Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts Ch. 07

Stef’s excitement for the prom grew as the week progress. It was a busy week. With all the preparations she hardly had time to think. Kendall, Michelle, and she all had appointments together at the same salon to get their hair done on Friday. Not only were they getting their hair done, but their parents were springing for nails, facial, and toes too.

A last minute run to the mall by all three girls took place, so they could all get the perfect bra and panty sets for their gowns and afterwards. Jewelry was also a priority and they took care of that too. A stop at the flower shop on Thursday for lapel flowers for the guys was also on the list. Every day seemed to be filled with things to do. She saw Cole on Wednesday to study but they never had time or the right opportunity that night for sex.

The guys were busy too with arranging for the limo and getting flowers. They were picking their tuxes up on Friday. Unlike the girls, the haircuts were taken care of separately and during the week. Cole and Mark went for a couple long runs to burn off steam and stay fit. Mark even convinced Cole to come over one night so his older sister could help them with a few dance lessons.

By the time Saturday arrived, everything was ready. Kendall’s house would be the site for the picture taking before. Her parents were throwing a little party for the attending parents to photograph their kids and have some snacks and drinks. The beginning of the day involved cleaning cars and last minute preparations. By the time they all headed to Kendall’s everyone was relieved a little to finally have the big day here.

The party at Kendall’s house was fun and everyone got into the picture taking act. The ladies looked stunning in their gowns and the guys all looked handsome dressed in their tuxes. There were group pictures and parents taking individual shots. Kendall had invited three other couples Stephanie and her knew well. They all had a fun time and posed for many pictures. It was hard to tell who was having more fun though. The parents were all smiling from ear to ear. When not taking pictures of their prom couple they were mingling with the other parents. The food was great and the teens had soft drinks while the adults sipped wine or beer. Everyone had a great time.

Stef had gone with Kendall to her bedroom to help Kay with a last minute dress adjustment. When she returned, she looked for Cole again and was glad when she spotted him talking with Kyle like they were old buddies.

“Hey, you two,” Stef said upon coming up on them.

“Hi, Stef,” Kyle said.

“Hey, Stef,” Cole answered.

“What are you two talking about?”

“You,” Kyle said, with a broad smile.


“Well, actually Kendall and you. Cole and I were just commenting on how we were the luckiest guys of all because we had the two cutest ladies of all,” Kyle explained.

“Definitely,” Cole agreed.

“Well, you guys are pretty handsome yourselves,” Stephanie stated.

“Maybe, but you two make us look great,” Kyle added.

“Thanks. That’s a nice thing to say. I’m sure Kendall will like hearing that too.”

“Where is she?” Kyle asked.

“She’s working on her dress with her mom. She won’t be long. Just a minor thing to do,” Stef explained.

When the limos finally arrived, the party came to a flurry of activity as everyone prepared to leave. The parents all mingled around until the prom goers finally had everything together and left. Last minute pictures and shots of the departing limos concluded the party.

On the ride there in the limo Cole whispered with Stef, “Kyle is better at knowing the right thing to say.”

“He’s had more practice is all,” Stef said.

“Maybe, but he seems to have a knack for knowing what to say when. I usually just get tongue tied when I see you,” Cole said.

“You do not. Besides, it’s flattering that I have that affect on you. So see, you do know how to make a girl feel good,” Stephanie rationed.

They smiled at each other and kissed.

“Hey, none of that now,” Michelle yelled, but laughed. “That’s for later.”

“Only practicing,” Stef yelled back, but laughed as well.

“You two don’t need any practice,” Kendall exclaimed, with glee.

“Let’s try to be ladies now,” Kyle said, joining the fun.

“As opposed to what?” Michelle asked. “Sluts?”

“Speak for yourself,” Kendall said, but they all cracked up.

They were still laughing merrily went the limos pulled up to the banquet hall where the prom was to be held. The couples all piled out of the limos and walked inside. Several teachers were there to chaperone the prom and the couples were introduced one by one as if at a royal ball. The band was already playing and several couples were out on the dance floor and others in their seats. The hall was decorated great and the theme was prominently displayed, “A Time to Remember.”

It was a large prom and many tables were set up for groups of ten people at each table. The three couples were all at the same table along with two of the other couples from the second limo. They started by getting punch and mingling around the tables. Shortly though, everyone started dancing at the first slow song.

Cole tried to remember the lessons from Mark’s Sister as Stephanie and he moved on the dance floor. ‘She is light as a feather,’ Cole thought, as he danced with Stef. ‘She is gorgeous too in that red dress.’

Stephanie too had thoughts running through her head as they danced, ‘Cole looks so handsome in his tux. He’s a better dancer than I imagined. This is going to be fun.’

The prom progressed with everything going perfectly. The competition for prom king and queen started, as well as the dance competition. The teachers were doing the judging of the dance competition and all three couples made it through the first round of eliminations. Cole and Stef held their own in the dance competition. So did Mark and Michelle and Kendall and Kyle, with everyone making it to the third round. About two thirds of the couples had been eliminated already.

The competition became more intense for the dance competition when there were only ten couples left. The next cut down to five eliminated Stef and Cole, as well as Mark and Michelle. All throughout the dance competition the voting and judging for the prom king and queen continued too. All three couples were still in the running but everyone knew the really competition was between Cole and Stef and Stef’s old boyfriend Chris. He was coupled with a pretty girl name Rachel. They were the top competition to Cole and Stef.

Kendall and Kyle took third in the dance contest. As the others were all standing up clapping to congratulate the winners of the dance competition, Jordan walked over. His date, Bonnie, was back at their table. He walked right up to Cole with Stef standing there too.

“You must think your pretty hot shit, Richards,” Jordan said. Stef could tell he had been drinking.

“Jordan, just leave us alone,” Stef said.

“What’s your problem, Jordan?” Cole countered.

“You’re my problem, Richards,” Jordan said.

“Is that so?” Cole said, squaring shoulders with Jordan.

“Cole, ignore him. Jordan, just leave please,” Stef said.

“This is between me and your geeky friend here, Stef,” Jordan stated.

“You got something you want to say to me…,” Cole said, but all of a sudden Mark stepped in between them.

“Get lost, Jordan,” Mark said.

“Get the fuck outta here, midget. This is between me and tough guy here,” Jordan yelled.

“You want to pick a fight with Cole, you’ll have to go through me first,” Mark stated.

“Step aside, runt, before I step on you,” Jordan barked.

“Mark,” Cole started to say.

