Dorm Room

Alice surveyed the room. It was the first time she’d been in the room since she’d dropped Patricia off for the start of her freshman year at Kennedy College.

She was surprised to learn that Patricia’s roommate would be a guy, but Kennedy was a small, private liberal arts college and they were a little short on resources. Patricia was lucky enough to be one of just fifty freshmen accepted, and Alice was not about to jeopardize her placement by complaining. Besides, maybe now would be the time for her daughter to loosen up and let go of her virginity.

“So, how are things going between you and Jackson?”

Patricia dreaded that question. “I know how badly you wanted me to open up to guys and experience the kind of sexual excitement that most girls my age take for granted, but Jackson and I have run into a little snag,” she replied. Behind her mother, she could see Jackson nervously pacing, running his hand through his hair over and over.

“Well, what is it? Maybe I can help.”

“It’s just that neither of us has, you know, ever fucked. We don’t know how to begin.”

Alice raised her eyebrows. “You mean, all of those lessons I gave you and your brother over the summer didn’t help?”

“I certainly know how to respond. I know how to jack a guy off or suck his cock. I know how to show off and stuff, so I think I could take it from there. But, what I mean is, he doesn’t know what to do, and so I can’t seem to help him get started.”

“He isn’t…gay is he?”

“Oh, no, Mrs. Hunter,” Jackson interjected. “Not at all—I just never had the kind of experience, studying so hard to get in the school and all, that most guys get. It’s playing havoc with our grades in the life skills class. Every other student is fucking regularly and coming up with fantastic details about how to tug on this or how good it feels to get slapped on that, and I don’t even know how to get my dick in her.”

“Well, what have you both done together?”

“Well Patricia walks around topless sometimes and I once showed her my dick when I had an erection from watching her…but otherwise nothing.”

He anxiously rubbed his hands together, and Alice noticed that his eyes flowed from her chest daughter’s breasts. Patricia wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples poked furiously through the fabric of her T-shirt.

“Hang on a minute, dear. I think there is something on your shirt,” she said. She went to the attached bathroom and got a washcloth. She soaked it with warm water and, without wringing it out, came back to her daughter.

She dabbed first at one nipple, then the other, back and forth until the shirt was nearly transparent and she could see the erection straining at Jackson’s jeans.

“Uh, oh, I got her shirt too wet. Jackson, will you help me suck some of the extra water out of this fabric, please?”

Jackson eagerly bent down alongside Alice and put his mouth on the shirt right over Patricia’s left nipple. Instinctively, he cupped it in his hand and started sucking. When he looked over, he could see Alice doing the same, but then he saw her part her lips and gently tug on Patricia’s nipple with her teeth. He followed her example and heard Patricia take a quick breath in.

Alice unlatched herself and watched Jackson while she kept tugging on the nipple she had sucked. She gently ran her hand over his cheek and placed his other hand on her own breast.

Jackson looked up, surprised. Not only that his hand was on her breast, but that she seemed to be wearing a bra and he still thought he could make out the outline of her nipple beneath it.

“Jackson, you seem like a quick learner.”

“Oh, yes ma’am.”

“What if I give you two a quick lesson on fucking, just to get you started. I used to be a tutor on this subject at the State University back in the day. It’s how I got knocked up with Patricia’s older two brothers. I have absolutely no idea who their fathers were, but I know they were different guys. They don’t even have the same skin color. I’m pretty sure the first one was Asian, though, because there were a lot of Japanese exchange students that year, and they needed the most help.”

“Oh, that would be great. Would you mind?” Jackson tried to adjust his jeans to give him more room, but it was useless.

“Not at all. Patricia, why don’t you pull up that chair by the desk and you can watch this, too. I think I can get you fucking in no time.”

Patricia pulled up a chair. Her shirt, now dried, had puckers in the fabric where those two mouths had eagerly taken her nipples in. Looking down at it turned her on.

She sat down and spread her legs. Alice looked down and approved of what she saw; a clean-shaven pussy and a satin thong with a wet spot on it.

Alice took Jackson’s hand and placed it on that spot. She watched as his cheeks flushed. “This is where your cock will go in a while. But first, you need to practice on me.”

She coaxed him into sliding his hands up her shirt. “You have to unfasten the bra,” she said.

Jackson’s eyes widened. With surprising skill, he unhooked the silky fabric and felt the front slacken against his chest.

“Pull up my shirt.”

He obeyed. To his astonishment, her nipples were just as tight and hard as Patricia’s.

