Chemistry Between Nerds and Sluts

‘Shit, I got to get an A in this advanced chemistry class,’ Stephanie Wallace thought as she drove her new car home from high school.

Stephanie was a graduating senior and her dad had bought her the BMW as a reward for getting into Northwestern and also as an eighteenth birthday present. The problem was she had done nothing but party in her second semester senior year and her grades had slipped a lot. Northwestern would not be impressed with her performance in her senior year if she did not pick it up. As a result, she had fallen hopelessly behind. She also wasn’t crazy about Mr. Stern, the chemistry teacher, so going to him for help was not desirable either.

Stef hit the speed dial on her cell and her best friend Kendall answered on the third ring. Kendall was going to Notre Dame in the fall but had been partying hardy with Stef and they were both in the same boat.

“Kay, I’m fucked!” Stef said.

“Who was it this time, Stef, Jordan or Chris?” Kay asked, with a smirk.

“Not that fucked, though Chris nailed me good Wednesday after school. No, I mean in advanced chem,” Stef said.

“You know that weird science shit well. What happened?”

“I’ve been fucking around too much is what’s happened,” Stef declared.

“Tell me about it! If I don’t pull up my calculus grade, my dad is going to freak, not to say anything about how Notre Dame might feel,” Kendall admitted.

“What are we going to do? I don’t think I can catch back up again,” Stephanie admitted.

“Me neither. I don’t know but I have a test next week that will be a third of my grade and I’m totally lost,” Kendall stated.

“Me, too! We’ve got to do something.”


“What are you doing today?” Stephanie asked.

“Going bowling with Kyle,” Kendall said. “You want to come?”

“No, Chris asked me to see this movie with him. How about we meet afterward?”

“Sounds sweet. Where?”

“The TGIF?”

“Okay. I’ll call you when we are done,” Kendall said.

“See ya, Kay,” Stef said.

“Later, Stef.”

Stephanie turned into her development. As she passed by Cole Richards’ house, he was getting out of his car and grabbing his bookbag. She honked and he smiled and waved. They had known each other for years but had drifted apart in high school. Stef was very popular. She was a pompom girl and dated many of the football players. Cole on the other hand had become more of a brainiac and moved in different circles. She didn’t ever recall seeing him with a girl or at any of the dances.

Stef thought back to the times they used to play together back in middle school and junior high. She had actually thought he was cute at one point and they always had fun together. She wondered what had happened between them. Nothing really except different friends. He was in her advanced chem class but she sat on the other side of the

room and only said hi to him.

That got her thinking again about her problems with advanced chem. She had to do something. She was far behind and she knew it. She had been a wonderful student with high grades and mostly advanced classes but lately she had let things slip and partied too much. She was smart enough to know she needed help to catch up but dreaded going to Mr. Stern. As she turned into her driveway a thought struck her. She hurried inside as the thought developed.

Stef dumped her books for the weekend, said hi to her mom, and headed to her room. She had an idea she thought she might play out as she looked up a number and dialed the phone.


“Cole, it’s Stephanie.”

“Hi, Stephanie. How are you?”

“Fine. And you?”

“Good…what’s up,” Cole asked, more than a little surprised by the call.

Stephanie was one of the prettiest girls in high school. His friends were always impressed when she said hi to him. They had been good friends once but things had changed. Hi had been the extent of their conversations for probably two years.

“Surprised I’m calling?” Stef asked.

“A little,” Cole admitted.

“Well, I have a favor to ask. We’re about ready to start the labs in advanced chem and I wanted to be your lab partner.”

“You do?”

“Yeah. I need help and you seem to know this stuff far better than me,” Stef confided.

“I’m already kinda set to work with Mark,” Cole said. “I can’t just dump him.”

“Oh, please, Cole. I need a good grade in chem and I’m lost in that class.”

“You can catch back up. You’re smart,” Cole offered.

“Not as smart as you. You really know this shit and I need a lot of help.”

“Go see Mr. Stern. He’ll give you some help or extra credit or something,” Cole said.

“I can’t. I think he hates me for not paying attention and talking to Michelle.”

“Gosh, Stef, I really am already committed to Mark as a lab partner.”

“Come on, please, Cole. I really need help. For old time sake,” Stef pleaded.

“I wish I could but…”

“Come on, Cole! I’ll do anything. You’ve just got to help me,” Stef begged.

