Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 04

Stef tossed and turned but finally gasped awake as the vivid dream broke to reality. She sat upright in bed, panting from the intensity of her subconscious thoughts. Her mind raced as she glanced at the clock. It was 6:55 AM, and it would sound to music in five minutes. She needed to get up to go shopping even as she slumped back to her pillow.

‘Oh, god,’ she thought, as she tried to recall what she had just been dreaming.

She remembered being in a lovely meadow with Cole. They were enjoying the day together, picnicking, when suddenly somehow there were two of him, then four, then eight, and sixteen…they were all standing around her, naked, and with big hard cocks pointing towards her equally naked body. They closed in around her and the huge snake-like cocks probed her mouth, cunt, and ass as if searching for points of entry. She remembered lifting her hands to ward them off only to have grasped two of them while the others moved closer. Her body trembled with fear and shook to try and stave off the attack but the brazen cocks pressed their assault.

‘No, too many,’ Stef remembered thinking.

However, no…it was not fear, it was lust. She wanted them. She needed them, but not all at once. They were too numerous. They threatened to overwhelm her senses and abilities. She wanted to service them all in turn but they were impatient and attacking as one. She felt one enter her pussy as another pushed against her wet luscious lips. One entered her mouth as several others caressed her face. The one in her pussy probed deeply as yet another teased her rear entrance. Stef jerked the two in her hands, wanting them to coat her tits in their come even as two others teased her distended nipples.

The lust-filled gangbang continued as Stef fought to get each of Cole’s beautiful cocks off in turn. Her body began to flow with repeated discharges of their seed. It coated her tits and face and ran in rivulets down her sides. She moaned and climaxed continuously as different cocks fucked her cunt and spewed gallons of cum into her and onto her belly. She heaved and climaxed in never ending waves as the cocks served her every need. Her body was spasming on the ground, but it was then she awoke. She was unable to absorb another ounce of pleasure. Completely sated and covered in come, the intense pleasure of the moment overwhelmed her.

‘Oh, geez…,’ Stef groaned, recalling the intensity of the feelings.

Her hand slipped below the covers and down to her abdomen. Her hand approached her mound just as the alarm sounded and music filled the room. She reluctantly extracted her hand to hit the snooze alarm button for another ten minutes.

‘Shit,’ Stef thought. ‘I got to get up or I’m going to be late to meet Kendall and Michelle.’

Her hand stole once again beneath the covers. She could feel the swell of her pussy and the wetness that was already there. Her fingers teased over the panty-covered surface of her sex, feeling the moistness and the aching desire.

‘Fuck, I got to get up,’ she groused to herself, wishing she had time to use the toy Jordan had given to her for her birthday.

When she had first opened the box with the vibrator, she looked curiously at the strange gift. She thought he was weird giving her such a nasty and dirty thing. But since that day, her vibrating toy had come in handy many times. Today would not be one of them though as she needed to get going.

Stephanie got out of bed, hit the off button on the alarm, and headed for the bathroom that adjoined her room with her younger sister’s. Stacy was only in eighth grade and just starting to think about boys. Stef had talked with her sister several times on the subject but reserved much of her real opinions of boys and sex for sometime in the future.

After showering, she got ready for the mall to try on prom gowns. She put on a strapless bra and brightly colored thong. She knew she would probably be sharing dressing rooms with Michelle and Kay at some point so she wanted to have on nice underwear. Plus she didn’t want to worry about panty lines or straps as she tried on various style dresses.

Stef was ready at the appointed time and they all headed off to the mall. Kendall knew she was going to the prom with Kyle and Michelle had been asked by Wally and John. She was leaning toward accepting John’s offer but had yet to commit. Stephanie was in the same place. She had been asked by Chris and Jordan and was leaning towards Chris at this point but didn’t want to disappoint Jordan either. The girls joked about agreeing to go with several guys at the same time and just alternating dances. The conversation invariably switched to sex as they joked about the idea of multiple partners on prom night, which had them all giggling and talking dirty.

It took nearly all day but eventually, after four stores, they each settled on a dress that was the right combination of dressy for their parents, and sexy for the guys. Stef had gone with a red gown that hugged her slim body. It was strapless and showed just a hint of breast. If she wore a push-up bra, she could enhance that feature. It was a long gown but had slits up the sides that ran up to mid-thigh. As she moved it gave tantalizing glimpses of her long shapely legs. The other girls thought, with her brunette hair, she looked stunning in the red dress. With shoes to match, she was set.

Michelle naturally settled on a number that accentuated her larger bosom. The dress fit her tightly too and would show even more cleavage with the right bra. It was blue and went great with her blonde hair. Kendall went more conservative to please her dad. She knew he would get testy if she tried to show too much tit. She went with a light yellow dress that looked great on her. Stef and Michelle encouraged her to pick it as it was elegant and very spring looking at the same time. It also had slits up the sides that showed off her great legs.

Stef told Michelle and Kendall she was going out with Cole tonight on the ride back home. They both kidded her about not being able to get enough of that big cock. They all laughed about it but inwardly Stef knew they had a point. She thought about telling them about her dream but declined, thinking they might really think she had lost it.

The girls had eaten a light meal at the mall so Stephanie was starved by the time Cole picked her up. He took her to dinner at Olive Garden and later they went to play miniature golf. Stef was pretty good at it and she had nearly won. They had laughed a lot both during the meal and while playing golf. She was have a great time and Cole was enjoying himself immensely too.

As they got back into Cole’s car, Stef noticed him glance at his watch quickly. It was only ten. She didn’t want to go home but by the look on his face, this was all he had planned for the night and their first official date.



“Let’s go for a ride out in the country. Not far, but it’s such a nice night, I’d like to roll the windows down and just enjoy it some more,” Stef stated.

“Okay,” Cole readily agreed, not wanting to see the evening end so soon either.

Stef smiled to herself as she noticed him brighten and start the car. She tried to look inside his mind to see what he might be thinking at that moment. Was he thinking like the typical male and believing he might get lucky. After all it wasn’t like he didn’t know her to be a willing participant in sex matters. She nearly giggled aloud at her own dirty thoughts.

The drive she took Cole on headed towards a place she had been to with Jordan several times. It was a scenic overlook off one of the interstates. The first time she made out with Jordan had been there. It was also the place he had first fucked her in the back of his car. It was a short fifteen minute drive from the golf place to the turn off. Cole glanced at her questioningly when she suggested they take the exit and check it out.

Cole wheeled the car to a stop between two other cars already parked atop the hill. Fortunately the space between cars was considerable. The open expanse and view before them looked out onto the suburban towns below. One could see miles in each direction and a whole mass of lights twinkling below. It was a clear warm night and it felt good to be able to park and sit with the windows down. Even with the many lights from below, the heavens still offered up an impressive array of stars to gaze upon too. They tried looking for shooting stars as they leaned back in their seats.

Cole was just laying back and looking at the stars as Stef looked over at him. He wasn’t nearly as aggressive as Jordan had been each time they had come here. One time Jordan had just pulled his long semi-hard cock out and wiggled it back and forth while smiling at her. Chris was not as aggressive but even he knew how to push her sexual buttons and start things off. With Cole acting more gentlemanly, she would need to be the aggressor if things were going to progress quickly and before she needed to be home tonight. ‘But how to do it properly?’ she thought.

