. It’ll be a good experience and some free food from and awesome restaurant. Besides, she was always a little curious about make-up.

At home she waited until the very last to don her new dress so she didn’t get it wrinkled or get makeup on it.

Five minutes before 7 there was a knock on the door. She knew who it was but she ran to check through the peep hole anyway. “Just a minute,” she called through the door.

Chelsea threw on her dress and froze, mortified. She couldn’t zip up her own dress. She had to ask the dressing room attendant at the store to help her. What was she going to do?

Slowly she opened the door. Brent was leaning against the banister a few feet from her door. “Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Um, unfortunately, yes. I need a favor and this is really embarrassing. Please don’t laugh.”

“What is it?” he inquired walking closer. Brent tried to push the door open but it was held closed. She sighed.

“I can’t zip up my dress,” she said softly.

“Well, I can’t help you if you don’t let me in,” he replied teasingly and maybe a little bit flirty. He pushed the door open and found her clutching desperately to the long zipper that started just above her panty line. “Oh, one of those zippers,” he noted.

“Yeah.” Chelsea reluctantly let go other dress to expose her nude back. The dress had build in cups so she wasn’t even wearing a bra. If it wasn’t as tight fitting as it was, she could have slipped it over her head.

Brent studied her naked back. He grasped this zipper in his fingers and pulled until it stopped after only about two inches. “It’s a tight dress, you might want to inhale.” He dare not say “suck in.” She complied. He placed his hand on the small of her back at the base of the zipper. She all but trembled at his touch. Again he began zipping up her dress keeping his hand on her lower back. When he reached the top, his hand slid to her hip as he pulled her hair back over her shoulder so that it was behind her again.

“Thanks,” she said softly. “Let me grab my purse.” She walked over to where her purse was, took one look at the black and white checkered messenger bag and changed her mind. “Never mind, I’m ready.”

“You look nice. The dress is hot,” he said causing Chelsea to blush.

“Thank you.”

Chelsea had never been to Juliard’s before. It was beautiful. The trip over was quiet except for when Brent broke the silence one time and said, “It looks good on you.”

“The dress?”

“The makeup.” He paused and continued after not receiving a response. “You looked fine without it but it looks really nice.”

“Thank you,” she said shyly, almost inaudibly.

Chelsea couldn’t stop looking at him. He looked amazing. White button-up shirt and a black pin striped blazer. So hot!

The maitre de seemed to have been expecting them and led them to Brent’s father’s table.

“Howard Hawkins. You must be Danica.”

“No, dad,” Brent interjected. “This is Chelsea. I’m not seeing Danica anymore,”

“Oh. Alright then. Nice to meet you, Chelsea. Sorry about that. Have a seat and we’ll order.”

Chelsea found herself well entertained by Brent and Howard Hawkins. As it turned out, Howard owned many of the businesses in the city including Juliard’s and her apartment building. That’s why Brent lived there. Clay also lived in the building, she discovered.

The trio carried on for a couple of hours laughing, enjoying find food and fine company.

It was nearing 10 o’clock and Brent’s father decided it was time to conclude the evening.

“Chelsea, it was a pleasure. Thank you for your company.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hawkins for the lovely dinner.”


As they climbed the stairs to their apartments, laughing and talking, Chelsea felt butterflies as she began to think about if he was going to try and kiss her or not.

“So, you’re gonna come in and chill a while, right? Don’t worry, my friend’s at his own apartment for a change.”

“Oh, I don’t know. It’s getting late,” she replied instinctively.

“It’s like, ten. Come in. You can leave if you get sleepy. I’ve got some beer. We could watch a movie, I dunno.”

Chelsea hesitated.

“Well, if you don’t, I won’t help you with your zipper.” They both smiled big and she walked over to his door. “Cool,” he said.

Whoa. This is getting really weird. This morning she was masturbating to the thought of him, now tonight she’s going to spend time with him in his apartment. She had decided that while he was surely not the type of guy that she’d usually go for, she was starting to really like Brent. She had so much fun and loved his witty character.

