A College Education Pt. 01

Josh was utterly bored. The shift at the bar couldn’t be going much slower, and his tip total for the evening until then stood at a measly few bucks. The club was empty, a new DJ in the booth getting in some useful practice, only serving to annoy the entire bar staff. Josh wandered along the length of the bar, trying to look busy but his mind wandering to one of his co-workers, the beautiful Sara. Her long brown hair fell in waves across her shoulders, occasionally flicked back with a casual toss of her head. Her deep blue eyes could trap any man, and her body was that of a supermodel. Many guys coming to the bar would tip her hugely, just for the chance to peek down her top at her giant breasts, and she knew it. She was smart, confident and utterly dripping in sexual desire, and […]

A Cold and Rainy Night

Title: A Cold and Rainy Night Description: She wants to warm her heart Tags: Friends, romance, cunnilingus, movies, first time, watching Characters: Cindy, Mike Begin Story: “It’s a cold, rainy night. Tomorrow’s supposed to be so much nicer. I could stay in and watch a movie if there’s something decent. What d’ya got?” That was my good friend Cindy from college. We still visited each other over a weekend every so often. I had made her dinner, and we were figuring out the rest of the evening. “The best, of course,” I fired back. “The best for what? I’m a woman, and what’s best depends on my mood.” “Okay, so what’s your mood?” “Something romantic-maybe a little bit frisky. It’s cold-I need to warm my heart.” “You win. I don’t have anything. I’ll loan you a sweater.” “You’re lying. I know you too well.” “Okay, you’re right. I’ve got 9 […]

A Close Shave

This is dedicated to dD following a conversation in PM’s regarding the subject. Thank you for the inspiration dD. All participants are over 18. * Abbey stepped out of the shower, it was time. She had agreed to this and was looking forward to the experience. However, there was still nervousness, still uncertainty, as there always is. Drying herself Abbey looked in the mirror, standing at 6′ feet she was most proud of her legs. They were long and firm, she loved to wear socks, ankle, knee highs, thigh highs, it didn’t matter. Socks were her love as others collected shoes Abbey collected socks. But this was not about socks, although she had shaved her legs while in the shower. It wasn’t about her legs even. This was about something else, something Abbey had thought about for a long time. He had agreed to do it without hesitation, so now […]

A Christmas Wish Come True

The mistletoe was hanging from the ceiling; the Christmas tree was all light up. Christmas season was here, but Molly didn’t have what she wanted. She wanted to not be a virgin. She wanted Darrell to take her virginity for her, that Christmas, that very moment if possible. Who was Darrell? Well, Darrell was the love of her life, a love she thought she could never obtain. Darrell lived next door, all of her life. They were childhood friends. To Molly’s amazement, throughout their friendship, she had never shown Darrell her true feelings. On this night, the night before Christmas, Molly did what she did ever Christmas. She stared out her window, looking into Darrell’s window, wishing the same Christmas wish she had wished every year. She wished that this Christmas, her 26th one on this planet, he would take her virginity as she had always dreamt. This Christmas would […]

A Cherry Is Given

“I’m ready for you. I want to feel your cock inside me. I can’t imagine giving this to anyone else.” Kayla trusted me. She knew I wasn’t simply looking for a lay or a simple trophy notch. I had spent countless hours with the young woman. I had let her know that I had a true interest in her as a person and she opened up to me. The only move I made to her was to kiss her the first time. After that, I let her lead the way to what she was comfortable with. My concern with her was the age difference. Not that the twelve years difference bothered me, but her being an attractive twenty year old, I feared she would think I was only interested in sex. I’m almost ashamed to say I’ve had a lot of sexual exploits. I knew my way around a woman’s […]

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