“It wouldn’t be right to just drop…

“Hey, it’s a nice day out. How about meeting me at the old bench we used to meet at on the bike path? I’ll meet you there in ten minutes on my bike,” Stef offered.

“I don’t know. It’s getting late and I have homework and…

“Please! Come on! Just for a short time.”

“Why do we have to…”

“I want to talk to you face to face and not over the phone,” Stef said.

“Alright. Ten minutes. I can’t stay long though.”

“Okay! Thanks!” Stef said.

After Cole hung up he wasn’t entirely sure why he was doing this. He had already promised Mark they would be lab partners and to go back on one of his best friends now was something he didn’t feel good about even if it was for Stephanie.

Cole went out to the garage and pulled his bike down from the hook on the ceiling. He hadn’t ridden it since the fall, so he checked the tires for air. They needed a little so he quickly added some. Stef was right, it was a nice early spring day, and even at four o’clock was mild enough for a quick bike ride. It took him closer to fifteen minutes to get to the bench but Stef was not there yet either. He spotted her coming a few minutes later.

“Sorry I’m late,” she said, seemingly a little stressed over it. “My bike needed air in both tires.”

“Mine too,” Cole stated, knowing she was probably telling him the truth, not that it mattered.

“Well, thanks for meeting me. It’s good to talk with you again. We’ve not talked much for a while.”

“No, not too much,” Cole admitted.

“What happen to us? I miss talking with you,” Stef said, with real sincerity.

“I don’t know. Guess we both went our own way.”

“Yeah, I guess so. Where did you decide to go for college?”

“I’m going to The University of Illinois for engineering,” Cole said.

“That’s great. They have a wonderful engineering program, I hear,” Stef said.

“Yeah, it’s one of the best. Did I hear you’re going to Northwestern?”

“Yeah, that’s if they don’t bounce me out for doing so poorly second semester senior year,” Stef admitted. “I really need your help, Cole. You understand this advanced chem stuff and I’m totally lost.”

“You can study with Mark and me. How about that? I can’t change partners, Stef. He’s one of my best friends. He wouldn’t appreciate it.”

“Can’t you tell him I begged you to?” Stef pleaded.

“Why don’t you just study with us?”

“That won’t help. I’m too far behind. If I hook up with Michelle as a lab partner we’ll both fail,” Stef stated.

“Michelle could study with us too.”

“You kidding! She’s even more lost than me. I can’t partner with her. That would be suicide. No, I need to partner with you,” Stef insisted.

“Oh, god, Stef. I don’t know. I’d like to help you out, really. But this isn’t fair to Mark.”

“Mark could partner with Michelle and we could all study together like you said,” Stef proposed.

“Well, that’s a possibility. But it’s still not fair to Mark. Together we could get an A easily. Apart we’re going to have to work hard at it.”

“But you could still get A’s,” Stef said.

“Yeah, probably, but why should we work so hard?” Cole said.

“To help me out! And help Michelle,” Stef pleaded.

“Stef, I’d like to help you but…”

“What would it take for you to say yes?” Stef asked.

“What do you mean? I’m not…”

“Just ask me. What would it take for you to say yes?”

“Stef, you don’t need to do…”

“I told you I would do anything. What would make you happy?”

“Stef, please…”

“Have you been with a girl yet?” Stef asked point blank.

“What? Well,…no…not yet, but…”

“Ever had a blowjob?” Stef asked.

“Oh, god! Ahh…no, not yet, but…”

“I’ll give you one if you agree,” Stef said.

“You don’t have to do…”

“I think I could even get Michelle to blow Mark if that would help you agree,” Stef said.

“Oh, god. I don’t know. This isn’t right…”

“I’ll do it if you agree. Come on, Cole. We can help each other out.”

“Geez, Stef. You shouldn’t have to do that if you don’t…”

“I want to! It’s no big deal. You just agree to help me by being my lab partner and I’ll gladly do it for you. It’ll be fun,” Stef said.

“You mean it?”


“I should talk to Mark first,” Cole claimed.

“You think he’ll agree if I can get Michelle to blow him?”

“Probably! He hasn’t had one either that I know of,” Cole stated, with a smile now.

“Okay. You set it up with him and I’ll take care of Michelle,” Stef pronounced.


“Call me after you check with him,” Stef said.


They parted company and rode back home. Each made their calls before dinner.

“You’re never going to believe this,” Cole said, as Mark picked up his cell.


“You know Michelle from advanced chem?”