They continued to look for shooting stars. Stephanie watched the skies but couldn’t see any. She glanced over at Cole again and he was intent on finding one, it seemed. She finally decided to make the first move by reaching across to him but, just as she started to move, he yelled to her.

“Stef, over there!” Cole shouted, pointing to the sky to the right. “Do you see it?”

“Yes, there you mean,” Stef said, pointing too.

“Hurry! Make a wish,” Cole shouted.

“What? You believe that’ll work?” Stef kidded.

“Yes! I hope so anyway,” Cole admitted.

“Okay,” Stef said, and in another instant the shooting star was gone.

After a few moments Cole said, “Well, did you make a wish?”

“Yes. Did you?”

“Yes,” Cole replied.

“Tell me what you wished for?” Stef asked.

“I can’t do that. It won’t come true,” Cole stated.

“You really think these things come true?” Stephanie chided.

“I certainly hope so,” Cole claimed.

“That’s cute,” Stef said, taking the opportunity to pull on his sleeve.

Cole looked at Stef, who was now sitting sideways in the seat facing him. The skirt she had worn was showing plenty of white leg in the dim moonlight. She looked at his face and her expression was even clear enough for Cole to gage. She seemed to be beckoning him to her. He sat up and took her hand that had been pulling gently on his sleeve. Their other hands came together too and now they were only a short distance apart facing each other. Stef smiled at his cute face which was strained with confused emotion.

Stef leaned in closer and Cole reacted by meeting her more than half way. Their lips came together and they kissed tenderly. Her lips felt so soft and tasted like strawberries to Cole. They kissed again and soon were making out ardently. After many moments of kissing, they finally took a break, to breathe, and to gaze at each other.

“I guess you’re right,” Stephanie said.

“What do you mean?”

“I wished that you’d kiss me,” Stef claimed, with a huge smile.

“Oh, you did, huh? I guess it’s true then…well, hopefully anyway,” Cole offered.

“Why? What did you wish for,” Stef asked again.

“I still can’t…,”

“I told you mine,” Stef proclaimed.

“Yes, but that was after the …,”

“Come on, Cole! Tell me, please.”

“But it might not come true…,”

“I know,” Stef announced with a giggle. “You wished to have sex with me.”

“Well, not exactly,” Cole said.

“Not exactly! What then?”

“Hey, did you get a prom dress today?” Cole asked, changing the subject.

“You didn’t answer me, butthead, but yes, I did get a prom dress.”

“I guess you’re going then?” Cole stated.

“Yeah. Chris and Jordan asked me,” Stef said.

“Both of them?”

“Yes. But I haven’t given either an answer yet though,” Stef said.

“Why not?”

I don’t want to hurt either of them,” Stef stated.

“Oh,” Cole responded.

Stef was going to say something else but stopped. ‘Was he leading up to asking me to the prom,’ Stef wondered. “Cole?”


“Are planning to go to the prom?”

“I hadn’t planned on it,” Cole replied.

“Do you want to go?” Stephanie asked.

“It’s too late,” Cole said.

“No, it’s not, you can still go,” Stef stated.

“But…I don’t have a…you’re already going with one of those…,”

“I haven’t given either of them my answer yet. Maybe I was waiting to see if someone else would ask me?” Stef offered.


“Yes,” Stef stated, knowing he only called her that name to be funny or very serious.

“I don’t suppose you’d consider going to the prom with me?” Cole asked.

Stef caught herself as she was almost too quick to answer. She thought about the best response. Cole studied her face with mounting worry as she looked at him.

“Of course not,” Cole stated quickly. I’m sorry I asked and put you…,”

“Cole, be quiet a minute,” Stef said.

He stopped talking and just looked at her looking at him. After a few seconds Stef leaned in and kissed him again. One kiss led to two, and soon many that gained in passion each time until they were both breathing heavily.

“Yes,” Stef muttered, as she pulled back away from him.

“What?” Cole queried, not sure he heard her right.

“Yes, I’ll go with you,” Stef stated.

“Oh, my god!” Cole exclaimed.

Stephanie smiled and kissed him again. The kisses grew more urgent with each passing moment. Cole’s hands held her shoulders as they kissed and their tongues danced. Stef’s hands had been on his sides but soon one drifted into his lap. The tenting of his pants told her all she needed to know about his current state.

“Shall we climb in the back?” Stef asked, half out of breath.

“Sure,” Cole readily agreed.

They shut the windows and scurried into the back and immediately started undressing each other. Cole’s shirt was open and off in a few seconds, followed by Stef’s moments later. Cole then tried to reach around her back for her bra but she stopped him to show him the clasp in front. When he undid her bra, the cups fell off her breasts causing Cole to suck in his breath. He had never seen a more beautiful sight than Stephanie’s tits at that moment in the moonlight. The nipples were distended and begging to be touched. He didn’t wait.

“Oh, shit,” Stef groaned, as Cole’s hands caressed her tits and teased the sensitive buds.

“I love your nipples,” Cole blurted out.

“You do?” Stef asked, with a broad smile.

“Oh, god, yes!” Cole growled.

“Suck on them for me, Cole. They adore that,” Stef exclaimed.

Cole palmed her left tit and held it as his mouth closed over the erect nipple. Stef sucked in her breath as Cole flicked the tender pink morsel with his tongue. Stef’s hands held his head to her breast as if encouraging Cole not to leave.

“Oh, geez, Cole. That feels so good,” Stef gasped. “Suck on it.”

“They’re delicious,” Cole said, as he switched between breasts.

“Oh, keep doing that,” Stef begged, as Cole sucked harder on the whole nipple until half of her tit flesh was in his mouth.

“Oh, shit!” Stef groaned.

Stef’s hands left the back of his head and dropped to the top of his jeans. She undid them and peeled them down over his butt. She then grabbed the waistband of his boxers. She eased them down and over his long stiff cock. She glanced around his head at her breast to see the magnificent cock pointing at her pussy like a spear. Her right hand immediately encircled the shaft and lightly teased the foreskin back and forth as Cole continued to suck on her perky tits.

They stayed like that for what seemed a long time but was mere minutes. Stef could feel the wetness of his pre-cum soaking her fingers and making them slick as she teased the cockhead. Cole’s sucking of her nipples had increased the aching in her pussy never sated from her dream of him earlier that morning. Now her panties were soaked from her secretions as her hormones went into overload at the feel of his cock and the attention to her breasts.

“Oh, god! Fuck me, Cole. Please!” Stef said, letting go of his cock only long enough to undo her skirt.

Stef fell back on the seat pulling her nipple from Cole’s mouth. She peeled off her skirt and thong in seconds. Immediately she could smell her own overheated cunt in the now enclosed car. Cole lost his pants and boxers in seconds and moved over her. Stef reached for his big pole and guided it to her soaked pussy. His pre-cum slickened head parted her wet lips with ease and sank several inches into her in one thrust.

“Oh, shit!” Stef grunted.

“What?” Cole asked, not sure if he had hurt her.