“Look what you’ve done already. Now, put your mouth on one of my nipples and flick the other one with your fingers. See? That feels good.”

Jackson looked up at her and awaited further instruction. Hearing none, he moved his mouth to the other side and suckled for a while. He looked over at Patricia and saw that she’d pulled the thong to the side and her hand slid back and forth along the length of her red, swollen gender.

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“Jackson,” said Alice, “You see what her pussy is doing. Why don’t you check and see if mine is doing the same?”

Jackson hiked Alice’s skirt up and slid his hand into her panties.

“Is it wet?”

He nodded.

“Then, pull them off. Better yet, why don’t you just take the skirt, too?”

He obliged, then, as an afterthought, unbuttoned her blouse and removed it, along with her bra. He took in the sights, noticing at that time that Alice was gesturing for Patricia to come over.

“Dear, I think you need to be the one to take his jeans off. Your going to need practice here.”

He felt instant relief as his stiff cock was released from its fabric prison. Soon, he felt the fabric sliding down his legs. Now, he saw her standing next to her mother, heard her ask, “should I check to see if it’s getting hard, Mom?”


Jackson moaned slightly as Patricia slid her hand along the length of his cock. She pushed a little on the tip. A small amount of clear liquid escaped. He was rubbing her mother’s wet slit when Patricia started spreading that wet spot on his tip in circles. She seemed to watch as another quickly replaced each drop.

“Put some on your clit and go back to your chair, sweetie. Pretty soon, you know, lots of his leakage will be spraying your cervix and I want you to be ready for it.”

Patricia did as her mother asked. Then, she watched with interest while her mother pulled on Jackson’s cock as she’d seen her do to Patricia’s brother so many times over the summer when she was teaching Patricia how to jack a guy off. Then, she saw her mother pull his cock toward her wetness.

Jackson looked Alice in the face. “Now? Do I put it in now?”

“No, not just yet,” Alice said, patiently. “First, you have to rub your cock back and forth. Back and forth, yes, that’s it. Now, shove it in. Just do it.”

Jackson laid there for a second. He couldn’t believe it. It was just like when he looked back and realized his dad wasn’t holding onto the bike, and he was riding all by himself. Only this just felt so good.

Alice beckoned Patricia over again. “You need to watch this closely,” she said. “Jackson, you need to start to pull out. Then, just before you get the tip out, shove it back in.”

Jackson did as he was told. His eyes popped out. He couldn’t believe how good that felt. “Can I do it again?”

Alice laughed. “Yes, silly. Just keep doing it again and again. Don’t stop until I tell you to.”

He started pumping her, and the more he did it, the faster he went. He could feel Alice rising up to meet him and using her hands to pull him down onto her eager pussy.

“Okay, now you need to pull out for just a second,” she said, just as he was about to—well, he didn’t know what he was about to do, but he was feeling something changes. He didn’t want to do it, but he figured there must be a reason. There was.

“Patricia, reach over to the head of the bed and slide that pillow under my hips. He’s getting ready to come and I can’t have any leakage.”

“Do you think I should put on a condom, Mrs. Hunter?”

“No, you need to feel my cervix as you’re shooting semen on it.”

“Couldn’t you get pregnant?”

“Oh I know I will. I’m ovulating, and your precum is just full of sperm. You might as well shoot your juice all the way in.”

“Oh, I am sorry I’m knocking you up.”

“Don’t be sorry. I have nine kids by nine different men. My husband makes me fuck a different guy at least once a month just so he can taste the other cum on his wife’s pussy.” She guided him back in and helped him resume his fucking lesson. “Patricia, I want you to start tugging on his balls. When they draw up inside, he’s getting ready to cum. Then, you need to massage his scrotum and watch for the semen to appear at the base of his dick.”

Patricia did as she was asked.

Jackson couldn’t believe that this extra boost was just what he needed to take the final plunge. With one last, hard thrust, he pushed up against her cervix and shot his whole first load into her. He looked her in the eye as he deliberately impregnated her. He could tell she enjoyed it by the way she wrapped her legs around him and held his pelvis in place.

Suddenly, she pushed him off.

“Okay, now you see how my daughter is plunging her finger into her pussy? Take her over to the other bed and start working on her. I know you’ll still be soft for a few minutes. Just use your fingers to get started and you’ll get hard again.”

Jackson took Patricia’s wet hand and led her to the other bed.

Alice called from the other side of the room, “Go on and put a pillow under her hips right now. I don’t want you to forget, and I don’t want any semen leaking out of her when you cum in her.”