“Yeah, she sits over by Stephanie on the other side of the room, right? She is cute. Not as cute as Stephanie, but cute too,” Mark claimed.

“Yeah, she is. And I might be able to arrange it for her to blow you,” Cole told him.

“What? Are you serious! How…why…what the hell are you…”

“All you have to do is agree to be her lab partner.”

“What? She doesn’t even pay attention in class. That would be crazy! Besides we were suppose to be lab partners. Are you just trying to get out of being my partner? How would you ever arrange for her to blow me?”

“I can and, no, I’m not trying to get out of being your lab partner but I can arrange this if you’re willing?” Cole said.

“No way! I mean it sounds very tempting but she would never do that. Besides she’d be a terrible lab partner and I want to get an A in this class.

“If I could arrange it, are you interested?” Cole pressed.

“She’s one of the cool crowd like your love, Stephanie, hangs out with. She’d never suck off a geek like me. What makes you think you could arrange that?” Mark asked.

“Not me. Stef,” Cole dropped on Mark.

“Why would she do that…Michele doesn’t even know I exist?” Mark claimed.

“Well, here it is. Stef wants to be my lab partner. She’s afraid she’s failing chem and figures with me as her lab partner, she’ll be able to pull an A. She thinks she can arrange it for you to be Michele’s lab partner and we’d all study together. Not a bad deal for two horny virgin geeks like us, don’t you think?” Cole said, trying to be persuasive.

“Oh, I see, you want to dump me for Stef. She gives you a cute smile and you’re prepared to drop me as a lab partner,” Mark protested.

“No, I told her about our agreement and you’d have to go along. That’s why she’s checking right now to see if Michele wants to blow you,” Cole explained.

“You really think Michele might agree?”

“Maybe? Stef can be persuasive,” Cole stated.

“Yeah, what do you get out of this from her? Did she agree to blow you too if you help her?” Mark wanted to know.

“As a matter of fact, yes,” Cole confessed.

“Wow, this is unfucking real. We both get blowjobs from two of the hottest chicks in school if we let them be our lab partners? As long was we study together, I’m game,” Mark finally concluded.

“You really are? You’re all for it?”

“As long as we all study together. Besides, is it just one blowjob or could we extract several from them?” Mark queried.

“Just one, but who knows. Maybe we could demand more if they slow us down too much,” Cole commented.

“Yeah, one for each study session,” Mark stated with a laugh, the wheels turning.

“Don’t get carried away. Besides Stef is smart and Michele is no idiot either. They should be able to catch up okay,” Cole claimed.

“This will be wild if Stef can get Michele to agree,” Mark pronounced.

“Sure will,” Cole agreed.

“I bet you can’t wait to get your dick in Stef’s cute mouth,” Mark stated, with a chuckle.

“What about you? You’ll be cumming the second Michele touches you,” Cole claimed.

“You’re probably right. I think I’m getting excited now just from the prospect,” Mark agreed, with a laugh.

“Me too,” Cole stated, laughing with him.

“Call me as soon as you hear anything,” Mark said.

“Okay,” Cole replied, hanging up the phone.

Stephanie had also called Michele when she got back home. Michele picked up after the fourth ring.

“Hey, Stef. What’s up?” Michele asked.

“Hey, Michele. You know how we were talking the other day about being totally lost in advanced chemistry? Well, I think I have a solution,” Stef offered.

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“What is that? You finally giving in and going to see weird Mr. Stern for help?”

“No, he’s too weird. I think he hates you and me too for talking in class and not paying attention. No, this is better than that. We get Mark and Cole to be our lab partners,” Stef explained.

“Who? You mean those two nerds sitting on the other side of the room. They’re a bunch of dweebs. Sorry, I shouldn’t say that because I know you know Cole from long ago but they are as weird as Mr. Stern,” Michele claimed.

“They’re not that bad. At least I know Cole isn’t. And you have to admit they’re the smartest guys in the class. They know this shit and we need help fast. We could all study together and be their lab partners,” Stef said.

“This is your brilliant idea on how to get a better grade? You must be losing it,” Michele stated.

“It could work. It’s better than going to Mr. Stern.”

“Marginally! What makes you think those nerds would even be interested?”

“I talked to Cole about it after school today. I saw him by his house,” Stef explained.

“He agreed?”

“Well, not just like that. We would have to do something nice for them too,” Stef answered.

“Like what?”