“I’ll handle it, Cole. Just relax,” Mark said.

“You’ll handle my ass, fucker,” Jordan said. “Get the fuck outta the way before you get hurt, asshole.”

“We’ll see about that,” Mark stated.

“If I have to deck you to get at your dork friend, that suits me fine,” Jordan barked again.

“Go ahead,” Mark countered. “I need to see if the lessons paid off.”

“What the fuck you talking about! Get the hell outta the way, mother fucker!” Jordan yelled again.

Stef looked around and noticed a teacher or two beginning to notice the exchange. They were starting to make their way towards the table. Jordan was ruining everything.

“Go away, Jordan!’ Stef screamed. Fortunately the music drowned out her words for all but the closest tables.

“Mark, let me…” Cole began.

“I was talking about my three degrees of black belt,” Mark said to Jordan.

Jordan may have been drunk but his face registered the surprise.

“You’re no fuckin third degree black belt, you asshole!” Jordan barked.

“I’ve been taking lessons since I was eight,” Mark said calmly, besides facing off with the taller Jordan. Cole knew that was true as they had talked about it.

“Get the fuck outta here,” Jordan said.

“No, you get the fuck outta here,” Mark stated.

“You better leave, Jordan. The teachers are coming,” Stef exclaimed.

Jordan turned and saw one of the male gym teachers and another teacher rapidly approaching.

“Fuck you all!” Jordan shouted. “This isn’t over, Richards.”

“Anytime, asshole!” Cole yelled back.

Jordan turned and left just as the teachers arrived.

“Is there a problem here, Mr. Richards,” the teacher said to Cole.

“None now, sir,” Cole replied.

“We don’t want any trouble here, is that understood,” the gym teacher said.

“Yes, sir,” Cole answered.

Kyle and Kendall had just rejoined the group and looked questioningly while the teachers turned to leave. The five couples took their seats as Kyle and Kendall showed off their trophy and asked what was going on. Cole and Stef watched as the teachers approached Jordan at his table. They could see an exchange of words but could not hear what was said.

“What’s going on here?” Kyle asked.

“That jerk, Jordan, came over here and tried to pick a fight with Cole,” Stef said.

“He did?” Kendall exclaimed. “That ass.”

“What happened?” Kyle asked Cole.

“Well, we might have gotten it on but my buddy, Mark here, stepped in and backed Jordan down,” Cole said, patting Mark on the back.

“Yeah, you were great, Mark,” Michelle exclaimed. “I didn’t know you took karate and that you were a third degree black belt.”

“Wow, that was awesome,” Stef agreed.

“That’s my man,” Michelle said, cuddling up to Mark’s arm.

“Good job, Mark,” Kyle stated, as the others praised him too.

The couples danced a few more dances until the music stopped and it was time to announce the king and queen winners. The last five couples remaining in the competition were read off, each getting applause. The greatest applause came for both Stef and Cole and Rachel and Chris. All five couples were asked to come up towards the stage by the teachers running the event. Kendall and Kyle were included in the five.

When they were all assembled in front, the teachers explained they would announce the winners by elimination. Unfortunately, Kendall and Kyle were the first named, meaning they came in fifth. As everyone expected, the two other couples were eliminated leaving just Cole and Stef as well as Rachel and Chris. The band played background music hyping the tension as the final place, the runners up were named. The announcing teacher was Mrs. Marshall. She was a favorite among the students of the class and the crowd cheered as she read the final names.

“Rachel and Chris,” Mrs. Marshall said, and the rest was drowned out by the roar from the crowd.

Stef and Cole had won king and queen of the prom and they hugged as the crowd cheered. Chris and Rachel shook their hands as good runners up but Stef saw in Chris’ eyes his real disappointment.

Mrs. Marshall helped Stef with her crown. Two other teachers helped them complete their royal decorations. Then Stef and Cole got to lead off the next dance alone. Fortunately it was a slow one as Cole’s knees were knocking being the only ones out on the dance floor. He wasn’t nearly as used to being the object of attention like Stephanie. Soon others joined them to dance and congratulate them. Stef was elevated as Cole tried to just be humble.

The prom went on for another hour. At one point Michelle and Tina, one of the other girls at their table, came back from the bathroom buzzing. They could hardly contain their laughter as they sat down.

“You’ll never guess what we just heard,” Michelle mused.

“Yeah, it was unbelievable,” Tina agreed.

“What?” Kendall asked for everyone at the table.

“One of the teachers went outside for a smoke and caught Becky Rogers giving Sam Coulter head in the parking lot between several parked cars,” Michelle said, as she nearly cracked up laughing.

“No way!” Kyle stated, but starting to laugh too.

“Yeah, she left Darnell, her date, sitting at the table while she went outside with Sam,” Tina added giggling.

“What did the teacher do?” Stef asked chuckling too.

“Apparently she didn’t see the whole thing. I mean we heard that she caught them pretty much after the deed was done,” Michelle told them.

Tina added, “Yeah, he was supposedly zipping up but Becky was still kneeling and wiping her mouth with the back of her hand.”

“Oh, my god,” Kendall said, cracking up.

“The teacher apparently heard her spit his stuff out on the ground and that’s when she found them,” Michelle explained, with tears running down her cheeks from laughing.

Tina said, “Good thing it was dark out or the teacher might have seen it on the ground for sure.”

“Dumb girl should learn to swallow,” Michelle added, still wiping tears.

Cole and Mark weren’t laughing as hard as the rest as Stef looked at them between giggles. “What’s the matter?”

“We know Sam and Darnell but not Becky,” Mark explained, a bit perplexed as Sam was white and Darnell black.

“Becky is the black girl with the big tits,” Stef said. “You must have seen her around.”

“She left boyfriend Darnell to go suck off Sam?” Mark asked, surprised.

“Yeah, how about that?” Stef added, with a mischievous smile.

The prom ended around eleven and everyone left to attend various parties. Stef hoped they didn’t run into Jordan anywhere. She didn’t want to see Chris either at any of the parties.

They were borrowing Cole’s Dad’s SUV for the ride up to the lake house. They planned to leave for the lake after stopping at a party or two. The idea was to be on the road by one o’clock. It was a two hour ride and Cole didn’t want to be driving too late.

The first party they stopped at was at Peggy’s house. Peggy was fun and all the girl’s liked her. Kyle knew her but Mark and Cole did not. Michelle tried to describe her to the guys on the ride over as the cute black girl with the fantastic butt. From that description both Mark and Cole then realized who she was.