“You’re so beautifully big, Cole. Don’t stop, push it all in,” Stef pleaded.

Cole thrust forward again driving several more inches inside her tight pussy and drawing yet another grunt from Stef.

“Oh, mother,” Stef gasped.

Cole waited a few seconds then pushed again. More cock pushed her inner walls aside and wedged deep into her womb.

“Goddd…,” Stef growled. “Oh, you feel so big inside me.”

“You’re so hot and tight,” Cole gasped.

“Fuck me with your big cock, Cole. Fuck me long and hard!”

Cole extracted most of his long thick dick before once again easing back deep inside her. Stef held his sides and wrapped her shapely legs around his waist just above his hips. Her legs encouraged him to probe her even deeper, which he did.

“Oh, god,” Stef hissed.

Cole felt the beginnings of his balls rumbling with the need for release. He picked up the pace trying to get Stef off before he shot off inside her. He was pounding into her aggressively when he decided to stop for a while to try to hold off his cum. It worked for him but Stef groused her disappointment and need for him to continue to fuck her. When he had regained some manner of calm, he once again started fucking her hard.

“Oh, wow! That feels so good,” Stef moaned.

“You feel so good,” Cole gasped, as he leaned down and kissed her.

The tight space in the back of the car was beginning to take its toll on his bent legs. Cole realized he needed to finish this one way or the other. He sped up and fucked Stef with long hard strokes. Each time he drove into her, she moaned with ever increasing passion. As Cole felt his orgasm nearing, he realized Stef was probably close too. He quickened even more.

“Shit! I’m going to cum,” Cole groaned.

“Do it!” Stef yelled. “Pump me full of your cum.”

“Here it comes,” Cole informed her.

“Oh, shit! Keep fucking me, Cole!”

Cole thrust one last time as his cockhead swelled even bigger inside Stef’s cunt. He was buried deep inside her when she felt the first white hot blast of his thick cum. Cole still tried to get her off by continuing to fuck her as best he could as his mind glazed over from the intensity of his own climax.

“Fuck,” Cole groaned, as his cock spewed repeated wads of cum into Stef.

“Oh, shit!” Stef growled as her own orgasm crested.

Rockets seemed to burst in Stef’s head. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. Cole’s still pumping cock was driving her into a sexual frenzy. She lost track of where she was. Only the shockwaves of blissful pleasure coursing through her body mattered at that moment. Her pussy clenched and unclenched around his steel hard cock buried deep in her cunt. Cole groaned and sweat broke out on his face as he tried to fuck through her incredibly tight cunt muscles. His cock was starting to soften as he felt her relax beneath him. He nearly collapsed on top of her as he stopped moving.

“Oh, god! That was good,” Stef exclaimed, panting.

“Glad you got off too,” Cole admitted.

“You always get me off,” Stef said. “You’re a marvelous lover, Cole.”

“Thanks,” Cole said, still gasping but proud of himself.

“Oh, my. I feel really wet down there. You must have pumped a lot into me.”

“I guess I did at that,” Cole allowed, but with a smile.
“Sit up a sec?” Stef asked.

“Okay,” Cole replied and moved back, withdrawing his soft but still impressive cock from her soaked pussy.

Stef watched her abdomen as Cole leaned back. She watched as his big cock pulled back out of her inch by inch. It seemed to take forever but eventually the head popped free and dropped to hang between his parted kneeling legs. It hung before her glistening with their combined juices in the moonlight. Stef could now feel the start of an apparent river of cum running out of her cunt and down her ass crack.

“Cole, I’m going to make a mess of the seat. You have any…,”

“I got napkins in the glove compartment,” He said reaching over the front seat to retrieve them.

When he had them he sat back and handed them to Stef. They looked to her like Burger King Napkins from the logo, as she used the first to soak up the discharge from her pussy. She then moved slightly in the cramped space to wipe off the seat beneath her.

“The seat is wet,” Stef said, as she used three napkins to clean herself and the car.

When she looked over at Cole, he was just watching her. She noticed again his shiny wet dick hanging like a hose between his legs. His equally impressive balls, with the sack now relaxed, hung down too but not as far as the cock.

“You look like you could use a cleaning too,” Stef said, noticing a drop about to fall from the head.

“Yeah, probably,” Cole agreed, as he too looked down at himself.

“Here, let me,” Stef said, as she shifted forward on the seat.

Stef took his large hanging cock in her hand and lifted it towards her. The drop of cum that was about to fall was now visible on her fingers as she held him. She lifted him to look right at the small hole in the head. Another drop was starting to form. Stef pushed back the loose foreskin and noticed even more wetness collected in the folds around the head.

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Her mind raced as she held him. She should use the napkins to clean him but one devilish thought kept creeping into her head. ‘God, I’d like to just suck him into my mouth and clean him the proper way,’ Stef thought. ‘He might think that gross though. Maybe I’ll just play with it and see what happens.’ Her hands caressed the soft flesh and pulled the foreskin all the way back. Cole started to moan as she played with his cock. Stef’s other hand palmed his nuts and hefted them. She then slightly squeezed them as she stroked his cock.

“Oh, fuck, Stef. You’re going to get me hard again if you keep that up,” Cole said, seemingly in warning.

“Is that okay?” Stef asked deviously.

“I guess so. If you want,” Cole agreed.

“Oh, I wouldn’t mind seeing him get hard again,” Stef stated, with a wicked smile.

“He likes the feel of your hands,” Cole admitted.

“He feels pretty good to me too,” Stef agreed.

“Oh, geez,” Cole groaned.

Stephanie could feel her hands having an affect as his cock began to stiffen and lengthen again. After another few minutes of stroking and teasing the head, he was stiff as a board once more. Most of the wetness that was there before was now on her hands and covered his cock and balls. It helped ease her manipulations of his cock and nutsack.

“Oh, god,” Cole moaned softly, as Stef expertly teased the sensitive cockhead causing a drop of pre-cum to emerge.

“Does he like this?” Stef asked, with a knowing smile.

“Geez, yes,” Cole groaned.

“Maybe, he’d like this even more,” Stef stated, as she shifted lower to align his stiff cock with her mouth.

“Oh, fuck,” Cole growled, as her hot breath so close to his cockhead made him groan.

He nearly yelled out when Stef took the first several inches of his cock into her mouth in one big plunge. The heat and wetness of her mouth nearly drove Cole to cum at that moment.

“Oh, god, Stef! That’s unbelievable,” Cole moaned.

“Glad you like it,” Stef said, as she backed off before plunging even lower the second time.

“Fuck,” Cole hissed, as the intense pleasure made his stiff cock even stiffer.

Stef tried to deepthroat him but he was too big for her still. She made a mental note to try to get him alone long enough to try to work on him and see if she could possibly take him all the way. It would take practice and cooperation on his part if she was to be able to do it. It was a challenge she welcomed but not today. The cramped quarters of the car and the lateness of the hour meant it would have to wait for a better time.

Stef bobbed on his cock for several minutes drawing appreciative moans and groans from Cole. Her hands worked his cock and balls adding to her talented mouth. She used her hand to squeeze his cock as she sucked on the head. When she pushed down with her mouth and kept her hand wrapped around him, it probably felt similar to a deepthroat anyway. Cole was near ready to cum when she stopped.