“Like give them a little head,” Stef said, waiting for the protest from Michele which came immediately.

“No fucking way! I’m not sucking off that dweeb! You got to be kidding! You can’t be serious?” Michele exclaimed, astonished that Stef would even suggest it.

“It’s the only way to get them to help,” Stef tried to explained.

“This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of. You losing your mind?” Michele claimed.

“Why is it so bad? You sucked off Bobby and John behind the bleachers last week.”

“That’s different. Those guys are at least half way cool. These guys are bona fide nerds,” Michele explained. “My rep could get damaged.”

“If you ask me, Cole and Mark are cuter than Bobby and John,” Stef said, going out on a limb with her friend.

“You’re freaking out,” Michele stated. “You think those guys are good looking? Yuk!”

“Come on, Michele. You’d suck off three fat ugly football players before you’d look twice at a halfway decent looking brainiac. Admit it!” Stef said.

“That’s not true!” Michele complained.

“No? How about Walter? Isn’t his nickname “Whale?”

“That’s different. I was a little drunk that night,” Michele tried to explain.

“So, you can get drunk before you do Mark,” Stef said, with a chuckle.

“You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” Michele wanted to know.

“Yes! We both need help fast! This is the best way for both of us.”

“My god, Stef! If anyone finds out about this we could be ostracized from the in crowd,” Michele offered.

“Mark and Cole won’t say anything. We can make them promise. They’re both eighteen and still virgins. They’ll promise anything probably to get us to do this,” Stef voiced.

“You better be right. I don’t want to become the laughing stock of school just before I graduate,” Michele proclaimed.

“Me neither. Don’t worry. This is the best way for us to get A’s in chem.”

“I hope you’re right,” Michele said. “Okay, I’ll do it, reluctantly. Mark better have a nice dick and not some puny little two incher!”

Stef laughed, “You’re particular all of a sudden?”

“Maybe a little,” Michele stated, laughing herself at the real truth.

Stef hung up with Michele and soon after her mother called for dinner. After she ate dinner she called Cole again.

“It’s all set with Michele,” Stef said, when Cole answered his cell.

“Really? She agreed?”

“Yeah. What did Mark say?” Stef asked.

“He agreed too,” Cole stated.

“Good! When do you want to do this?” Stef asked, all of a sudden a little nervous to be arranging a blowjob like a hooker setting up a trick.

“I don’t know?” Cole said, also feeling nervous about forcing Stef to do this for him in order to get him to agree to be her lab partner.

“Well, I have a date tonight with Chris. How about tomorrow night?” Stef asked.

“Sure, fine,” Cole said, but didn’t sound too excited.

“Cole, you okay with this?” Stef asked. “I don’t want this to hurt our friendship.”

“It’s fine. It’s just I feel bad about asking you to do this, is all.”

“It was my idea, remember.”

“Yes, but it still seems like a cheap thing to do on my part,” Cole stated.

“Are you feeling awkward because we are just doing it without any preliminaries or anything?” Stef asked.

“I guess that’s it,” Cole agreed.

“Me too, sort of. How about you take me for some ice cream first. That way it’s sort of like a date. Would that make it better?”


“Okay, I’ll call you tomorrow,” Stef said.


“Goodnight, Cole.”

“Night, Stef.”

Stef had a good time with Chris going to the movies. She wasn’t going steady with anyone but both Chris and Jordan were vying for her time and affections. She liked the fact the two were competing for her. Jordan was away this weekend and Chris didn’t realize it or he might have been curious why she didn’t want to go out Saturday too. He was somewhat used to the fact she split her time between them, so he accepted her claim of being busy Saturday without question.

They did hook up with Kendall and Kyle after the movies at TGIF. They had some dessert which they split and then went parking. Kyle’s dad owned a retail store that closed at nine every night. They parked in an isolated area behind the store as they had several times. The cops were unlikely to pull behind the store. Kendall was in Kyle’s car with him and Stef was with Chris in his car. Chris had a two door car with bucket seats so they climbed into the back for a bit more room as usual.

They made out for a while until both were panting and horny. Stef had one hand in Chris’ lap as they swapped tongues and kissed. Chris was a good kisser and loved playing with her nipples, which Stef loved too. When they finally broke their kiss, they stripped off their clothes in seconds. When they came back together, Stef stroked Chris’ already hard eighteen year old cock while he sucked on her distended nipples.