“Shouldn’t I use a condom on her?”

“NO, you need to practice it unprotected at least twice a day for at least two weeks to get the feel of your semen hitting her fertile cervix before you start using one. Condoms are actually advanced technique and many people just don’t want to be bothered.”

Jackson could already feel his manhood rising again. He imagined how soft that fleshy, hairless pussy would feel. He thought about being the first to deposit semen right up there against her cervix, and how tight she felt against his two fingers, that just barely fit inside her virgin sex.

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He doubted she could get knocked up on the first try, though their Life Skills teacher said she could. But he sure wanted to try until he did get her knocked up.

He slid his fingers out of her pussy and prepared to mount her, when Alice said, “Wait. You have to suck her clit first. How many times are you going to get to suck a virgin pussy in your life? Go on, slide your tongue back and forth. Yes, like that.”

Jackson noticed that Alice sounded close by. He looked up and saw her standing with one foot on the bed. Her three fingers held in the semen he’d deposited inside her, but she was pumping furiously.

Jackson followed her instructions, then asked when he might be able to mount Patricia.

Alice couldn’t answer right away. Her mouth was full of Patricia’s breast and clearly that was where Patricia wanted a mouth to be, so Jackson began suckling the other side.

While he sucked, he felt himself almost unconsciously sliding his rigid self along her wet slit. Finally, he could wait no more.

He slid his cock in until the head was completely enclosed in her tightness. It felt so good, but he heard her gasp, so he froze.

He froze for two reasons: First, he didn’t know if he’d done it wrong and hurt her somehow, but second, he thought he was going to squirt right there without getting up to her cervix. This was a surprise to him, as he had felt completely drained by her mother.

He explained the situation to Alice, who reassured him that, if fucking for the first time hurt a little, it really felt good more than it hurt, and that Jackson could control when he came.

Alice walked over and shoved his pelvis into her daughter and pulled it out again.

With the speed of his fuck out of his control, he thought for sure he would spray too soon. He felt Alice’s hand on his scrotum.

“That won’t do. You’re too close to coming. You need to fuck her a little longer than that. Take your cock out.”

He accidentally pumped a couple more times before Alice grabbed him by the pelvis at the top of his stroke and pulled him out.

“Why don’t you tap on her tits with that cock a few times?”

Jackson climbed shakily up toward the region of Patricia’s chest and paused to take in the sight of her engorged nipples. Thinking he was hesitant, Alice took his cock and started tapping one of Patricia’s nipples with it. Patricia moaned with appreciation, so Jackson took over and tapped the other one.

More and more fluid was leaking out, so Patricia leaned down and licked it off.

Alice saw Jackson’s balls draw up again.

“Hurry, get back in. I guess you really can’t wait. You need to blow that whole load up against her cervix. Not at the opening, but down deep, like you did with me.”

Jackson followed her instructions, but he felt cum shooting out as soon as that tight, fresh pussy closed over the head. He thrust deeply in and finished the job in the right place, but looked up sheepishly at Alice, realizing she knew he started coming up at the entrance and only finished.

Still, Patricia looked very happy.

“Oh, I felt that cum hitting me inside.”

“Yes, but he’ll have to try again. He started coming too soon.”

Jackson couldn’t believe that good luck. He would get another chance, but right now, it was time for another lesson.

“You’ll have to make her climax now so she can take what little semen didn’t get wasted into her uterus. Now, suck her pussy until she starts coming. Put your fingers in so you’ll know. She’ll start clamping down as she comes.”

This task didn’t take long, and he found himself making her come over and over, while her mom stroked his cock and coaxed another erection out of it.

Finally, he was ready to mount Patricia again. Alice held his balls in traction to keep him from shooting his juice too soon, so he couldn’t really come without her permission, he thought, but he was mistaken.

After several glorious minutes of thrusting and fucking, listening to the slick sound of his cock sliding in and out of that tight little hole, he felt his balls draw up again. He looked up.

This time, Alice was nodding approvingly as she massaged his scrotum. “Fill her up. Hard as you can. Go on, you can do it.”

He wasted no time.

By now, the sun was rising again. Parent visitation day was over and Alice had to leave.

Jackson, his load spent three times in just a few hours, was too weak to get up, so Alice straddled him and lowered herself onto his mouth.

“Suck me to orgasm one more time, and I’ll consider myself paid for my services.”

Of course, he did as he was told. Then he went to sleep, his fingers buried deep into the newly unvirgined room mate, and dreamed of knocking up virgins all over America.

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