“Cole, fuck me again, please,” Stef said, leaning back once again with her legs spread.

Cole moved into position as he glanced down upon her supple body. If she hadn’t been full of his earlier cum, he might have been tempted to eat her for a while but he did not relish the idea of eating his own sperm. His head lowered to a nipple which he quickly sucked on as he aligned his cock at her entrance. Stef’s hand was down there too, helping him hit the mark. Seconds later they both moaned as he sank deeply into her still moist hole. His mouth never left her nipple as his cock sank all the way inside her.

“Oh, damn,” Stef gasped, with the combined sensations of Cole sucking her nipples and his thick big cock buried into her belly.

Cole started slowly but picked up pace. He had recovered from nearly coming in her mouth and was ready to fuck her hard and deep. He did just that and was rewarded when Stef groaned and stiffened after a little while. She went through a series of mini-orgasms as he gained speed until he was pounding her for all he was worth. Sweat began to run down his face and her body even shone with perspiration in the moonlight.

Cole raced towards release. He didn’t need to tell Stef it was coming. His grunts and groans were all the signals she needed. With her legs wrapped around him, she encouraged him to fuck her even harder. He did so and she could feel the beginnings of a huge orgasm simmering below the surface. It wouldn’t be long now before she was joining him or even leading.

Cole bellowed a bit too loud as his cock unleashed his pent up sperm into Stef’s cunt. She shouted, “Yes,” as her own orgasm peaked. They rode the feelings and drove into each other until they were fully spent. They collapsed on the backseat side by side breathing as if they had run a marathon together.

“My god,” Stef finally stammered. “You fucked me to death.”

“You did the same to me,” Cole responded, between pants

“Wow, that was good,” Stef offered.

“It sure was,” Cole agreed.

They eventually sat up and noticed the time. It was twenty to twelve and Stef needed to be home by twelve. They hurriedly dressed and rode back to her house. Stef sat close to Cole on the ride back and occasionally kissed his ear or his cheek as he drove.

“Are you trying to start something again?” Cole asked.

“Why? Could I?” Stef replied, and she reached into his crotch to feel his groin. His cock was starting to stiffen and respond.

“You’re going to drive me nuts,” Cole complained.

“Good way to go crazy,” Stef offered.

“Guess you got me there,” Cole agreed.

They pulled up to Stef’s house just in time to prevent Cole from getting too uncomfortable. They kissed for a moment and then parted but not before Cole thanked her for agreeing to go to the prom with him. They agreed to talk more the next day about further plans. Cole offered to walk her to the door but her hand was still in his lap feeling the stiffness of his cock.

“No. You better stay here and not try to get up right now,” Stephanie said jokingly.

“Guess you’re right,” Cole agreed, with a smile.

Stef reached across the seat and kissed him. She exited the car and waved just before entering her house at midnight. Cole watched her go in and wished they could stay together the whole night. He drove the very short distance home and went inside too. His parents were asleep, so he quickly went to his room and shut the door. His cock was still mostly hard when he sat on his bed to remove his pants. Thoughts of Steffie kept creeping into his head and making it difficult for his cock to relax again. He finally fell asleep after desperately trying to think of other things.

Stef got a call from Jordan the next day wanting to get together. She took the opportunity to tell him she had decided to go to the prom with someone else. He was disappointed and told her so.

“I can’t believe you’re choosing Chris over me,” Jordan said.

“Well, I didn’t say I did,” Stef offered.

“What! What are you talking about? If you didn’t pick me, then it must be Chris?”

“Well, not exactly,” Stephanie confessed.

“What! Who the hell are you going with then,” Jordan demanded.

“A guy I’ve known for a long time,” Stef said. “He’s in my chemistry class. We’ve been studying together lately.”

“You can’t be serious. You’re going to the prom with a guy you’ve been studying with?”

“Yes, I am,” Stef proclaimed.

“You got to be kidding me.”


“Wait till Chris hears this one.”

“Please let me tell him, Jordan. Please don’t say anything until I have a chance to tell him,” Stef pleaded.

“Alright, but he’s going to be even more pissed than me. I was sort of prepared for you to tell me you were going with Chris so I have Bonnie waiting in the wings if you turned me down.”

“Thanks. I’ll call him later,” Stef promised. “And I’m glad you have a date.”

“Who is this guy, Stef?”

“Nobody you know.”

“What? I know most of the guys at school. Who is it?”

“Cole Richards,” Stef said, expecting Jordan not to know him.

“You mean that geek kid. He’s a bookworm bozo?” Jordan said.

“He’s not a bozo. He’s very smart and I’ve known him since we were kids.”

“Oh, my god! This is good. Stephanie Wallace going to prom with Cole Richards,” Jordan said, with a strong laugh. “See ya round, Stef.”

Jordan hung up so quickly Stef didn’t have time to stop him or explain further. The last words Jordan had said made Stephanie very nervous. It sounded like he might start spreading it around all over the school that she was going to the prom with a nerd. ‘Oh, god,” She thought. ‘What have I done? I’m going to be the laughing stock of the senior prom.’

Stephanie immediately called Kendall. She needed someone to talk to immediately that would tell her everything was going to be alright. Maybe she had accepted Cole’s offer too quickly. Maybe she could make up some excuse to back out of it and still go with Chris. All these thoughts were streaming through her head as the phone rang.

“Hey, Stef,” Kendall answered, after noticing the caller ID.

“Kay, we need to talk. I may have made a bad mistake.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“I told Cole I’d go to the prom with him,” Stef confessed.

“You did!” What about Chris or even Jordan?”

“I wanted to go with Cole but now I’m not so sure. Oh, Kay! I just told Jordan I was going with Cole and I think he is going to spread it around town I’m going with one of the nerdy kids.”

“Oh, my god, Stef! You can’t be serious.”

“I know. I think I fucked up.”

“You’re the hottest chick in school. Everyone is expecting you’ll decide between Chris and Jordan. Taking Cole could damage your reputation.”

“You think so? I mean Cole is nice and he plays on the tennis team,” Stef stated trying to justify her decision, but she lacked much conviction in her voice.

“Stef, think about it. Think of all our friends and what they’re going to say or think after they learn that you’re going to the prom with Cole,” Kendall exclaimed.

“Oh, god, Kay. What am I going to do?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on! You must have some idea? You think I can back out with Cole and still go with Chris. After all, I haven’t told Chris anything yet.”

“Jordan’s probably calling him right now,” Kendall claimed.

“He promised me he wouldn’t. He’d give me time to tell him myself. But he could be calling everyone else,” Stef lamented.

“You’re screwed on this deal,” Kendall said.

“Kay, please, you got to help me think of something,” Stef pleaded.

“Even if you could back down with Cole the damage is already done if Jordan is in fact calling all the others,” Kay stated.

“Oh, my god! You’re right! I can’t very well deny the whole thing even if I switched back to Chris,” Stef realized aloud.

“No. You’re better off coming up with some brilliant reason to be going with Cole.”