Chris continued to suck and nibble on her titties as she pulled on his dick. Stef looked down to see a drop of pre-cum glistening on the end of Chris’ blood engorged cock. The dim light from the back of the store provided enough light for them to see okay. Stef liked Chris’ dick even though it wasn’t as big as Jordan’s. It got hard as steel and dripped pre-cum like a fountain. She also knew from experience he had a quick trigger the first time. If she wanted a good fucking, she would need to get him off once first.

Stef pulled back from him and looked into Chris’ eyes. She could see the hunger there and was only too glad to oblige him. She put a hand to his chest pushing him back against the car door. They had done this a few times already and Chris’ eagerly complied, knowing what was to come next.
Stef’s gray-blue eyes looked at him as she lowered her mouth to his rigid, dripping cock. She loved sucking dick and Chris’ was fun to do. He appreciated it so much and she had learned to easily deep throat his six inch boner. It tickled her throat when she had him deep and made her pussy wet with desire. The head was not huge and eased right down her throat. She could basically fuck him with her mouth. She usually went slowly at first though, or he would cum too quickly for both of them to enjoy.

Stef started by licking the pre-cum from Chris’ dickhead. She loved the slightly bland and salty taste and savored it on her tongue. Chris moaned with pleasure as her tongue teased his cockhead and the little slit in the tip. Stef licked up and down the shaft, wetting it with her saliva. Each time she reached the top she teased the underside of Chris’ cock with the tip of her skilled tongue. It made her smile to herself, because Chris always groaned loudly when she did that.

Her fingers teased his balls and felt them pull tight to his body as he neared release. They had been having sex for several months and Stef knew most of Chris’ reactions and favorite things. He gasped when she finally took his cockhead into her mouth and sucked on it. She knew if she kept that up she could get him off but she wanted him in her throat first, so she lessened her sucking a bit. He groaned as his heighten state lessened a little.

“Shit, Stef! Why’d you slow down? I was almost there.”

Stef smiled up at him stating, “I just wanted to play with it some more first.”

“Oh, god! You’re already driving me nuts,” Chris claimed.

“I didn’t want you to cum until I had a chance to suck on it for a little bit,” Stef stated.

“Oh, woman! You’re one hot babe,” Chris growled.

“Just a good little cocksucking slut,” Stef offered and smiled mischievously, “that likes to please her man.”

“More like a vixen with an incredible mouth,” Chris responded with a smile.

“Thanks,” Stef said smiling and kissing the head of his cock tenderly.

Chris groaned as Stephanie took his cockhead back into her mouth and sucked on it lightly. She played with it for a second longer before pushing down, working his cock into her throat. Stef was a talented deepthroat artist and soon had her nose pressed firmly into his pubic hair. Her tongue teased the underside of his cock and even pushed out to lick at his balls. Chris gasped with the pleasure. His whole body seemed to stiffen from the blissful sensations of her mouth enveloping his cock completely. He tried to fuck her throat but she held him back not wanting him to cum directly down her throat. He had nearly drowned her in his cum one time and she didn’t want that to happen again.

Stef could feel him getting even harder and knew he would blow any second. She pulled back until the head was positioned back in her mouth and sucked on it. Chris howled and his pent up orgasm broke free flooding Stef’s mouth with a torrent of hot cum. She collected each jet of cum in her mouth, waited for him to finish, and nursed lightly on the head to draw out his pleasure. Chris’ hands held fistfuls of her long brunette hair as his cock pumped cum into Stephanie’s mouth. He was not hurting her though. Like many guys she had blown, he just held her head in place as if afraid she might pull away.

When Chris finally slumped back against the car door again and let her hair go, Stef pulled her lips from his cock with a little pop. Chris had his eyes closed but soon opened them to see Stephanie sitting between his legs still holding his spent wet cock. Her gray-blue eyes sparkled at him in the dim light from the store. As Chris regained his senses, he watched Stef open her mouth, showing him the pool of his cum collected there. Chris moaned as he watched her smiling face swallow the big load in one gulp.

“Oh, fuck! That’s so fuckin hot, Stef,” Chris moaned out loud.

“Um, you taste good,” Stef said, knowing how much guys liked hearing that about their cum.

“God, I think you drained my balls completely,” Chris stated with a gasp.

“I hope not! That was only supposed to take the edge off your desire so we could fuck for a good long while,” Stef explained.

“Well, let me return the favor and we’ll see if he comes back to life,” Chris added with a broad grin, knowing he would.