“You want a drink?” he asked as he walked to the kitchen.

“Sure,” she said. “What have you got?”

“Screwdrivers? Or beer? Or Tequila Sunrise, perhaps?” he wooed.

“Screwdriver sounds good.” Chelsea wasn’t much of a drinker, herself. She had a glass of Mr Hawkins’s expensive wine at the restaurant. The only reason she drank it all is because she didn’t want to be rude and waste it. Brent had a few drinks as well. I guess you can get drinks for anyone you want when you own the restaurant.

Brent brought back the drinks and handed her one. It was strong, but it was tolerable.

“So what did the farmer say when he found the brown cow and the brown chicken in the barn making out?”

She cut him a bewildered eye. “What?”

“Brown-chicken-brown-cow,” he said quickly and laughed.

Chelsea didn’t laugh. She just smiled back at him.

“Like bow chicka bow wow. Brown-chicken-brown-cow,” he explained.

“No, I get it. I just didn’t think it was that funny.” Brent looked disappointed that it didn’t go over as well as he had liked. “It was cute, okay? It was cute.”

“You’re cute,” he replied. Chelsea looked away uncomfortably and he could sense it. It seemed to excite him. “Actually, you look beautiful tonight.”

“Anyway, your dad is really nice for a land lord,” she said, desperate to change the subject.

“I’m serious, Chelse. You’ve got the prettiest eyes I think I’ve ever seen,” he said. “Chelsea, look at me.” He giggled at her shyness and sat back and took a drink. “You’re so silly, Chelsea.”

“What do you mean ‘silly’? You’re just trying to embarrass me,” she said scowling at him.

“You’re not drinking your screwdriver.”

“I’m not in a hurry, Brent. I don’t have to guzzle it down like you are.”

“You couldn’t anyway,” he teased.

“I could if I wanted to.”

“Nah,” he said as he sat back in his chair; trying to seem dead-set on his accusation.

“Yes, I could.”

“Do it.”

“You wish. I’m not falling for that little mind trick,” she said.

“Not trying to trick you, Chelse. I’ve just never seen a woman really own her alcohol. Own it. You dainty little girls always sip your little fruity pussy drinks and…”

Chelsea stood up, grasped her tall glass in her hand and started chugging. She drank half the glass and made a grimace and took a breath.

Shocked and excited Brent started rooting her on. She finished off her glass and sat back down.

“Impressive. Would you like another?”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

“Only giving you options.”

“I’m fine. I’m starting to feel this one and I’m sure it’s only going to get worse- I mean, better,” she joked.

Brent finished his drink off and moved closer to her. “So, did you have fun tonight?” he asked softly.

Chelsea smiled. “Yeah, of course.”

“Cool. Me, too. Dinner was good, huh?” he said even softer, keeping eye contact.

“Yeah. Thanks for bringing me. I really enjoyed everything.” She was trying so hard not to look him in the eyes. His gaze was so intense she couldn’t handle it. Why was he looking at her this way? It was almost scary. Was he drunk? She didn’t think so.

“Chelsea, I need to let you know something. You’ve probably been wondering, too. I have a rule that I go by about kissing on the first date.”

“Oh, is that right? And this was a first date?”

“Yeah, of course. I know my dad was there but it still counts because you’re at my house half drunk.”

“I thought it was just an apology/birthday dinner.”

“Well, yeah, but I just called it that to get you to go on a date with me.”

“You think you had to trick me?”

“Are you saying it would have been easy to get you to go out with me?” Brent smiled. His eyes danced all over her. She could feel them searing her flesh.

“I just meant…” she started, being careful with her choice of words. “Why did you think that you couldn’t get a girl like me to go on a date with you? You’re Brent Hawkins.”

“What do you mean ‘a girl like you’?”

“Forget it.”

“No,” he said seriously. “Are you trying to say that you’re not good enough for me? That’s crap. All ya need is to get along great, which we seem to, and be attracted to each other, right?”