“Oh, so you guys have obviously checked her butt out,” Michelle complained.

“Well…,” Mark started.

“Yeah, all you have to do is describe her ass and they know right away who you are talking about,” Stef chimes in.

“You got to admit, she does have a nice tush,” Cole said, trying to come to Mark’s and his own rescue.

“You like girl’s tushes, Cole?” Kendall asked, and winked at Stef.

“I like Stef’s,” Cole stated diplomatically.

“Good answer,” Stef said, smiling at him.

When they arrived at the party quite a few cars were already there. Stef noticed a couple guys getting high in a parked car but was thankful Jordan nor Chris were among them. They entered the open door of the house only to be greeted by Peggy’s mom. Obviously her parents were home.

“Hi, Mrs. Wright,” Michelle said. Peggy and she had hung out together a few times.

“Oh, hi, Michelle,” Mrs. Wright answered. “Everyone is out back.”

The six of them filtered through a few people in the kitchen and made their way out of the house. Peggy came up to them as they made it out into the backyard. It was already crowded. Several picnic tables were set up with food. Coolers with drinks were nearby and many people were seated eating. Others were gathered in many small groups talking. By the noise level everyone was having a good time.

“Hey, you guys,” Peggy said. “Thanks for coming.”

“Looks like nearly everyone from the class is here,” Michelle claimed.

“I guess a lot of people decided to come here rather than some of the other parties,” Peggy suggested happily.

“Sweet,” Kyle said and gave Peggy a hello kiss on the cheek.

Stef introduced Cole and Mark and they exchanged greetings with Peggy. She congratulated Cole and Stef for winning king and queen.

Kendall jokingly said, “Don’t forget our third place finish in the dance contest.”

They all agreed Kyle and her deserved praise for that too. Peggy told them to get something to eat or drink. She had to go check on more ice.

They mingled at the party for a while then got some food and grabbed a free table. The guys seemed to be famished but the girls only picked at a few things, mostly a couple of desserts. Several of the football players had snuck in booze and they were spiking anyone’s drink that asked. The first hour or so went by quickly. Everyone congratulated the king and queen which, of course, made Stef very happy and embarrassed Cole. The other limo had dropped the same three couples from pictures at Kendall’s here too and they all partied together. Music played out of some speakers set up in the backyard and several couples were dancing. Kyle and Kendall joined them for a while.

Word started spreading around the party of a house where the parents weren’t home and soon the crowd started to slowly dwindle. It was already getting late and the three couples decided to begin the drive rather than risk getting stuck at another party for too long; besides several of them had good reasons to want to leave anyway. Stef did not want to risk running into Jordan or Chris again. Cole was happy not to have to make the drive too tired and the others were just happy to get to the comfort and quiet of the lake house. Naturally everyone had a good idea, or their own opinions, of how fun things would be once they got there, after all, multiple bedrooms without parents.

“Let’s just get going, Kay,” Stef suggested.

“Yeah, I’m all for that,” she said, squeezing Kyle’s arm seductively.

“Me too,” Kyle then chimed in, smiling at Kendall.

“Okay then, let’s go,” Cole agreed.

The three couples said their goodbyes, thanked Peggy and her parents, and then took the limo back to Cole’s house. His father’s SUV was already loaded with the luggage for the trip. They said their goodbyes to Cole’s father, who was still awake, got the usual drive careful speech, and then left. They actually had timed it well. It was only ten after one, so they were nearly right on their original plan.

The ride went smoothly. Everyone stayed awake to help Cole pass the time. They had the music cranked and were drinking caffeinated sodas to stay awake. Michelle and Mark were in the very back and maybe a half hour into the trip started kissing like newlyweds. Stef had noticed a change in Michelle’s attitude towards Mark since he stood up to Jordan. Her hands had been all over the poor guy most of the evening, though Mark definitely didn’t seem to mind.

Stef and Kyle shifted seats one time so Kyle could ride upfront with Cole. Kay had instigated it as she wanted to talk with Stephanie. They whispered to themselves as Cole and Kyle talked sports. Michelle was sitting in Mark’s lap in the back and they were kissing passionately and obviously oblivious to anything else going on.

“You heard those guys,” Kendall began. “They go for cute butts and Cole thinks yours is gorgeous, which, of course, it is.”

“Yeah, so…”

“You going to do it? I’m going to,” Kendall claimed.

“God, Kay. I don’t know. He’s really big like I told you,” Stef whispered.
“Believe me, Kyle’s isn’t going to feel too good either but I want to give it to him.”

“You’re definitely going through with this? Because sometimes you say you are then you back out,” Stef pointed out, referring to other incidents.

“No, I really am. That is if you’ll join me,” Kay proclaimed.

“Geez, Kay. I thought about it but I’m not sure.”

“You’ll love it. I talked to Peggy about it at the party. She’d rather take it in the ass than in her pussy.”

“You got to be kidding me!” Stef exclaimed, but as softly as she could.

“That’s what she said,” Kendall stated. “Of course, she hates to swallow and her parents are religious and they don’t know she is having sex. Therefore if the guy doesn’t have a condom, she won’t let them fuck her as she’s not on the pill.”

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“Well, I’m on the pill and I like it in my mouth and pussy just fine,” Stef replied. “Two good holes ought to be good enough for Cole or any man.”

“Try it, Stef. You might find you like it. Peggy did say that it takes some getting used to though. The first time can be rough, especially if the guy doesn’t go really slow.”

“We’ll see,” was all Stef was willing to venture.

“You’re ready to give it a try. I know you are. Let’s lose our anal virginity together,” Kay offered.

“What are you two talking about,” Kyle said, as he turned around in the captain’s chair.

“Nothing much. Why don’t you come back here again,” Kendall said and winked at him.

They shifted seats again. Stef moved back into the front but not before she glanced back at Michelle and Mark. It was dark in the rear of the car but clearly Michelle was behind one of the seats, out of sight. Stef smiled to herself as she envisioned what that meant. ‘Mark’s dick is probably in the slut’s mouth,’ Stef realized.

Stef talked to Cole the rest of the drive to help him stay awake. As they got close, Stef turned back to Kay and Kyle for directions. Kendall was sitting in Kyle’s lap and they were kissing like two impassioned lovers. His hand was under her gown and Stef could hear her moaning into each tongue-tangled kiss. Kay squirmed her butt in Kyle’s lap. Stef was sure that was because she felt his hard cock probing her ass.