“You’re right. But what?” Stef queried.

“You could tell them all he is hung like a stallion. Then maybe they’d understand,” Kendall offered, but cracked up as she said it.

“Oh, right! Very funny! Kay, you got to help me, please,” Stef worried.

“Does Michelle plan to go with Mark?” Kendall asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t think so. I thought she said she was leaning towards John.”

“Well, maybe if she went with a nerd too, you’d at least have company,” Kay stated, but again broke into laughter.

“Stop enjoying this so much! Maybe you’re right though. If I can get Michelle to take Mark at least I’ll have some company in my humiliation.”

“Yeah, that’s what I was thinking,” Kendall claimed.

“That’s your brilliant suggestion? Just have Michelle join me in my misery?”

“Well, it’s the best I could come up with so far on short notice. Maybe you should discuss this with Cole,” Kendall offered.

“Oh, right! What and say, ‘Hey, Cole, got any brainstorms on how I can avoid being laughed at by being seen with you?’ That’s a big help, Kendall,” Stef lamented.

“No silly. You don’t have to put it that way. Besides he’s going to have to deal with it along with you if you go together,” Kendall announced.

“Oh, god! You’re right. He’s going to be aware everyone is laughing at us. That could be even worse if he doesn’t realize ahead of time what might happen,” Stef replied.

“Precisely,” Kendall agreed.

“Oh, shit! I’m screwed,” Stef cried. “Why didn’t I just stick with the original plan to go with Chris?”

“Why did you change your mind? You can’t get enough of that cock? Is it driving you mad?” Kendall asked, but with a joking voice.

“Funny! No, I told you. Cole is very sweet and we fit together like a glove…He is fun to be with…,”

“He fits inside you like a glove, you mean,” Kendall joked again.

“Well, yes, but stop that. I need to be serious for a minute until I figure this thing out,” Stef lambasted Kay.

“You’re screwed,” Kay said

“Thanks! Can’t you think of any way out of this?”

“Let me noodle it a while. You know, Kyle isn’t going to like hanging with Cole or Mark either. This is really going to put a damper on our evening,” Kendall said.

“Oh, geez. Really? You think Kyle won’t want to hang with Cole so you and I won’t be able to spend the whole evening together like we planned?”

“Kyle was looking forward to having Chris or Jordan to talk with. I don’t even know if he knows Cole,” Kendall fretted. “He might want to sit at a different table and everything.”

“Oh, shit! I’ve made a complete mess of everything.”

“We’ll figure something out,” Kendall said, trying to make her friend feel better.

“Oh, Kay. We got to,” Stephanie lamented.

“I’ll call you later,” Kay said.

After Stef hung up she was even more depressed than she was before calling Kendall. If Kay was right and Kyle wouldn’t want to talk with Cole or even Mark, the whole evening could be a bust. Besides the fact she was now feeling like she might be too embarrassed to show at any of the after prom parties. ‘Oh, god,’ she thought. ‘I wish I could take this all back and go with Chris.’ She decided to get her mother’s thoughts.

“Mom,” Stef said, upon entering the kitchen where her mom was making lunch.

“What, Sweetie?”

“Mom, I think I messed up prom by agreeing to go with Cole.”

“Why would that be? Cole is a delightful boy,” her mom said, expressing her own opinion of Cole.

“You don’t understand,” Stephanie said, and explained all the social issues with her decision. All accept the sex implications.

“My, Honey! I see your point but do you really think it will be that bad?”

“Oh, Mom. It could be a nightmare. I could be the brunt of every joke and everyone will be talking and laughing behind my back about what an idiot I was. Chris and Jordan are probably mad at me and they will be out for blood too.”

“Gee, Honey. What are you going to do?”

“I don’t know. I was hoping you might have a suggestion.”

“Have you talked to Cole about this?”

“No! How can I do that? You’re not helping,” Stef said, and went to leave.

“I’d talk with him about your feelings,” her mom yelled after her, as Stef left the kitchen nearly in tears.

Stef spent the rest of the afternoon in her room. She couldn’t decide what to do. As much as she dwelled on the issue nothing changed or became clearer. She had gotten no where in her thinking when her mom called to say Cole was on the phone. She almost didn’t want to answer but they had agreed to talk further about the prom plans.

“Hi, Cole,” Stef said, answering the phone plaintively.

“Hi,” Cole replied. “Hey, you okay? You sound depressed.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Stef lied.

“What’s the matter?” Cole asked.

“Nothing,” Stef responded. “Hey, you think Mark is going to ask Michelle to go to the prom?”

“I don’t know. I think he wants to from what we discussed.”

“He should,” Stef pressed.

“You think Michelle will say yes?” Cole asked. “If he thought she might, he might be more inclined to ask.”

“I could feel her out for him but I would encourage him to at least ask her and quickly,” Stef offered.

“Good idea,” Cole agreed.

A seemingly long silence followed until Cole spoke.

“Stef, everything okay?”


“I was planning to go get a tux later. You want to come or at least tell me what colors I should look for?” Cole asked.

“My dress is bright red. You should tell that to the tux people,” Stef said.

“You don’t want to come then?” Cole asked, beginning to sound depressed himself.

“I don’t know. I’m supposed to see Kendall later,” Stef lied.

“Is there anything more we need to talk about on the prom?” Cole asked.

“No hurry,” Stef said. “We have time.”

“Okay,” Cole replied.

“Talk to you later, Cole,” Stef said.

“Bye,” Cole said and then waited to hear the click as Stephanie hung up.

Stef started to cry after she hung up with Cole. She hated herself for lying to him and even worse for treating him like she did but she was deeply depressed. More and more she realized what a mistake she had made and that the prom was going to be a disaster. Her dreams of being prom queen were not only fading fast but the prom itself looked like it would be the worst day of her life. She cried into her pillow for a good ten minutes.

When Stephanie finally pulled herself up into a sitting position on her bed, her thoughts were on Michelle. Maybe if she could convince her friend to go with Mark then they could share her misery. But would she be honest with Michelle and discuss the pitfalls of agreeing to go with Mark or try to con her friend into accepting. She was pretty sure if she told Michelle her honest thoughts she would run from the idea of going with Mark like she was sprinting for her life. If she lied though and everything turned out as miserable as she thought it might, she would feel even worse about deceiving her friend.

Stef picked up her phone with one hand even as the other wiped away her tears with a tissue. She hit speed dial for Michelle and waited for the rings. Michelle answered on the fourth.

“Hey, Stef,” Michelle called.

“Hi, Michelle,” Stef said, trying hard to sound chipper.
“How’re things going?” Michelle asked.

“Well, to be honest I’m not sure,” Stef offered.

“What do you mean?”

“I agreed to go with Cole to the prom,” Stef explained.

“You did? What about Chris or Jordan?”

“I guess inwardly I wanted to go with Cole,” Stef said.

“He’s a nice guy,” Michelle agreed.

“Yeah, but I think it might be a problem now that I think it through,” Stef said.


“Well…I told Jordan and he called Cole a nerd and a bozo. I think he is spreading the word as we speak that I’m going to the prom with one of the class nerds.”

“Oh, geez,” Michelle concurred.