“Well, I guess so.”


Oh, how badly she wanted to just leave. She just wanted to escape this extremely uncomfortable situation. But at the same time, she was finding herself attracted to to this flirtatious side of him. “So what?” As if she didn’t know what he meant.

“So, do you think I’m attractive?”

“Well, you’re not really my type,” Chelsea confessed.

“You’re not mine either,” he said totally surprising her. “But I still find you very attractive.” She blushed wildly and uncomfortably. “So?”

“Brent, stop,” she said softly, nearly shaking with nervousness; her stomach filled with butterflies.

“Do you want to kiss me?” he asked.

“Oh, what about your rule about not kissing on the first date?”

“I said I had a rule about kissing on the first date. I didn’t say what that rule was.” She looked confused. “My rule is that I have to kiss the girl if we had a good time. But I have to…” He leaned close to her, inches from her face and stopped, “…ask for permission.” Her breath quickened. “Well?” he whispered.

Chelsea was quickly becoming overwhelmed. Her mind starting to become numb, she closed her eyes and exhaled letting out a tiny whimper. That was all the response he needed. Brent wet his lips and moved in. He was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming her mouth was. His tongue moved past her soft lips with ease and they kissed for several moments. He could tell she was holding back, so he broke the kiss gently.

“Why are you so shy?” he asked planting tender kisses on her right cheek.

She sighed heavily, her mind still racing. “Relax,” he whispered. “You taste so sweet. Kiss me back, baby.”

Brent slid his right hand across her face and guided her lips to meet his. The combination of his words and touches sent her reeling. She wanted to kiss him. She loved kissing him. He was so gentle and loving. With her new found inspiration she kissed him back- hard. She felt his other hand cradle the back of her head as the kiss got more heated. His right hand slid down her neck and to her shoulder. He began to caress the skin above her neckline of her sweetheart top. Gently grazing the tops of her breasts to her neck and back again.

“I’ve been wanting to kiss you since you woke me up this morning,” he said smiling, “when I saw you staring at my chest.”

She didn’t know he had noticed.

“And ever since I zipped up your dress, I’ve wanted to unzip it and do this.” With a quick fluid motion his hand that had been wandering sunk into the top of her dress, pushing it down and groped her left breast. Chelsea jerked herself backwards but he kept his grip, keeping himself close to her, trying to keep her calm.

“Shh. You wanted me to.”

“Please, stop,” she whined.

“Chelsea, you want this. Listen to your body. It wants to be touched,” he whispered.

“No,” she replied only half as assertively as she had planned.

“Shh. It feels good, doesn’t it, Chelsea?” He denied her the opportunity to reply and kissed her mouth deeply. He skillfully kneaded and massaged her breast with his patient hand; gently rolling her now stiff nipple between his fingers. It took her a moment to kiss him back but she felt the heat stirring up inside of her more intensely now.

As if waiting for approval, as soon as she began kissing him back, his left hand slowly found her zipper and began pulling it down.

“What are you doing?” she asked moderately alarmed.

“What you want me to do,” he teased as he nibbled on her ear sending chills down her spine.

“I never told you that.”

“Oh, yes you did.” Finally the zipper reached the bottom and he slipped the dress down to her waist.

Shamefully, she covered up with her arms, “Don’t look,” she whimpered.

“Why not?” He tried not to laugh at how silly she was being. “Seeing is half the fun.”

Chelsea just looked away ashamed. “I don’t like it,” she whispered.

“What, your body?” he asked. “Are you kidding me? Well, it’s a good thing I do.” He placed his hand on her cheek and moved her face to look at him. “Come on. I want to see.” He passed his fingers through her hair. “Open up to me, Chelsea. Relax. Let me see.” He put his hands on her crossed arms coaxing her to reveal herself to him. Eventually she gave in and let her arms fall to her side revealing her ample breasts. She studied his face and reaction intently. He caressed her with his eyes and then with his hands, encircling her globes causing her to close her eyes and bite her bottom lip. He had no idea how sensitive her breasts were. This was heaven.