“Okay,” Stef said, as she leaned back against the car door like he had.

One of the things Stephanie loved about Chris was his willingness to return oral sex. Jordan had a bigger cock but he was never one to initiate oral sex and only did it when asked. Chris on the other hand was more eager and probably as a result, more talented. He had started to climb between her legs but had stopped looking down on her.

“What? What are you looking…?

“Stef, you’re just too gorgeous. God, I love your tits. I could stare at them all night. Your nipples are the best! And you pussy looks so good. I could eat it for fuckin hours,” Chris offered.

Stephanie laughed and said, “You better get started then. We don’t have all night.”

Stephanie shaved all her hair off except for a small strip above her clit. It was on this small patch of trimmed hair where Chris placed the first kiss. He could smell her desire but also the hint of strawberries. His hands pushed her legs further apart as he kissed down, lightly pecking at the exposed inner petals of her deep pink cunt. He kissed all around her pussy, teasing her like she had done him. Her fingers in turn grabbed handfuls of his blonde hair and tried to position him over her cunt. He fought her to suck just on her outer lips, bringing groans of pleasure and need from Stephanie’s mouth.

“Oh, god! Don’t make me wait, Chris,” Stef pleaded.

“What! Don’t you want to go slow?” Chris mused, knowing he was torturing her.

“Eat me please! I need it so bad,” Stef growled.

“Okay, you asked for it,” Chris said, as he looked momentarily at her glistening pussy in the minimal light.

Even in the modest light he could make out the obvious wetness around her inner lips. A drop seemed to be forming at the bottom of her cunt entrance, threatening to run down in the crack of her cute ass to the car seat below. It was here at the bottom of her sex that his tongue first came to lite. His tongue gently licked the drop and several more as it pushed slowly into the bottom of her cunt hole.

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“Oh, shit!” Stef exclaimed with a groan.

Her hands still held his head to her as his tongue pushed deeper into her narrow little hole. Only a few short months back had she lost her virginity. Before that she had used her hands and mouth to get her dates off. She had fucked a lot since becoming a woman but that still only amounted to about twelve times. Jordan still commented on how virgin tight she was every time he sank his big beautiful cock into her.

Chris’ tongue pushed deep into her cunt hole making her gasp with pleasure. He wiggled it around in the tight hole. His fingers held her open to him then as he began the assault on her pussy. After several minutes with his tongue in and around her hole, he worked north, kissing and nibbling on the tender flesh until he reached his goal. He used his fingers to part the top of her sex. The exposed hood of her clit withdrew allowing him full view of her little knob. He glanced up to her face. Her eyes were closed and only one hand held his head now. The other was playing with her beautiful pinkish nipple, teasing the engorged, deeper red bud in the middle. Her ass pushed up off the seat trying to meet his mouth.

Chris smiled to himself before sucking her clit right into his mouth. Stephanie howled like a wounded animal and pushed even harder off the seat trying to bury his head inside her. He nipped lightly at the tender morsel in his mouth and flicked his tongue repeatedly back and forth over it. Stef stiffened even more and groaned loudly. Her mind was reeling from the delicious torment to her super sensitive clit. So much so, she barely felt his two fingers enter her until they were at least first knuckle deep inside her. She howled again and bucked into his pistoning fingers.

“Oh, fuck,” Stef screamed! “Oh, Chris! Eat me. Make me cum, please.”

Chris didn’t have long to wait. What seemed seconds later Stef moaned deeply, giving over to her passion. Chris could feel his fingers swimming in her wetness as it flowed steady from her cunt. He moved from her tortured clit to suck around his fingers still buried inside her. Each time he pulled back on them more of Stef’s cum followed, giving him more to feast on. He licked all around her sex until she finally relaxed back to the car seat. He removed his soaked fingers but continued to lick all around to get every drop. Chris loved the taste of his gorgeous girlfriend.

“Oh, that was so good,” Stef finally proclaimed.

“Did you like that?” Chris asked, with her juices covering the lower half of his face.

“Oh, god, silly. That was the best ever, I think,” Stef stated.

“Glad you liked it,” Chris replied.

“Yes, but I need your cock in me bad now,” Stef pleaded.

Chris smiled at her as he moved above her kissing her breasts and wetting them with the juices from his face. He played with her nipples, sucking them as Stef moaned constantly. She loved guys sucking on her nipples but right now the need in her cunt was too fierce to enjoy anything short of his cock buried in her deeply. Her hands on his sides kept gently pulling him up. Chris eventually succumbed and left her delicious tits behind to find her mouth. They kissed passionately for only a few moments.