Stef also glanced into the far back to see what Mark and Michelle were up to. Now Mark was nowhere to be seen but Stef could clearly see Michelle with her gown bunched around her hips. Michelle saw her looking and smiled. It was a weak smile showing the pleasure she was feeling from Mark’s obvious attentions to her pussy.

“Kay,” Stef said, turning back to the kissing duo.

“What?” Kendall muttered, between kissing Kyle.

“What is the street we turn on again?”

“East Lake,” Kay said, breaking her kiss and looking forward to Stef and the road.

When Kendall realized where they were she said, “Cole, make a right at the next stop sign. That is East Lake. The house is about one and a half miles up on the left. It is 25440.”

Kendall returned to kissing Kyle as Cole and Stef completed the drive. Just before they pulled in the driveway they heard from the very back of the car deep moans. Then they heard Michelle squeal and say, “Oh, god.”

Stef turned to look before the car came to a stop. Michelle’s head was back and her mouth was open. Her hands looked like they were pressing on Mark’s head but Stef couldn’t be sure with the seat in the way. It was obvious Michelle was climaxing at that very moment. Stef smiled to herself. ‘It was going to be a wild evening and tomorrow.’

Cole parked in the driveway near the house. They exited the SUV and went to the back for the luggage. Kyle and Kay exited from the side door. Stef looked momentarily and thought she saw a bulge and a wet spot in Kyle’s pants as the dome light from inside the car illuminated the front of his pants. She walked to the back where Cole already pulled suitcases out onto the ground. From the back of the car, Stef noticed Michelle and Mark putting themselves back together. Mark used the back of his hand to wipe the obvious moisture from her face as Michelle fixed her gown. Stef smiled when he noticed her looking at him. Mark smiled meekly back.

In five minutes, the guys carried the suitcases for each couple into the house. Kendall and Kyle took her parents’ master bedroom on the first floor. Cole and Stef were the first two up the stairs. Stef remembered the rooms somewhat and she led Cole to the biggest of the upstairs bedrooms with a queen sized bed. The remaining bedrooms were smaller, one with a double bed and the other with two twins. Michelle and Mark took the double.

Twenty minutes later, they had all completed their unpacking and gathered in the huge great room. Even though it was spring and the day had been warm, the evenings in the hills around the lake were still cool. Kendall adjusted the thermostat as Kyle worked to light the huge fieldstone fireplace. He had been to the cabin several times with Kendall and her family. He knew his way around and had even helped her dad chop a lot of the firewood under the huge deck overlooking the lake. Cole and Mark helped bring in wood as Kyle opened the flue and started the gas.

The women went into the kitchen to make a few drinks. Michelle appeared at the kitchen door with a bottle of vodka she had acquired and stowed in her suitcase. They poured everyone Diet Sprite and Michelle laced each with a shot of vodka. The girls giggled as Michelle said, “Let’s liven things up a bit.”

Stef thought to herself, ‘You guys have already livened things up. It’s Cole and my turn now.’

The couples lounged on the couches rimming the fireplace. They drank the drinks the ladies had prepared and ate some snacks that Kendall had put out. The guys noticed the taste of the drink and learned of the girl’s deception and attempt to liven things up. They were all for that and soon everyone was on their second drink as they talked about the prom. Everyone had a great time except for when Jordan caused some trouble.

Sometime during the second drink, Kendall and Kyle picked up where they left off. She once again sat in his lap on the loveseat as they kissed ardently. Michelle took Mark’s hand and led him back upstairs. Stephanie leaned against Cole on the couch as they worked on their second drinks and stared into the fire.

“I like watching fires. Don’t you?” Stef asked.

“Yeah. It’s so relaxing,” Cole agreed.

“How’re you feeling?” Stephanie questioned.

“Great,” Cole said, lifting his near empty glass.

“Me too,” Stef said, turning slightly to look at him.

Her left hand caressed his cheek as they looked into each other’s eyes in the flickering light from the fire. It was the only light in the room, adding to the mellow mood. Only the CD’s Kendall had turned on could be lightly heard over the crackling from the dry wood of the fire.

Cole’s hand caressed the soft curls from the perm of her long dark hair, especially applied for the prom. She took the initiative and leaned in for the first kiss. It was a tender, soft kiss that they immediately followed with another. The kissing continued in intensity and speed until they were both breathing hard. Stef thought, ‘God, I want him so bad.’

Stef took Cole’s hand and led him out onto the big deck. Even at night it was a gorgeous view across the lake. It was not that big a lake but at night they could not see across even in the moonlight. Cole wrapped his arm around Stef’s bare shoulders to protect her from the coolness of the evening as they looked out over the lake. Stef spun slightly in his grasp to press her front against his. They started kissing again to the sounds of the crickets and owls. They kissed for several moments before realizing the mosquitoes had found them. They dashed back inside.

Kendall and Kyle got off the loveseat. She was leading him towards their bedroom. He had an obvious bulge again. Kay winked at Stef before they disappeared down the short hall. Stef knew what that was for. Kendall was reminding her about her proposal that they jointly give up their anal virginity that night.

Cole was holding her around the waist from behind after he had closed the door. When Kendall and Kyle disappeared, Stef turned again to face him. They kissed again standing in the great room. The fire was in need of wood if they intended to stay up. The light it gave off barely illuminated the room. As they kissed, Stef pressed her hardened nipples into his vest covered chest. Cole had removed the tux jacket but otherwise they were still dressed from the prom. Stef could feel Cole’s arousal as their bodies pressed together at the waist.

Cole pulled back from their extended kiss. He looked again into her pretty blue eyes, “You’re so beautiful,” he said. “I’m the luckiest guy in the whole world.”

“You were incredibly handsome in your tux today,” Stef replied.

“Thanks,” Cole answered.

“What would you like to do right now?” Stef asked.

“I want to just feel you close to me,” Cole said.

“That’s nice. Me too,” Stef agreed.

They melded their bodies together again and kissed. Their tongues sought entrance to each other’s mouth in turn. Soon they both needed more than just kissing. Stef stepped back, reached behind her back, and unzipped her gown. Cole pulled off his tie as his eyes drank in the sight of Stef before him. She stepped out of the gown when it was undone. She tossed it over the back of the couch. Stef then turned to face him. If she had looked beautiful to Cole before, having her standing before him in her lacy black bra and tiny black thong, made his cock pulse in the tightness of his pants. She was exquisitely sexy in her matching lingerie.

“Oh, my. You are incredible,” Cole managed to gasp.