“Yeah…I could have messed things up with Kay too. Kyle may not want to hang with Cole which means Kendall and I will be apart much of the time,” Stef groused.

“Not good,” Michelle agreed.

“What about you? Have you accepted John’s invitation?”

“Well…I was supposed to see him tomorrow and I was going to tell him yes but Mark just called and asked me to go with him.”

“He did already…I mean…he called now?” Stef asked.

“Yeah,” Michelle answered, not sure what Stef was saying about now.

“What did you say?” Stef queried.

“I told him I would let him know tomorrow,” Michelle said.

“You did?”

“Yeah, I hated to put him off but I needed to think.”

“What about?”

“Well, about disappointing John…and Wally too, but now I guess I need to think about what you were saying.”

“Yeah…don’t get yourself in the same mess as me,” Stef lamented.

“How about I say yes to Mark,” Michelle offered.

“What! You serious? Why would you want…,”

“I like Mark. And I think you could use a buddy with another nerd for a date,” Michelle stated and laughed loudly.

“You’re kidding, right? You aren’t seriously thinking…,”

“I am too. I’ll call Mark back after we hang up and agree to go with him,” Michelle stated.

“You will?”

“Sure! As I said, I like Mark and probably will prefer his company over John’s anyway. All John will be after is my mouth on his dick as often as possible. Mark is not so shallow and I enjoy his company much more. Fuck all those other bitches that will be talking.”

“Oh, Michelle. That’s the most wonderful thing anyone’s ever done for me,” Stef proclaimed.

“Your welcome. But, really, I like Mark so in a way I’m glad to be able to help you out.”

“We could be laughed at and made fun of,” Stef mentioned.

“Yeah, maybe. I don’t care. I’ve heard some behind my back talk before. I just don’t care,” Michelle stated. “Fuck em,”

“Oh, god! I feel so much better than when I called you. Thanks, Michelle.”

“No problem. We’ll have fun, Stef. Don’t worry. Even if the guys don’t fit in and we have to be off by ourselves. We’ll still have fun,” Michelle claimed.

“You’re right, we will,” Stef said, feeling a whole lot better.

They hung up so Michelle could call Mark back. Stef contemplated calling Cole with the good news but waited. Michelle was supposed to call back to confirm everything was set so Stef decided to wait. She hoped she called back quickly though as she wanted to offer to go with Cole to the tux place if he hadn’t left already.

Michelle called back ten minutes later and confirmed she would be going with Mark. Michelle told her that Mark was so happy that he was nearly speechless and just kept saying thanks. She thought it was cute. When they hung up Stef called Cole right away to give him the news. He had not left yet and brightened noticeably in his voice with Steffie’s call and the news that Mark was going with Michelle. He was planning to go to the tux place after dinner and agreed to pick Stef up.

“You’re not going out with Kendall,” Cole asked, as Stef climbed into his car after dinner.

“No. We made other plans for tomorrow,” Stef said, regretting her lie of before.

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They talked excitedly of the prom. Stef was energized now with the news of Mark and Michelle. Stef found out that Cole knew Kyle from several classes. When she asked if they were friendly, Cole got the hint. He said they had always gotten along good and even played on the same team together in gym class once or twice. Stef held off on discussing the pictures and the parties until she had time to confer with Kay.

They picked out a sharp, dark pinstriped tux for Cole. He looked dashingly handsome in it, Stef felt. She was gaining confidence in her decision to go with Cole and began to even share Michelle’s “fuck em” attitude. The tie and handkerchief were red to match her dress. They had a good time picking the tux out. Afterward, Cole asked her if she wanted to get coffee or a shake. She chose ice cream. They went to the diner and shared a banana split.

The night was still early. Stef suggested the scenic overlook again with a wink and Cole naturally agreed in a heartbeat. ‘The boy is smart enough to realize when he might get lucky,’ Stef thought to herself with a smile.

The drive from the tux store to the overlook was only about ten minutes. They continued to talk about the prom with Stef complimenting Cole on how good he looked in the tux. She said, “We will make a handsome couple. We might even win king and queen of the prom.”

Cole said, “If we win anything it was because I’m there with the most beautiful girl in the universe.”

Stef would have settled for ‘the school’ but it was nice to hear anyway. She squeezed his arm as he pulled to a stop overlooking the town below and the stars above.

“Want to go in the back seat?” Stef asked, again with a wink.

“Sure,” Cole said without hesitation. His eagerness but lack of words made Stef smile.

Stef went first between the seats and into the back. Cole followed and gladly watched as Stef’s short skirt rode up her thighs as she bent to straddle the seat. He got a quick glance at the bottom of her pink panty-clad ass and the very tops of her creamy thighs. His dick was partially hard from just the thoughts he had after she suggested coming to the look-out. Now his cock surged even more with blood as he watched her move.

When they were seated in the back facing each other, neither moved for a second. Stef was always surprised by his lack of aggression compared to past dates. Usually the guy was all over her immediately. She kind of liked the slow tender way they usually began. Sensing she would need to be the aggressor again, she leaned forward and took hold of both his hands.

“What do you want?” Stef asked.

“I don’t know,” Cole replied. “I’m happy just looking at you.”

“You want to see more of me?” Stephanie quizzed.

“Sure,” Cole said, making Stef smile again.

In one swift motion she pulled her tight shirt over her head and off. Her matching pink bra pushed her breasts up and barely hid the nipples. Cole was thankful for the nearly full moon as he feasted his eyes upon her. He shifted painfully on the seat as his now hard cock tented the front of his jeans.

“You’re getting uncomfortable?” Stef asked.

“How’d you know?” Cole asked.

“I’ve seen that look before. And that one,” Stef said pointing to his bulge.

Cole looked down and shifted a little more.

“Let me help you with that,” Stef said, lightly pushing Cole backward so he leaned against the back door of the car.

Her hands skillfully undid his belt and opened the button on top. Her fingers brushed lightly over his straining cock as she slid the zipper down. Cole moaned as his dick immediately sought the opening in the zipper and pushed his boxers out through the growing hole. Stef next grabbed the belt loops on either side of his hips and pulled forward. Cole got the idea and rose up allowing the pants to be pulled to his knees. When he sat back down, Stef helped him get them completely off. As Cole moved, his cock poked out through the slot in the front of his boxers. Stef smiled at him as she noticed the big hard cock pointing right at her.

“He can’t wait to be free,” Stef stated with a chuckle.

“You have this affect on him,” Cole responded and smiled too.

Stef reached across and lightly ran the tip and nail of one index finger over the sensitive head and around the little hole. Cole groaned like she was torturing him. Stef trailed her finger down to rub and circle around the corona ridge and Cole moaned even more. Stef could see the beginnings of a drop of pre-come forming at the tiny slit.

“Does that feel good?” Stef teased.

“Oh, god, yes,” Cole groaned.

“Take my bra off, Cole. The clasp is in the front,” Stef added, and leaned back slightly.