As the kiss broke and Chris looked down at her, he smiled. She could feel his stiff cock poking her in the leg and she knew he was ready too. Stef looked up into his handsome face.

“Fuck me, Chris,” Stef implored.

Chris moved into position and maneuvered his cock into Stef’s splayed pussy. He found the entrance to her eager cunt and pushed forward. As aroused as she was, the cockhead easily penetrated into her lubricated vaginal sheath. Her cunt walls squeezed his cock but did not offer too much resistance as he soon buried his cock deep inside her. Stef moaned as she felt the wonderful fullness of Chris’ cock filling her cunt.

“Oh, geez! That feels so good,” Stef groaned.

“Damn, you feel great,” Chris croaked, agreeing with her.

“Fuck me, Chris. Fuck me with your beautiful dick,” Stef pleaded.

Chris pulled back, then sank back down into her. He worked his cock slowly while changing the angle of his penetration every few strokes. He was trying to hit different spots within Stef to give her even greater pleasure. It was working. His low thrusts pushed his cockhead into her g-spot making her groan with pleasure. Chris’ own need started to take over and he picked up speed. He wanted to hold off until Stef came but he needed that to be soon. He started fucking her harder trying to push her over the edge.

Stef wrapped her legs around Chris’ ass and used them to pull him into her on each thrust. The tremendous tingling in her pussy signaled her rapidly approaching orgasm. The blissful sensations built to a crescendo as she groaned beneath him. A few more seconds and she went over the top. Waves of passion passed through her body as she climaxed hard. Her cunt involuntarily clamped down around his cock as it tried to keep pumping into her. Chris was very near his release too.

“Ahhh…fuck…meee…,” Stef hissed between clenched teeth.

“Oh, shit!” Chris panted, as he attempted to continue fucking her tight, silky smooth cunt and a new outpouring of her cum bathed his dick as if in warm nectar.

“Ahhh…so good…so good,” Stef croaked.

Eventually her muscles relaxed enough for Chris to once again start pounding into her. He was close and he fucked her with a supreme sense of urgency. His balls were tight to his shaft and ready to unleash the last of their sperm for the night. Fortunately he knew Stef was on the pill, so he didn’t have to worry about flooding her pussy with his baby making seed.

“Oh, fuck,” Chris yelled, as his cock began to spew hot cum into Stef’s depths.

Stef had recovered completely from her first orgasm and could feel another rapidly approaching. Her hands on his ass encouraged him to keep fucking her hard even as he poured out his balls into her pussy. Sweat began to run down Chris’ nose as he kept fucking his cock into Stef. She could feel his hot cum flooding her insides and it pushed her over the top again. She shuddered under him with her own climax as she felt the last of his pulsing cock and cum.

“Oh, god,” Stef gasped.

“Shit,” was all Chris could manage as he stopped fucking and kept his cock buried deep in her hole.

Stef rode out her last orgasm blissfully and then slumped back down in the car. She could already feel Chris’ cock softening and their combined fluids starting to leak from her soaked pussy. Chris pulled out of Stef and reached up onto the back shelve of the car for tissues he kept there for just this reason. Stef watched him move, noticing the traces of cum on his cock as it flopped around when he moved. She loved watching a guy’s cock and it didn’t matter whether it was hard or soft or covered in cum as Chris’ was now. If she hadn’t been so exhausted at that moment, she might have even tried to take him back into her mouth to taste their combined juices.

Chris handed her several tissues and she used them to catch the leaking mess. She wiped her pussy and he handed her more which she used to dry herself. He was also wiping himself off. They began to dress as it was getting late. Kendall and Kyle had already left, obvious finishing their love making before Chris and Stef. They laughed about it as they dressed because in the heat of passion neither one of them had heard Kyle drive away. Fortunately the steamed up windows probably prevented much visibility of the fucking couple inside.

Stef slept well that night and did not think about her quasi date with Cole until the next morning. She started to get a bit nervous about it which was unusual for her. She was a very confident girl, especially in matters involving sex. Somehow this was different though. Maybe it was the thoughts Michelle had planted in her mind like nerds, dweebs, and puny dicks. However, it didn’t seem to be that as much as the past history between Cole and her. She worried he might think of her as a complete slut for offering sex to get what she wanted. She worried about it enough to call Kendall after breakfast.