Suddenly he stopped. Upon opening her eyes she saw him taking his own shirt off. This had gotten really intense really fast.

His eyes were fixed upon her own, rendering her immobile. Brent tossed his shirt aside and moved closer to her, keeping his eyes on her reactions as he glided his hands across her breasts. He watched her chest heave as her breath became heavier.

Brent pressed his lips to her ear. “It’s okay to touch me back.” He kissed her neck and made his way to her breasts. Kissing, sucking, and licking. This felt even better than she had imagined. She could no longer help herself and placed her hands on his modestly muscular back, encouraging him to continue.

“Oh, god,” she whimpered involuntarily.

“I told you that you wanted it,” he said, meeting her eyes again. “And I think I know what else you want.” Brent placed his hands on her knees and moved them up under her dress to her hips.

“No. No. You can’t. I can’t go any further. Please!” she exclaimed.

“Chelsea, Chelsea, you’re acting like a virgin, baby. I’m not going to hurt you.” For some reason, she didn’t want to tell him that she was a virgin. “How about a compromise? I’ll ask your body what it wants. If it doesn’t want me, I’ll stop. Deal?” Confused as she was, she nodded in compliance. She felt his hand at her crotch, touching her at her most private of parts. She felt his fingers pull her panties aside and touch her where she touched herself that morning. Except it felt so much better when he did it. “Chelsea, you are so fucking wet, baby,” he said in a husky and lustful voice. She trembled with fear and embarrassment. “You know what that means?” He picked her up in his arms and carried her off into his bedroom.

“What are you doing?” she yelled.

Lying her down, he stroked her hair before he removed her shoes. “Take off your dress, Chelsea.”

“I can’t,” she said, nearly sobbing. Why wasn’t she doing more to stop him? Without a moments hesitations Brent grabbed hold of her dress and slipped it down her legs and dropped it on the floor. Chelsea laid there on his bed in nothing but a pair of black bikini panties. Her legs twisted, trying to hide her nakedness in vein.

She felt him lay next to her, cradling her, spooning her in his arms, stroking the length of her body. “Why are you trembling?”

“I’m scared,” she managed to say without bursting into tears.

“Chelsea, why are you scared? Don’t you trust me? Don’t you know that I will take good care of you? Don’t you know that I would never hurt you? I just want to make you feel good.”

“I know,” she said feeling strangely comforted. “But… I’ve never… you know… been with a man before.”

**************Brent’s POV**************

Brent lay behind her stunned and silent. He wasn’t sure what to think or what to say. He felt bad initially for being so forceful with her. But the more he thought about it, he reminded himself: she did want him. She was responding positively toward him until now. It’s not like he’s holding her down. She wants it, he convinced himself. And she wants me to give it to her first. She just isn’t completely convinced.

A renewed sense of arousal grew in him. He was going to enjoy this more than he thought. He’d never taken a girl’s virginity before. He knew that this was going to have to be love making, not sex. And he was going to have to make love to her mind just as much as to her body to make this the unforgettable evening that she deserves. It was going to be a long, emotional, fucking amazing night.

His prolonged silence frightened her. “I’m a virgin,” she reiterated.

“Thank you for telling me,” he said lovingly. “If you want, and only if you want, we can keep going. We won’t do anything that you aren’t comfortable with. I want you to love this experience and I want to be the one that carries you through it. I want you to trust me with that responsibility.”

He could feel her relaxing in his arms. She was still scared though. He could see the agony in her face as she sorted out things in her mind. Afraid she’d choose to go home, he decided it was time to set his seduction plan into motion.

“Look at me, Chelsea,” he said pulling her down to lay flat on her back. She covered her breasts with one arm.” I want to help you get comfortable. How about a massage? It will help you relax and feel better about me touching your body.”