Cole leaned forward and with tentative hands managed to get the clasp open. His eyes were glued to her breasts as each beautiful mound and nipple came into view. Her breasts were mere handfuls to Cole’s large hands but they were round and firm. The aureoles and nipples were a gorgeous deep pink. They protruded from her breasts like puffy, mouth-watery pinkish kisses. Cole was drawn to them like a moth to a beautiful light. He stared at them until he realized he was, and then looked up to her smiling face.

“You like them?” Stef asked, slipping the bra off her shoulders completely.

“They’re magnificent, Steffie!” Cole claimed.

“Please touch them for me, Cole.”

Cole inched forward a little and brought both hands up. Each one caressed a different breast from the bottom and moved up slowly. The firm mounds gave way with a soft resistance. As Cole’s fingers brushed over Stephanie’s nipples, it was her turn to gasp and groan. Cole then teased one nipple while palming the other tit. His strong hand kneaded the pliant flesh as the other fingered the distended nipple. Stef moaned again.

“Oh, Cole. That feels so good.”

Cole smiled at her as he moved even closer and sucked one of the turgid nipples into his warm wet mouth. Stef immediately cupped the back of his head, holding him to her breast as she moaned. Cole’s other hand played with her tit and tweaked the nipple, drawing even more groans from her.

“Suck the other one too,” Stef pleaded.

Cole switched sides and reversed the action to her tits. Stef’s hand encircled his rigid cock as it poked from his boxers. They both seemed to gasp in unison. The foreplay continued for several more minutes. Cole didn’t seem to tire of playing with her tits. Stef’s hand was rubbing the leaking pre-cum over the head of Cole’s cock making it slick. The sensation of her hand on his wet cockhead had Cole near delirious with lust. His balls were already beginning their ascent to tighten around his shaft.

Stephanie’s mind reeled with the sensations emanating through her body from her nipples. She tried to concentrate on where she wanted to take their lovemaking session. Her pussy was already wet and aching. She wanted desperately for him to move there next. But at the same time, she felt she owed him for the way she treated him earlier on the phone, and the blame she at first put on him for the prom situation. Now she felt remorse at her misgivings and wanted more than anything to make it up to him. That was one reason she had suggested coming here in the first place.

“Cole, lean back,” Stef finally said.

Cole complied and Stef immediately helped him remove his boxers. His proud large cock stood steely erect. The big cockhead produced another drop of pre-cum and shone deep red in the dim light. Stef found herself licking her lips involuntarily like he had done when feasting on her tits. As Stef’s hands returned to the big cock she noticed his tight balls. She, of course, knew what that meant.

“Cole, I want you to fuck me with this big beautiful cock but you probably need some immediate relief, huh?”

“Yeah, Stef. If we do it now I’m afraid I would come too quick.”

“That’s okay. I understand. Let me help you with that,” Stef said, as she leaned him back and knelt on the back seat in front of him.

Her tongue flicked out and danced on the tip of his cockhead.

“Oh, fuck!” Cole growled. He could already feel the load in his balls churning.

Stef licked away the pre-cum oozing from his tiny hole and the sweet nectar coated her tongue and taste buds. She teased her tongue all around the head, wetting it with her saliva, and drawing more moans from Cole.

‘God, I love his cock,’ Stef told herself. She wanted to make this last, probably as much as he did, but sensed his urgency too. Despite her misgivings that he might come right away, she sucked the big head into her mouth causing Cole to growl.

“Oh, shit,” Cole muttered.

Stef decided to just take him. The sooner she made him come the sooner he would recover enough to fuck her. Her pussy desperately needed his hard cock soon. Her one hand palmed his taut nuts and the other encircled his shaft. She started sucking harder on the head and working her tongue across it. Cole warned her in a desperate last gasp.

“Stef, I can’t hold it.”

Stephanie didn’t even bother to respond but instead increased the force of her attack. Her skilled mouth gave him little chance to do anything but cum. He lasted maybe another few seconds before howling his release.

“Oh, fuck,” Cole practically yelled. “Steffie…here it…,”

The rest would have been a waste of words anyway as the first forceful pulse blasted her mouth. Cum filled her oral cavity immediately. Stef had been well prepared and before the second one could release, she had already swallowed the first. The next two were nearly as intense and again her mouth was swimming in cum. She pulled the cockhead out until just her lips sealed behind the head. This gave her ample room for the next weaker discharges to help fill her mouth. She worked his cock and balls with her hands to draw out his pleasure. Her tongue, never idle, pushed the cum in her mouth around as it teased the spasming cockhead.

“Oh, god,” Cole finally gasped, as his cock stopped shooting.

Stef nursed on the head a little longer and allowed a small amount of cum to drain down her throat. Stef wanted to keep him hard or at least make his recovery quick. She could sense Cole’s agitation though as his cockhead became ultra-sensitive. She pulled off but kept her hands tenderly working his cock. Stef looked up at him as she swallowed the last of his load.

“Oh, geez, Steffie. That was unbelievable,” Cole moaned.

“Glad you liked it,” Stef said, with a smile. She licked her lips to get any remaining cum.

“Oh, damn, that was tremendous,” Cole exclaimed.

Stef smiled at him but looked down to observe her hands as they still stroked his cock trying to keep it hard. The force of his cum had caused him to start to go soft but her hands were helping to keep him up somewhat

“Think you’ll be able to recover quickly?” Stef asked, hopefully.

“Maybe,” Cole replied.

“Okay,” Stef answered.



“Can I do something for you?”

“Sure. What were you thinking?”

“Well…I’d be glad to suck on your tits again but I could also try something else.”

“You can try anything you like, baby,” Stef stated, with a welcome smile.

Cole helped ease Stef back against the car door. He sucked on her nipples for a few moments, long enough to make her moan. Then he pushed her skirt up so it lay on her bare belly and covered her dainty bellybutton ring. He helped her draw her panties down her long creamy white legs. They soon occupied space next to her bra on the seat. Cole then eased her legs apart, exposing her sex to his stare.

Cole’s head was swimming as he gazed upon her pussy. He wasn’t sure if it was the intense orgasm of moments ago or the heady womanly scent of her filling the cramped car and his nostrils. Whatever it was, he couldn’t get enough of it. His fingers tenderly caressed the baby soft skin on the insides of her legs. Stef kept her pussy shaved, so Cole had an unobstructed view of her charms. Stef allowed him to spread her legs out wide. She watched his face as he stared like a mesmerized child at a new toy. Her own desire was aching for him to do something, anything, but she waited patiently for him to get his fill. She could feel the wetness of her cunt as he feasted on her flesh.

Cole woke from his trance and began kissing the insides of her thighs. He kissed down and around her pussy making Stephanie moaned with desire. He never touched her cunt until he brought his fingers in to part her outer lips. Even in the dim light the beautiful wet pinkness of her inner lips made his cock throb. He looked longingly at her cunt for several seconds before kissing the outer lips.

“Cole, please don’t tease me anymore. I need it badly,” Stef pleaded, as her hands came up to grab fists full of hair tenderly but with purpose.

Cole took the hint and kissed her inner lips and allowed his tongue to snake out and lick along one side. Stef growled and held his head to her. He could feel the urgency in her hands and her trembling body movements.

“Oh, suck it, Cole. Suck my pussy for me, please.”