Stef smiled and stepped up to him again. Her hands rubbed the bulge in his pants as they resumed kissing. Cole palmed her bare ass cheeks, feeling their firmness. He looked down between their bodies at Stef’s breasts. The push-up bra gave her more cleavage than he had previously noticed. The creamy flesh of her tits drove him crazy. Her hands were also making him feel good and constrained in his pants at the same time.

Stef stepped back and started undoing his belt. She popped it open and pulled the zipper down, which was not easy given the pressure from the inside. His cock pushed his pants open. His boxer-covered dick tented the front. Stef pushed his pants lower as Cole worked to free her breasts of their confinement too. It was almost simultaneous with Stef’s tits and Cole’s cock coming free. His dick swayed stiffly as Stef lowered his boxers. Cole had removed his shoes and used his feet to step out of the pants and boxers. Stef stepped in to remove his vest and shirt. Cole took the moment to palm her tits and tease the distended nipples.

His hands on her nipples drove Stef crazy. They felt like they would explode with his touch and her pussy began to ache and throb as well. She was sure the front of her thong had to be soaked with her juices. She got his shirt open and kissed his bare chest. Cole tried to lower his head to suck one of her turgid nipples but Stef beat him to it. She dropped to her knees before him, taking his huge cock in both hands. She looked at it lovingly, examining the smooth large glans and the drop of clear liquid showing at the tip. At that moment, she could think of nothing but pleasing him with her mouth. ‘I’m going to suck him until he yells for mercy,’ Stephanie said to herself.

Cole watched transfixed as Stef licked the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. He moaned as her tongue ran around the rim of his cockhead driving him crazy. Stef hefted his balls, feeling the weight of his cum filled nuts. Her right hand held his shaft at the base as her mouth engulfed his cockhead. Another drop of pre-cum leaked from his hole and coated her tongue like the previous one.

Steffie was super horny and sucked his cock like a devious demon. She applied tremendous suction to the cockhead making Cole tremble with the intensity and amazing pleasure. He watched her suck him and could do nothing but gasp with the bliss she produced in his dick. He could feel his balls churning but didn’t want to cum yet. He wanted in her pussy. He wanted to please her too. ‘I going to fuck her,’ Cole decided.

Cole let Stef go a little longer. She was definitely into pleasing him. She sucked him deep making him growl through his clenched teeth. Stef could also feel his tight balls and looked up into his face to gauge his level of pleasure. She wanted to please him but also wanted to make it last. The two things at the moment seemed diametrically opposed. She was about to ease up on sucking him when he pulled back out of her mouth.

Cole lifted Stef to her feet. She would have liked to continue sucking him but willingly accepted his idea whatever that would be. The need in her pussy made her hope it was there he planned to go. She squealed with delight when he bent her over the back of the couch once she was standing. Cole moved behind her and pulled her thong aside. The strap was soaked from her desire. He teased her briefly by rubbing the head of his cock up and down in her slit. ‘Oh, fuck! Do it!’ Stef pleaded to herself. ‘Fuck me. Take me with your big cock.’

Just as those thoughts filled her head, Cole thrust into her. It was a bit more abrupt than she could recall him being in the past but it didn’t bother her. In fact, it made her growl with the delicious penetration. He filled her completely as his cock sank into her aroused cunt. He had learned the different levels of a woman’s arousal and knew Stef was ready for him. Cole held her hips as he ground his cock to the hilt inside her tightly clenching pussy. Stef felt so full of him and he felt like her velvet vise was gripping his cock, making it throb more.

“Oh, shit. You’re so hot and tight,” Cole moaned aloud.

“It feels wonderful,” Stef gasped, as his hands cupped her breasts and he fucked her bent over the couch.

Cole wanted to go slow but his body betrayed him. He was so excited he started pounding into Stef almost right away. She was turned on too and accepted his deep probing cock with delight. His cock was sending electric charges of pleasure throughout Stef’s body. Cole’s hands fondling her tits increased her pleasure level too.

“Oh, fuck,” Cole grunted. “I don’t know how long I can last, Steffie.”

“Don’t worry, Cole. Just keep fucking me. Oh, yeah…fuck me good.”

“Shit. You feel so good I’m going to cum soon,” Cole informed.

“Do it! Cum in my pussy, Cole. Plant your seed deep inside me,” Stef stated naughtily.

“Fuck…,” Cole growled. “Oh, shit!”

Cole was fucking into her hard now. Each thrust smacked his hips against her ass. Her legs were pinned against the back of the couch on each thrust Cole made into her slick wet cunt. He pinched her nipples one last time and straightened up. He held her hips as he pounded her aroused pussy. Stef used her hands on the seat of the couch to hold herself up. Cole pulled her back on his big deep penetrating cock on each lunge forward.

‘Oh, geez. He’s fucking me so beautifully,’ Stef told herself. ‘He’s going to spray his cum inside me any second now.’

Stef’s own thoughts helped push her to the edge. Her orgasm welled up inside her just as she heard Cole grunt loudly. She hung her head and groaned too as the initial shockwaves of bliss coursed through her. Seconds into Stef’s climax she could feel Cole’s cock swell inside her. He howled somewhat loudly for the quiet house as he went over the edge.

Stef felt the first huge blast of boiling cum scald her womb as it shot deep into her belly. The feel of him ejaculating inside her added greatly to her own wonderful pleasure. Stef moaned through repeated delicious tingling strings of bliss that fogged her brain. Their orgasms finally ebbed together after many moments. Cole supported himself with his arms on the back of the couch but he leaned across Stef’s back. He kissed the back of her neck where her long hair parted as it hung down to the couch seat.

“Oh, god, that was good,” Stef gasped.

“You drive me crazy,” Cole whispered into her ear through ragged breaths.

“You do the same to me,” Stef admitted.

Cole was getting a sore back from leaning over so he slowly rose up and extracted his softening dick from deep inside Stef’s cunt. She moaned when it finally fell free of her still pulsing pussy. Stef swore she could feel cool air rushing up her stretched and gapping cunt hole. She also felt his cum begin to run from her in a river. To keep from messing the rug, she quickly cupped her hand under her gapping gash to catch what she could.

It was none too soon either as a flood exited her and immediately coated her hand and threatened to overflow it. Cole returned from a nearby desk with tissues just in the nick-of- time. He placed several in Stef’s hand as he wrapped a couple around his soaked cock. Stef moved the tissues to cover her still leaking sex. She could straighten herself now and turned to face him.

“We better grab our clothes and head to the bedroom before someone catches us like this,” Stef said, indicating her own nakedness.