“Hey, Kay,” Stef said, when Kendall answered on the fourth ring to her cell.

“Golly, Stef,” Kendall responded.

“What?” Stef asked.

“You were at it again last night?”


“Kyle and I heard you scream at least once. What does Chris do to you to make you scream like that?”

“Oh, god! That’s embarrassing! I did it again? It much be subconscious,” Stef offered.

“He must be good,” Kendall probed, with a mischievous laugh.

“He does eat pussy like he was born to it,” Stef claimed, with a bit of a laugh.

“God, I wish Kyle did. He never eats me out even after I suck on him,” Kendall stated.

“Too bad. Chris has a masterful tongue,” Stephanie proclaimed.

“We should swap some time,” Kendall offered, more as a joke.

“What?” Stef said, as if the idea was bizarre.

“Well, you know. Maybe it’s a bad idea but I think Kyle would go for it. He has commented a couple times how hot you are. I think Chris or Jordan have told him how well you suck cock too,” Kendall said.

“Really! You think he wants to do me?”

“Stef, silly, any guy would like to do your cute ass.”

“Same with you! You’re the blonde. Guys go for blondes, especially natural ones like you,” Stephanie claimed.

“Yeah, maybe, but you have the whole package, sweetie.”

“Well, it’s worth thinking about,” Stef offered, not saying yes but not ruling it out either.

“He has a nice cock like I’ve told you,” Kendall stated, as one last word of encouragement.

“You said it was bigger than Chris’ six inch cock I told you about, but not as big as Jordan’s seven,” Stef recalled.

“Yeah, it’s about six and a half, but it has a magnificently large head.”


“Huge! It might be a challenge for even the deepthroat artist of the Midwest to get it down,” Kendall proclaimed.

“Hmmm! Might be worth a try at that,” Stef agreed and they both laughed.

“Yeah! Hey, what is it you’re doing tonight? You whispered something at the restaurant about going out with your neighbor, Cole?”

“Yeah, I am so he’ll be my lab partner in advanced chem…”

“You promised him a date if he would be your lab partner?”

“More than that! His first ever blowjob!” Stef explained.

“Oh, you delicious little slut,” Kay shot back, with merriment in her voice.

“I am, aren’t I? Not only me but I talked Michelle into sucking off his buddy Mark to break them up as lab partners. I’m a regular Madam.”

“Oh, shit, that’s good!” Kendall proclaimed with a laugh.

“Now I’m worried though,” Stef said.

“Why? Not like you haven’t sucked off a few dicks already.”

“Well, that’s kinda it. I like Cole as a friend. We use to pal around a lot and I don’t want him to think of me as a slut.”

“Too late for that!” Kendall said, and laughed heartily.

“Kay! You’re not helping much!” Stef yelled.

“Okay…okay! Look, any guy that has never had a blowjob before is probably looking at this as a godsend.”

“You think so?”

“Absolutely! Besides, he’ll probably be the one embarrassed when he fires off in your hot mouth two seconds after he gets in there.”

“He might, huh,” Stef agreed.

“For sure! And he’ll always remember you as his first. I doubt that his thoughts in the future will say, ‘that slut, Stephanie, sucked me off first.’ No. It’ll more likely be ‘that beautiful graceful creature, my neighbor Stephanie, the goddess, was the first to show me the pleasures of a woman’s mouth’.”

“God, Kay! You’re good. I see your point.”

“Thanks. I try. But really, Stef, he’ll love you for doing it.”

“You think he might fall for me? I mean you think he might actually get hot for me afterwards?”

“Oh, sorry. Bad choice of words. I meant he would like the blowjob and remember that,” Kendall stated, trying to recover.

“Well, you make it sound okay. Not as slutty as I was feeling earlier.”

“Believe me! He’ll want another too,” Kendall concluded.

“You think so?”

“Absolutely! I take it you’ll be studying together for these labs.”

“Yes, with Mark and Michelle too.”

“You may have to keep the guys focused because, after Michelle and you suck them off, they will be thinking of nothing but how to get another.”

“Really! I haven’t thought about that but it does make perfect sense,” Stef said, with an amused laugh.

“No doubt!’ Kendall proclaimed.

“I’ll let you know how it goes,” Stephanie offered.

“Please. Call me after,” Kendall asked and they hung up.

Chapter Two soon!

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