Not knowing exactly what to do but following her words, he sucked part of one side into his mouth. When Stephanie groaned and pushed his head harder, he knew he was on to something. He alternated licking and sucking parts of her cunt into his mouth. When he reached the top and sucked on that part, Steffie arched her back off the seat and howled. Of course, Cole was a smart guy and knew what a clit was. He had never teased one before but when his probing tongue found a hard little knob, he licked it. The result was more than he expected. Stef arched again off the seat, pressed his head hard against her cunt, and roared. Cole felt his face becoming wetter by the second.

Stephanie’s orgasm lasted for several moments. Cole could not believe she could arch her back like that for so long. However, he had problems of his own fighting for air as she squeezed his head between her thighs and pushed his face to her cunt. He was relieved when she finally slumped back down on the seat and released his hair. Cole gasped for air as he watched Stephanie’s heaving chest do the same. The movements of her tits made his cock steely hard.

“Fuck me, Cole! Please fuck me now,” Stef yelled.

Cole moved into position and Stef helped him guide his cock to her entrance. The first thrust parted her lips and buried the big head in her cunt.

“Ahh…fuck, you’re big! Keep going,” Stef shouted.

Another thrust into her wet pussy and he buried several more inches and once again made Stef howl.

“Oh, shit,” Stef said, as her pussy lips parted to receive the large intruder.

Cole’s mind was reeling. Her pussy felt incredible. It was like a silky wet, velvet glove wrapped around his cock. He lunged forward driving even more of his long rod deep inside her.

“Ahh,” Stephanie growled. “Oh, god, you’re so deep. So good…so good…,”

Cole lunged again and this time Stephanie gasped as she felt the huge cock bury itself to the root in her stretched cunt.

“Shee-it,” Stef groaned.

Cole’s cock felt like a bar of steel. His balls were still recovering from their earlier come and hung low slapping into her ass. As he started aggressively pumping his cock into her, he felt like he could fuck for hours. He sensed that Steffie wanted it hard and deep and he gave her both. He drove his cock into her nearly as hard as he could. Stef’s hands guided his sides and her tits bounced sexily on her chest. Cole tried to watch the firm mounds shake and their cute nipples sway slightly. It made him fuck her even harder.

“Oh, geez, Cole. I’m going to come,” Stef announced. “Keep fucking me, please.”

Cole did just that and seconds later Stef let out a loud grunt and tried to arch up into his thrusts again. He kept pounding her despite the tightness of her clamping cuntal walls.

“Ahh…,” Stef screamed.

Cole thought for a minute about the two other cars in the lot. One had been there when they got there. The other arrived soon after them. The first car seemed to have people drinking as Cole had heard loud voices and cans being discarded. He hoped the others in the cars were far enough away that they didn’t hear Steffie’s shouts.
“Oh, god,” Stef finally groaned as she sank back down on the seat when her climax eventually waned.

“That was wonderful,” she gasped.

Cole hadn’t stopped. He had maybe slowed a little to give her a minute to catch her breath but he was still pumping his cock into her now wetter cunt. As she recovered, he picked up speed. His cock still felt like iron and his balls had yet to announce their impending release by tightening to his shaft. In fact, they slapped repeatedly against Stef’s ass adding more stimulation for both of them. In no time, Cole had her going again.

“Oh, god!” Stef growled, as she felt another orgasm beginning to brew and it felt like it might be a tidal wave.

Cole was starting to sweat. He felt perspiration building on his face and body as he fucked Stef with reckless abandon. His shirt, which had never come off, was beginning to cling to him. Nevertheless, he fucked her forcefully still. His cock hitting areas inside her that no one ever had as he changed the angle of his thrusts occasionally to keep from cramping in his legs.

“Ahh…so good, Cole. So good…,”

Cole’s cock was like a piston and his body drove it deep each time into Stef’s receptive cunt. She began to shake and tremble as her new orgasm approached. A few more deep hard thrusts and Cole pushed her over the edge. She dug her nails without thinking into his sides as she peaked.

“Ahh…fuck meeee…,” Stephanie growled. “I’m cumming…ahh…cumming…,”

Rockets burst in her brain like the Fourth of July. Tidal waves of blissful pleasure emanated from her pussy and consumed everything in their path as they spread quickly across her body. It was like a tsunami of unequalled proportions. She felt fluids not leaking but pouring from her body through her vagina. Cole’s cock started to make wet squishy noises as he kept on fucking her. Her clamping pussy walls were finally taking their toll on him. He now could feel the beginnings of a tremendous climax coming, even as Stephanie’s second one finally slowed.

Cole slowed only long enough to allow Steffie to recover somewhat. He took the time to suck on her beautiful nipples that only sought to heighten her pleasure. They felt super sensitive after two orgasms and his sucking was driving her crazy.

“Oh, Cole. That feels great!” Stef gasped.

“I love your tits,” Cole groaned.

“I love your cock,” Stef said back, with a huge but somewhat tired smile.

“Here’s some more,” Cole said, as he thrust forward to once again bury it deep inside her.

“Ahh…, oh, god…you feel like you’re in my belly,” Stef concluded.

Cole’s own desires were taking over now. He was back to fucking her hard and deep. He could feel his balls tight to his shaft and churning with a new load of boiling cum. Cole pounded into Stef driving her ass hard into the car seat below. Her hands were back on his sides and her incredibly firm tits shook like they were in an earthquake.

Cole could feel his orgasm approaching. If possible it encouraged him to fuck even harder. Sweat dripped from his nose onto Stef’s tits but she hardly noticed. Her body was covered with a film of perspiration too and amazingly she felt another climax coming.

Within minutes they were cumming together. Cole roared as his cockhead swelled inside her, then exploded sending a missile of sperm deep inside her pussy. It was followed in rapid succession by several more powerful ejaculations. The noisy wet sounds of their fucking filled the car as they both groaned through their climaxes. Stephanie wasn’t sure but she felt like she might have momentarily passed out. Her body shuddered as pleasurable shockwaves enveloped her. Her mind had trouble focusing as the bliss took her. Her nails raked Cole’s sides as she peaked.

Cole finally stopped fucking her as the last pulse of his cock leaked more sperm inside her. Her cunt now felt like a sloppy mess. His cock easily slid back and out as it softened. Stef moaned as the big dick exited her spent body. He had fucked her better than anyone before. She had never felt this well fucked.

“Oh, god, Cole,” Stef groaned. “That was incredible!”

“My god! That was unbelievable,” Cole responded, as he sat back and wiped the sweat from his forehead on the back of his hand.

“I think you fucked me senseless,” Stef stated, with a laugh.

“I’m exhausted,” Cole agreed, with a chuckle of his own.

Stef sat up and kissed him. Cole reached in the front seat and grabbed a box of tissues from the floor. He took several then gave the whole box to Stef. He wiped his forehead before doing his cock. Stef did the same to her face then soaked up the flow from her pussy. The seat below her was a wet mess. She showed Cole and together they used several tissues to get what they could.

They had just finished when more lights entered the overlook about a hundred yards away. Something unusual about the car caught Stef’s eye. Seconds later she knew what as it slowed.

“Cole, it’s a police car,” Stef shouted.

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