Cole still had his shirt and vest on even though they were open. He agreed and they grabbed their clothes from the floor and made a beeline for the stairs. They made it into their room without being noticed. Some quick preparations for bed, coupled with some naked dashes to the bathroom, and soon they were cuddled up in the bed. It was nearly four in the morning but both were still too turned on and excited to sleep. Adrenaline was keeping them from getting tired.

Stef lay beside Cole with her head on his shoulder. He petted her wavy hair as he enjoyed the smell and softness of her body against his. She teased one of his small nipples with her fingers making it stiff with her touch. He kissed the top of her soft hair as he thought, ‘God, I love you, Steffie.’

Mark and Michelle had barely made it into the room before they tore at each other’s clothes. Each had cum in the car by oral stimulation but now they needed to fuck in the worst way. When they were naked they pulled the sheets back and tumbled onto the bed crosswise. Mark immediately started sucking on Michelle’s nipples and squeezed her beautifully big tits. His cock was already hard and poking at Michelle’s belly. She fondled his cock and balls with both hands as she let him attack her sensitive tits.

“Suck my tits, Mark,” Michelle pleaded happily. “Oh, that feels so good.”

“You tits are delicious,” Mark managed to say between mouthfuls of nipple and tit.

“Put it in me, Mark. Fuck me with your wonderful dick,” Michelle begged.

Mark had no point of reference since Michelle had been his first. He didn’t know most girls weren’t as quick to verbalize their needs as Michelle. He thought it normal to be instructed and liked the nasty talk anyway. It turned him on to hear her tell him to fuck her or suck her tits. ‘God, she is fucking hot,’ Mark thought as he obeyed.

Mark stayed on her breast but managed to align his cock with her cunt. Michelle helped him guide the cockhead into her crease and into the mouth of her hole. With her wetness, a simple shove from Mark seated his cockhead a good inch inside her. The second thrust sends him halfway in. Michelle gasped and moaned as he entered her. Mark tried to concentrate on sucking her nipple but soon found himself more interested in the pleasure her pussy gave his cock.

“Oh, fuck me,” Michelle growled.

Mark started sawing into her like he couldn’t wait to get off. He thrust as deeply as he could into Michelle making the older bed squeak in protest as they fucked. He had to let go of her tit in order to concentrate on fucking her. His cock was a blur as he hammered her to the bed. Fortunately the earlier cum had given him a bit for staying power as he probed her depths.
“Fuck me, Mark. Fuck my tight pussy,” Michelle entreated. “Oh, god. You’re going to make me cum soon.”

Mark wanted exactly that. He wanted to make her cum because he was beginning to feel that familiar churning in his balls. He knew he couldn’t last much longer himself.

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They had left the light off but the moonlight shone right through their uncurtained window. Mark looked down at the pleasure-wracked body of Michelle as she thrashed beneath him enjoying his thrusts. Her wonderfully big tits jiggled seductively with each in stroke. Her pretty face was tortured with the ecstasy flooding her body. ‘God, I love fucking her,’ Mark thought.

Michelle grabbed her quaking breasts and teased her own nipples. She tweaked them hard as Mark watched. She then pulled the nipples hard away from her chest stretching the nipples till they looked like it must hurt. It wouldn’t be long now until she came. She could feel her orgasm about to break.

“Cum in me,” Michelle said loudly. “Give it to me.”

‘I’ll give it to you,’ Mark growled to himself. ‘I’ll paint your insides with my cum.’

Michelle went off first. Her body shook with tingling nerves all firing off at once. Her pussy shot her juice into her cunt making his cock squish as he pumped her. Mark’s balls slapped against her ass as he pistoned into her. Just as Michelle started to come down Mark began firing bullets of hot cum into her hole. He came with remarkable volume given his recent discharge into her anxious mouth. Michelle had barely recovered when his spewing cock turned her on again. The feel of him hosing her insides with his seed drove her crazy. Her pussy clamped on him like a vise which caused Mark to stop moving. He remained lodged deep inside Michelle was his dick finished releasing its spermatic brew.

“God! Oh, shit,” Michelle voiced aloud. “So good…so good.”

Mark’s cock finally stopped shooting cum into her and he rolled away exhausted. The rapid fuck had drained the last of Mark’s energy and he collapsed beside her panting. Michelle was panting too as her second orgasm began to wane. They stayed like that for several moments until they both caught their breath. They then got under the covers in a spooning fashion with Michelle inside and Mark behind her. They both fell dead asleep within twenty minutes.

When Kyle and Kendall had closed the door to the master bedroom, Kendall had pulled him to the bed. She sat down on the edge of the bed and freed his engorged cock. When freed of all his clothes, he stood before her with his fairly long cock pointing straight at her mouth. Kay pulled him to her and engulfed the head. ‘I’m only going to suck him a minute,’ she thought. ‘I don’t want him cumming yet.’

Kyle groaned as Kendall sucked on his cock. He had been hyper-sexed, it seemed to him, all day long. He had wanted to fuck Kay badly after the picture taking at her house, again during the prom, and even at the party. Once they got in the car and she sat in his lap, she drove him crazy with lust. The kissing downstairs in the great room by the fireplace had nearly made him cum without her even touching his bare cock. Now he felt the sperm in his balls already boiling with need. He warned Kendall he might cum. “Kay, I’m close,” Kyle gasped.

Kendall pulled away allowing his dick a moment of reprieve. She looked up into his eyes in the dim light from the one she had left on in the master bath. She could see the strain on his face. “Can you cum now and still fuck me?” Kendall asked.

“Probably, but I’m getting tired too,” Kyle allowed.

Kendall stood and kissed him with her hand holding his stiff shaft. “I had plans for you tonight,” she continued. “I wanted to give you something special. Give you my last virgin hole. Would you like to fuck me in the ass?”

“Oh, god,” Kyle growled and Kay felt his cock pulse.

“Does that mean yes?” Kay teased.

“You sure you want me to?” Kyle offered.

She kissed him again. “Yes, I want to give it to you,” Kendall stated.

“I don’t have a condom or…”

“I have everything we need right here,” Kay said, bending to open the bedside table drawer and extracting lube and several condoms.

“Oh, fuck, Kay!”

“Does that mean you want to?”

“Oh, god! Sure. But I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Me neither, but I think we will be okay if you just go really slowly.”

“Okay,” Kyle agreed.

“But are you to close to cumming?” Kay asked.

“I think so,” Kyle moaned.

“You want to cum first, then do it?”