Chelsea nodded. “And if you have any doubts about the beauty of your body, you can rest assured that it is very beautiful.” Her entire body became flush. “Your heart and mind got me very very turned on to you tonight and after seeing you like this, I’m awestruck. I’m so incredibly aroused just looking at you.” She scoffed and turned her head. “I’m serious, Chelse.”

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“What about your ex-girlfriend Danica? I’m bigger than her.”

“Fuck Danica. I don’t give a damn about Danica. So what if you’re thicker than she is?” Chelsea was startled by his anger. “I’m not comparing you to her. You’re not Danica. Thank God, too. I don’t want you to look like her. I want you to look like this. I love this. Why can’t you just…” Brent’s ranting was cut short when Chelsea sat up and flung her arms around his neck.

“I’m sorry. Please don’t yell at me anymore,” she said close to tears.

“Come here.” Brent positioned Chelsea so that she was on her knees sitting straight up and he did the same. Their bodies matching legs to legs, torso to torso, face to face. “Relax. I want you to feel your heart beat and try to feel mine.” She complied. “Feel me breathe and breathe with me.” They were so close it was incredible. As if they were one being living off the same breath and the same blood supply. She had never felt so close to anyone. It was very relaxing and extraordinarily arousing to her. He wrapped his arms around her and moved his fingertips over her back giving her goosebumps. It had relaxed her just as he hoped it would.
“How did you learn that?”

“It’s like a tantric sex exercise.”

Sex. It must sound so foreign to her. “I like it.” Chelsea rested her head on his shoulder and held him tighter.

After a few more minutes Brent spoke. “Do you feel better?”


“Lay on your stomach.” She did.

He moved his hands to her shoulders and began his massage. He moved down her back and arms, across her ass and down her legs and lingered at her feet for a while. “Roll over,” he said simply and she did, covering her breasts at first but then slowly slid her arms to her sides. He smiled at this. It’s working. All he wanted to do was fuck her brains out but he knew she needed and deserved this. He gently caressed her stomach and moved to her breasts kneading and massaging. He could tell it was arousing her which made him even hornier. He moved to her thighs. Smooth; so nice. “Does this feel good?”

She nodded. Brent slid his thumbs under either side of her panties and started pulling them down. Her eyes opened and watched him cautiously and slowly pull them down past her hips and past her freshly shaven pussy.

His eyes drank in the sight of her bare flesh and his cock grew harder in his pants. “You shave?”

“This morning. I’d never done it before. You don’t like it?”

“I’m surprised, but in a very very good way.”

Brent passed his hand down her belly to her mound. He cupped her there and reveled in her warmth and wetness. “No one’s ever touched you here before?” he said tenderly.

“No,” she replied.

He was throbbing now. He wanted her so bad. Brent lay next to her on his side and kissed her as he held her soft flesh in his hand. He moved a finger between her lips and it sunk into her wetness. She gasped into his kiss.

He felt her open her legs to him which surprised him. His fingers slid up and down her sex and she moaned into his mouth as he kissed her. He wanted to eat her out but he knew he should ask her first. But how? “I want to…” Is there a polite way to put it? “I want to… kiss you here,” he finally said, studying her reaction. She didn’t respond. “You will enjoy this. Do you trust me?”

She nodded. Brent slid down her torso planting kisses on her virgin flesh as he made his decent. He propped himself up between her legs and pulled one leg over his shoulder. He was so excited. He wanted to see her reaction to his first lick but she had her eyes closed. She must be terribly nervous. I have to make this long and agonizingly pleasurable.

Brent spent some time kissing and teasing her thighs before he moved in on his target. With great anticipation and patience, he parted her plump, freshly shaven lips with his tongue and Chelsea gasped. He moved his tongue up and down her slick folds, growing more aroused himself knowing he was her first.

Chelsea’s hands grasped helplessly at the bed covers and writhed in ecstasy at this new and amazing sensation.

Chelsea’s reactions had him hard as a rock. He hadn’t expected her to be so vocal but she was moaning and gasping so beautifully. It’s time to speed up. He began focusing more attention on her little bud and began to hum in his mouth to cause a tiny vibration for her. Chelsea was grinding her hips against his mouth telling him it was almost time. Finally after a minute of torture, he bore down and lapped at her feverishly sending her into an orgasmic fit of screaming and involuntary hip bucking.

Yeah, I was her first, he thought with a feeling of great accomplishment. He looked up at her with a sly grin and she turned her head and closed her eyes still panting heavily. She almost looked embarrassed that she had reacted that way. Brent knew he couldn’t have that. He couldn’t have her backing out now. He had to have more of that gorgeous pussy.

He lay gently at her side. A sheer layer of sweat made her body glisten. “That was pretty intense, huh?”

She didn’t respond, obviously uncomfortable.

“Look at me,” he said turning her head to face him. “Don’t be embarrassed, Chelsea. You were so incredibly sexy. You are so fucking hot in the heat.” He made her smile shyly.

“Whatever,” she said under her breath.

“No, really, Chelse. That was so hot and you are so beautiful,” he said softly.

She finally opened her eyes to him to see his dreamy gaze. After seeing this love stoned look in his eyes she grabbed at him and kissed him passionately. Brent could tell that she didn’t get compliments like that very often.

Being sure not to break their kiss, he carefully climbed on top of her, kneading her breasts and tweaking her nipples. She reacted to this by clenching him more desperately. He had found her weakness. Brent moved down to her chest and began to feast on her sweet and salty lumps, licking the sensitive underside to her nipples and back again. She had gorgeous tits. Much more appetizing that the A’s he was used to.

Enough horderves, he thought, It’s time for the main course. She ought to be good and ready now. He pulled away and stood at the side of the bed. He wanted her to have the pleasure of discovering his cock. “Come here.”

Timidly she sat on the edge of the bed in front of him. “I want to show you how my body reacts to you.”

Chelsea’s eyes widened. She’s so hot sitting there glowing and innocent, he thought. Her green eyes glimmer like emeralds.

His arousal was apparent through his pants and she seemed mesmerized by it. Brent took her hand and placed it at his waistband silently urging her to undress him.

Slowly and curiously Chelsea unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and let them hit the floor. Boxer briefs. She had to lift the elastic band away from his body to pass over his manhood.

When his underwear joined his pants on the floor he stepped out of them and studied Chelsea’s face.

He could tell she had no idea what to do. If she were Danica, he’d waste no time shoving his member down her throat to get his own rocks off but Chelsea was different. He genuinely cared about her and desperately wanted her to enjoy every minute of her first sexual experience.

“Have you ever seen one face to face before?”

After a second or two she cracked a smile. “It doesn’t have a face,” she joked.

That’s it, I’m in love.

Chelsea tried to conceal her smile until she heard him laughing.

“Wow. That’s very clever.” Perhaps it was an attempt to ease the tension. It worked. But the mood suddenly returned to serious. “You haven’t though, have you?”

She shook her head ‘no.’ He was a generous 7 inches and uniformly thick sticking straight out at her.

“Touch me, Chelsea,” he said softly. He craved her soft hands on his hot cock. He could see a glint of hesitation and uncertainly in her green eyes but she obeyed. She gently grasped at the member studying how it felt: soft and hard, smooth and rigid; all at the same time. She slid her nervous hand along his shaft to the head where she marveled at the difference in how it felt.

As she unknowingly tortured him with pleasure, he knew he had to stop her if he wanted any chance of making their intercourse last. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her away. “Don’t worry, Chelsea. You were doing fine. I just… want to keep going. Lay on your back.”

Chelsea did and he followed her to the middle of the bed and positioned himself over her with his knees between her legs. “I need you,” Brent said and kissed her neck. His cock pressing against her proved it. “It will only hurt for a little while and it will be easier if you relax and open up to me, my love.” Shit. My Love? What am I saying? What is she doing to me?