“I don’t care. Where would you like…”

“You probably want me to just finish you with my mouth but how about you fuck me. After you cum I’ll suck you back to life. How does that sound?” Kay offered.

“Okay,” Kyle readily agreed.

Kyle helped Kendall strip out of her gown and underwear. He admired her tight body in her thong and bra before she removed them. His cock was still ramrod stiff and though they had stopped for a while all the erotic talk hadn’t lessened his edge. When Kay smiled at him and fell back across the bed with her legs spread invitingly, he nearly lost it again. He worried he was going to cum as soon as his cock entered her. He had an idea.

Kyle dropped down on his knees next to the bed and kissed her inner thighs. He looked up into her eyes and she realized what he intended. He could read the desire in her eyes and he kissed her soft flesh leading to her sex. His nostrils flared at the womanly aroma. He looked from her face to her snatch and could see her already pouting lips. Obvious moisture showed the extent of her arousal as well.

He tortured her with light kisses to her abdomen and all around her slit. She moaned with need but before she could beg him to start, he licked from the bottom of her cunt to her clit in one long swipe. Kay stiffened and reached for his head, her fingers curling in his hair. She would not let him stop now.

Kyle licked all around Kay’s shaved pussy. Her pussy was like a flower with the outer pedals beginning to open to the light of day. Kyle’s fingers held her open for his attacking tongue. He chewed lightly on the inner lips of her cunt and pulled them back, away from her body. Kendall howled with need and pushed his face into her gash. “Oh, eat me good, baby,” Kay said. “Make me cum on your tongue.”

He bore his tongue into her hole and licked away the increasing moisture he found there. Kendall and Kyle had been going steady a while and he knew many of the things that pleased her. He paid particular attention to her lips and driving his tongue as deep as he could inside her. But when it came time to really push her buttons, he used his fingers to pull up her extended hood and expose her clit. Kay had a clit about as big as a small marble. Kyle had learned how to drive her mad by teasing it. His tongue worked around but not directly on top of it. Kay arched her back off the bed as she simultaneously tried to plant his head inside her.

“Oh, god, Kyle! I can’t stand it,” Kay grunted. “Suck me, baby. Please…suck me!”

Kyle took her cue and sucked the hard little knob into his mouth. The reaction from Kay was immediate and intense.

“Ahhh…,” she howled. Fuck……meee….”

Kyle’s tongue tortured the little nub in his mouth. Kay’s back was arched up into his face as if she was practicing some difficult yoga move, her firm ass off the bedding and her hands gripping it white knuckled. The remaining words were trapped in her mouth as the blissful waves of pleasure washed over her. She had been super horny too and his mouth brought her to a dramatic release.

Kyle’s hands reached upward to her smallish breasts and grabbed both nipples between his forefingers and thumbs. He pinched them as he continued to flick her trapped clit. He held on as best he could as she shuddered through an intense orgasm. His chin began to feel the wetness of her release. Halfway through her climax he shifted off her tortured clit to bury his tongue inside her hole. He lapped to gather her nectar as she juiced in his mouth and over his chin. He stayed there till he felt her begin to relax. When her ass finally fell back to the bed, he followed to tenderly lick her cunt clean of her cum.

Kay lay still for quite a while and Kyle licked her clean then moved up to suck her nipples. He could suck a whole tit, small pink nipple and all into his mouth. She was still recovering from her beautiful orgasm when Kyle kissed her. She opened her eyes to look in his just as she felt his cock nudge up against her cunt. He settled into her gash and pushed in a little. He entered her easily and eased more inside.

“Oh, god,” Kendall moaned.

“You ready, babe?” Kyle asked with a smile.

“Yes, definitely,” Kay said. It wasn’t necessarily true but she knew he was.

Kyle had had a chance to recover a little despite the erotic act of eating her delicious pussy. He loved eating her out but the lack of direct stimulation to his cock had allowed him time to back down. He sank his cock to the hilt inside her tight juicy hole. He loved being inside Kay. She was of slighter build than either Michelle or Stephanie but she was a great fuck. Her pussy grabbed his cock like a warm, wet and slick hand. His stabs made contact with her clit and drove her crazy. She hung with him, pushing her cunt to him to meet each of his strong thrusts.

Even though Kyle was ready to fuck, he was quick to need release too. He pounded into her deeply and strongly. They fucked like wild horses, banging into each other with abandon. It wasn’t long before they both shuddered with the force of their release. Kyle pumped her full of cum as they continued to grind their organs together. Both of them gasped out their release. It took long moments before they fell apart gasping.

“Oh, god,” Kay groaned.

“That was great!” Kyle exclaimed, as he wiped the sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Can you still go again?” a drained Kendall asked.

“Give me a minute and maybe with your help I’ll be ready,” Kyle stated.

Meanwhile, Stef had broken the embrace with Cole and slipped down his body to align herself with his flaccid cock. That was twenty minutes ago and now he was moaning desperately as she sucked him. He had offered to fuck her again after the first ten minutes of her sucking but she told him to just enjoy. She wanted to make him as happy as he made her today.

She stopped her sucking to say, “Lay back, my king, and let your queen show her love.”

“Oh, god, My Queen,” Cole groaned. “You are the best in all thy land.”

“Thank you, My Lord,” Stef said, smiling at him.

To show her skill, she took him deep in one nearly smooth stroke. She always had to stop with his big cock at the back of her mouth to quickly adjust her throat to take him. It only took a near imperceptible second to align her throat. It looked to the untrained eye like one motion. He could tell though as his cock paused that millisecond before entering her throat. He growled as the tight muscles of her throat grasped his engulfed cock.

“Oh, my queen. That is fabulous,” Cole claimed gasping.

Stef backed off to breathe, “Cum in my mouth, oh, Lord. Let me taste your royal seed.”

“It’s going to be soon, My Pretty,” Cole moaned.

Stef went back to using her talents on his cock. Her hands and mouth played him like a flute. She really could have made him cum long ago if she had wanted but didn’t. She wanted to draw out his pleasure and hers too. She could feel tiny delicious little orgasms tingling through her body every so often as she sucked him. His magnificent cock was a sheer joy for her to suck and she gave it her all.

“Oh, fuck, you Royal Slut,” Cole chided as his mind flooded over with bliss.

“Mmmm,” was the extent of Stephanie’s reply with his cock in her mouth.

“Ahhh,” Cole yelled as his dick erupted.