Brent checked to make sure she was still wet and was pleased to find her sopping for him. He saw her eyes were closed, patiently and trustingly awaiting his penetration and couldn’t resist kissing her face all over. She was ready. As he held his cock and positioned the head over her opening he could since her forcing herself to relax. When he was convinced she was settled he began to move in. He saw her wince a bit but he continued until he had the head in all the way. It was stretching her hymen, threatening to destroy it.

“You’re doing so good, baby. Doing beautifully.”

Chelsea’s arms wrapped around him as he began to edge forward in a gentle rocking motion. He decided to withdraw and push back in to this point several times to loosen and lube her up some more. He read pain on her face but heard pleasure in her moans. He continued this way until he was satisfied that she was ready to take the rest of him. She was so incredibly hot and tight around his head that he was amazed that he was able to control himself.

“I’m about to go all the way in.” He saw her eyes widen. “It’s going to hurt.”

“It already hurts.”

“I haven’t even popped your cherry yet, baby. Brace yourself.” He felt her clench around the head of his cock, nearly sending him over the edge. “You have to relax, my love.” He said it again.

As soon as she released her grip he thrust himself forward into her as far as he could go and Chelsea cried out in pain.

“Shh.” he comforted her. “The worst part is over. Focus on what feels good. Okay?” He rocked slowly in and out of her and kissed and licked her breasts now riddled with goose bumps. Tears fell passively down her face and into her hair as she whined and moaned.

When her moans began to out number her whimpers he sped up his pace and began fondling the tender flesh of her pussy. This set her on the course to her orgasmic destination. He could feel her passion rising and saw her body contorting, writhing and grasping at him desperately. He couldn’t last much longer. “Come for me, baby. Come for me. Come for me,” he urged.

“Ahh…” she screamed as she reached her peak and clamped down on him like a vice grip sending him into his own unmerciful orgasm. He rode her bucking and flailing body through their orgasms and collapsed on the bed beside her.

Both panting, drenched in sweet sweat, they lay apart catching their breath and basking in the after glow.

Finally he reached over and wrapped his arm around her. “Are you alright?”

“That hurt so good,” she finally managed to say.

“Happy Birthday.” They both laughed and faded off into a deep sleep.


It was 9 am and she was gone. At first he didn’t notice anything different. Then he noticed he was laying in bed naked and the events of the previous evening flooded back into his head. He wanted to see her again. Now. But he knew he should wait.

It was barely noon when Brent couldn’t wait any longer. He wanted to make sure she felt alright. Why had she left without saying goodbye or leaving a note?

He got a shower and got dressed. He knocked on her door but no one answered. Damn, he thought. He wanted to take Chelsea to lunch or dinner or something.

“Dude, what the hell?” Clay’s voice startled him. “I wanted to play Madden but your door was locked at 11:30 this morning. It’s not like you got any pussy.” Clay noticed Brent was standing in front of Chelsea’s door. “Dude. You didn’t. Tell me you didn’t fuck the fat chick!”

“Fuck you, man. She’s not fat. No, I didn’t sleep with her. We just went to eat with my dad.”

“Then what are you doing at her door and why was your door chained?”

“I slept in late and I was gonna ask her…” How much did he want Clay knowing? “…if she was gonna go running with me in the morning.”

Cody’s raised eyebrow communicated that he knew it was time to stop asking questions shut up.


“I just don’t see what you like about her.”

Oh, shit. “Chelsea!” Brent saw her standing at the top of the stairs slack-jawed and red. How much had she heard? Chelsea turned around and ran back down the stairs almost in tears. “Chelsea, wait!” He knew she wasn’t stopping. Brent lept down the stairs after her calling her name. He caught up to her and grabbed her shoulders.

“Let me go!”

“Wait, hold on a second!” She tried to shake loose as she cried. “Chelsea, calm down.” Brent pulled her into the small walk-in janitors’ closet and blocked the door. “Chelsea, what are you so upset about?” He held her until she stopped thrashing.

“I heard what you and Clay were saying about me,” she cried. “Did you just use me to keep your Saturday night lucky streak alive for another week?”