His cum hosed the back of her mouth and filled her oral cavity to near capacity as he unloaded several strong blasts. Stef waited for the three or four big pulses she knew would come and then swallowed as the next few tapered off. She collected those as she sucked tenderly on the softening head. Cole’s body trembled with the intensity of his climax. He lay still when it was over as Stef sucked gently on his softening cock.

Stef swallowed the rest of his cum and slid back up beside him. They curled up with each other and went to sleep.

Unknowingly Kendall had just taken Kyle’s cock back in her mouth as her best friend’s was being flooded with Cole’s cum. Kay could taste herself and Kyle on his still wet dick. She sucked on the soft member for a few minutes before it started to grow. It was another few minutes before he was completely stiff. Kendall took her mouth from his cock, proud of her skills at getting him hard again. She tickled the underside of the head with the tip of her tongue as she talked.

“Ready to do my rear hole?” Kay asked mischievously between licks.

“You bet, Babe. I’m going to fuck your ass so good,” Kyle stated.

Kendall rolled off the bed to retrieve the condom and the gel. She put the condom on for him as Kyle watched her. She then slathered it with gel and rubbed some on her own ass.

“How do you want to do this?” Kendall asked. Her confidence of before was giving way now to nervousness as the end of her anal virginity approached.

“You’re supposed to be on all fours and I enter you from behind,” Kyle stated like he was a pro. Actually he had just seen it in porn a few times.

Kendall climbed on the bed and positioned herself with her cute firm ass up in the air. As Kyle moved behind her, she had reservations and thoughts of Stef. ‘I hope she is joining me in this,’ Kendall told herself. ‘I’d rather go through this with Stef at the same time.’

Kyle pushed her head down lightly forcing her ass even higher. He rubbed the gel-slick, condom-covered head of his cock into the crease of her ass. Kendall gritted her teeth getting ready for the first attempt of penetration. ‘Oh, god, here we go,’ she lamented.

Meanwhile Kyle was thinking, ‘Kay is great. I can’t believe she is letting me do her anally for the first time.’

Kyle nudged up against her pink crinkly rosebud. If he had been really knowledgeable, he would have worked her open first with his finger. Instead he pushed right away with his cock but got nowhere. He just managed to make Kendall moan. He held her hips and pushed again. Kendall groaned this time but her tiny little anal ring remained tight as a taut rubber band.

Kyle did have the sense to say, “Relax, Babe.”

Kendall tried but all she could think was, ‘Where’s, Stef. I hope she is doing…ahhh,’

Kyle popped the head of his dick through her sphincter muscle and lodged it in her butthole. He held it there momentarily for her to adjust to the intruder and because Kay howled like she had been stabbed.

“Oh, shit! Kyle, stop! Oh, fuck, that hurts.”

“You okay, Kay? Want me to stop?”

She hadn’t gone this far to back out just yet. “No…just give me a minute.”

Kyle waited until she told him okay. He eased in a little more. The lube was working to help ease his entry but she was virginal tight. ‘Oh, god, how can Peggy like this?’ Kendall thought.

Kyle pushed again. “Oh, shit, stop!” Kendall yelled. “Fuck…wait a minute, Kyle.”

He rested with half his cock stuck in Kendall’s asshole. He had thoughts of his own. ‘I knew her pussy was tight but this is incredible,’ Kyle growled to himself. ‘Her ass is squeezing my cock like a vise.’

“Okay…go slow,” Kendall said.

Kyle eased a little more in and then a little more when Kay didn’t protest. He waited a little longer then pushed more in. He was nearly seated completely up her rear cavity. He decided to start to pull back. He was surprised by the reaction from Kendall, expecting her to like the fact he was withdrawing. Instead to Kendall it felt like he was extricating her insides.

“Slow, Kyle! Dammit! Go slow will you,” she said, now a little testy from the pain and exertion. Her ass felt like it was stretched grossly beyond all natural reality.

“Sorry, Babe,” Kyle said, truly not wanting to hurt her.

When Kendall again relaxed, Kyle slowly extracted his cock. He looked to Kay’s hands and they gripped the comforter on the bed as hard as they could. When he was out to the head, he slowly eased back in. He repeated this process gaining only a little speed each time. Kendall no longer protested but grunted with each inward thrust. Kyle watched his cock pushing into her anal chute and felt a pulse of excitement through his dick.

Slowly Kyle gained speed and Kay took it. He reached up to her tit and fondled one nipple as he fucked her. He tried hard to pay attention to her pleasure, or lack of pain as the situation was. After a while more he used the other hand to play with her pussy and rub her clit. Eventually he noticed a change in Kendall but it might have been too late for him. His cock was throbbing with desire as her asshole squeezed his cock deliciously.

Kyle fucked her ass at a good pace now. Her anal chute had opened up and relaxed enough by then to take the long thick intruder. He managed to get all of himself into her and she even pushed back a little. They fucked for a few more minutes but Kyle could feel his balls churning with need.

“Oh, shit. Kay, I’m going to cum,” Kyle announced.

“Do it, Kyle,” Kay agreed, not sure if she could get off this way.

It was beginning to feel good. Strangely good but good none-the-less. She wasn’t sure if it was the fucking of his cock into her ass or his fingers rubbing her clit. But something or both together were beginning to feel good. Kay moaned as he pumped her ass. She could feel Kyle’s body tensing as he fucked her ass. She knew he would cum before her.

Kyle pumped his cock back and forth into Kendall’s back hole. The lube had helped to make her anal passage slick and his cock sliced through the slickness to bury in her rectum. Kyle reached his peak and drove his cock hard into Kay’s butt. She moaned but accepted the deep probing of her colon.

“Oh, fuck,” Kyle grunted as his cock fired off in her butt. The condom caught the jizz but she could feel him pulsing in her ass.

“Ahhh…,” Kay groaned. Surprisingly, a small pang of pleasure swept over her as she felt him throb with his release in her ass. It was a different type of orgasm than normally from her cunt but pleasant as well.

Kyle slowly withdrew when he was finally done cumming in her ass. The condom held the whiteness of his seed in the reservoir end when it popped free of her ass. Kyle looked at her gaping ass chute. It was reddish pink. He could have easily stuck his finger in now.

Kay slumped to the bed as Kyle removed the condom and wrapped it in tissues before depositing it in the bathroom trash. When he returned he climbed on the bed and snuggled up to Kay.

“You okay, Sweets?” Kyle asked.

“I think so,” Kay whispered back.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little.”

“Thanks for giving me your anal virginity,” Kyle offered.

“You’re welcome, Baby,” Kay said, turning to kiss him.

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