“You think that’s all that was, Chelsea?” He was furious now. “Is that all you felt like it was? A quick fuck? Was that all it was for you? I gave you everything I had last night! Everything!”

“You denied it to Clay!”

“Seriously, Chelsea? Seriously? Would you want Clay knowing? I didn’t think you would so I didn’t tell him. And I wasn’t going to ask you about running. I was going to ask you to lunch. I just don’t want his nosy ass asking questions!” I need to calm down, he thought, before she never speaks to me again. “Do you understand?” He spoke more calmly now.

“I’m sorry.” Brent opened the door and walked out. “Brent, I’m sorry,” she cried out.

“Chelsea, I just need a few minutes, okay?” He walked out the front door and down the street.

An hour later, Brent found Chelsea sitting outside his door. Waiting for him. Wow. She stood up and watched him open his door and walk in, never looking her in the eye or uttering a word. Finally, before he closed the door he looked back at her and said, “You coming in?” She walked in without a word. He couldn’t believe she had waited an hour for him. That was such a turn on.

When he shut the door he cornered Chelsea between it and the wall. He saw a glimmer of fear in her eyes before she lowered her head. That’s not at all what he wanted.

“Look at me.”

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have…”

He interrupted and put her hand on her face. “Don’t. You have no reason to apologize. I should not have spoken to you that way. I’m sorry. I was very angry.” She looked up at him, brow furrowed. “Do you understand what I was telling you earlier about last night?” She didn’t answer. She seemed to be searching for one though. “Everything I did was genuine. Everything I said was true. And I need you to also understand that I have never made love like that before. And it could have been fake on the inside but it wasn’t. I was falling really hard for you last night. All day long, actually.” She was nearly trembling. Why? Is she really that nervous? “Do you understand now?”

She nodded her head and a single tear escaped from her welling eyes. They were so beautiful like this. “Don’t cry.” Brent pulled her close and let her lay her head on his chest for a few moments. Then he realized that he had practically spilled his guys about how he was feeling for her but she hasn’t exactly reassured him of hers. “Let’s go sit down on the couch,” he suggested.

He sat looking at her. “Do you regret what happened between us last night? Please be honest.” Her thoughtful expression and averted eyes concerned him.

“It was the best night of my life,” she said smiling shyly. Oh, thank goodness, he thought, relieved. “I was always so afraid of the first time and the… intimacy. It was so much easier than I had expected,” she said just over a whisper.

He wanted to jump on top of her and drown her in kisses but he restrained himself. He was so glad to hear that. “So, that’s really great. But, I need to know what’s going on in your head. And in your heart. I mean, I know I’m not your type.” Chelsea laughed. “But I’m really diggin’ you, girl. I need to know if you’re feelin’ me, too.” He could tell how uncomfortable the subject had made her.

Before she could answer, a voice came from the door behind her. “Dude, Chelsea, I’m sorry…”

Brent glanced past her. Damn it! Clay! I forgot to lock the door.

“Clay, beat it. We’re talking. I’ll call you.”


When Brent was sure that he was gone he turned back to Chelsea. “Well?” Her nervous behavior was beginning to make himself nervous.

“I’m afraid to… to let go.”

“You’re afraid of getting your heart broken?”

She nodded. “You’re afraid but you do want to, right? Like getting on a roller coaster. Every now and then it ends in tragedy but you still want to take that chance to experience the thrills.”

“That was a pretty corny way of putting it, but I understand what you mean,” she said teasingly. “I do want to. I mean. I do like you. A lot.” She was turning him on again.

That’s good,” he said smiling. “That’s very good.” Brent leaned over and kissed her sweetly.


I have submitted Ch. 2. Ch. 3 will be up by the end of March 2009. I am thinking about writing Ch. 1 again except swap the POVs where it starts with Brent’s POV and switches to Chelsea’s POV just before they have sex. This will be called Ch. 1.5 Should I do it?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions, comments, compliments, etc. AND PLEASE VOTE NOW!!!

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